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  1. Love that color @AhmadHasib
  2. I want this. Would you mind PMing me some pics? Maybe of interior, hard top, etc?
  3. The official announcement isn't up yet, but we are coming on as a sponsor for this series! I figured that the podium finishers already get lots of tasty contingency, so we are offering prizes for places 4th-10th. Details will be here: https://prizes.drivenasa.com/track-decals-contingency-program
  4. I bought this car last year from a friend who was moving to Colorado. It has 120k miles. I am selling because I am a small business owner and my business has been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 virus and I don't need two track cars in the garage. Despite being fairly heavily modified as a track car, the car has very little actual track use. The previous owner was more of a builder than a driver. He did a number of autocrosses and a handful of track days with the car, but other than that he just drove it on the street. I have had it out at 3 member days at MSR Cresson and the car perform
  5. Forrest said he had to chase one down on a motorcycle on Friday that was trying to enter the 1.3 course CLOCKWISE (It was a hot track going CCW with Drive Exotic on it at the time)
  6. I hate to make blanket judgements about a group of drivers, but last weekend there were numerous issues with Legends cars/drivers. In the Sunday qualifying session, a Legends car parked it on the exit of tombstone, causing an EV to be deployed and a few laps later, full course black flag. During the inlap under full course black flag, a different legends car comes weaving between me and a Spec Boxster, full send on a quali lap, passing 2 or 3 waving black flag stations. I heard of another Legends car driving full send through the paddock, but didn't witness it. What's up with these g
  7. LOL @Ryan Schimsk loud mouth ass.
  8. Fantastic event. Had a lot of fun.
  9. New best on RRs. I believe this was the 4th fastest NASA Spec Miata time last weekend: 1:25.518 Christopher Shaffer 1:25.565 Trevor McCallion 1:25.694 Vinnie Baratta 1:25.826 Clay Clark Date: 3/8/2020 Tire: Toyo RR 205/50/15 on 15x7 Weight: 2465 HP: 126 Fast lap is on lap 15:
  10. Clay

    MSRH Lap Times

    Date: 1-25-20 CW lap time: 1:51.7 Car: 03 Spec Miata Est weight: 2475 Est HP: 126 Tires: 205/15 Toyo RR
  11. Are these meant to be raced or just admired? Are there many people actually racing them? How big are the fields?
  12. The Lobster HAHA! I love it. Congrats dude.
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