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  1. Loved ECR clockwise this month. 2020 cayman GT4, 6 speed manual transmission Stock power:360 at wheel weight: 3400 with driver and half tank of gas Good year eagle f1 SC3 R tires track alignment (rear toe links and front caster pucks) best lap: 2.09.93 IMG_8676.mov
  2. ECR 2.7 CCW CAR: 2018 cayman GTS WEIGHT: Approx. 3100 lbs power: stock mods: none apart from brake fluid, RS-4s time: 2:15.6 ( Porsche track precision app) lots of time to gain. Personal best time so far with this one being my 4th day here at this track. Appreciate any feedback and/or comments. cheers! IMG_7406.mov
  3. MSR CRESSON CCW 1.7 car: Porsche 718 cayman GTS, completely stock apart from brake fluid Laptime: 1.30.39 (Porsche track precision app) weight: estimated 3400 lbs including driver power: no dyno data, claimed 365 hp at crank would appreciate feedback as it was my first time with this car at that track. IMG_7194.mov
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