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  1. Someone from FB came by today and picked up the wheels & tires. Mods can close this thread!
  2. Ok yeah it was poor lighting. I found the offsets: Front is ET50 and rear is ET63. @HDA @Matt93SE
  3. If you can chip in for dismounting, I'll sell 'em to ya' for $250
  4. Thanks for linking that, but I stared at the back of the wheel for a good 20 seconds and saw no markings of any kind. Strange. I'll look again when I get home. Maybe it was just dark in the garage
  5. I dont and I looked on the inside of the spokes and saw no stamps. Not sure where to find it.
  6. Sold my Porsche so these are no longer needed. Tires have low heat cycles so lots of use left. $1200
  7. These aren't legal for any of the classes I want to run (SM, TT6) so I'm going to sell them. They are located in Ft Worth TX, local pickup only please 🙂
  8. Clay

    Traqmate complete

    Looks like Shuka wants it for the K-Miata!
  9. Clay

    Traqmate complete

    This has been in my Miata but I have not been using it. I removed it today and have all the parts. I know that the company that makes these isn't making more but they are still supporting existing units. I am not sure what this is worth. I will let it go for whatever someone thinks is fair. I just want it to go to someone who will use it!
  10. I put the factory seats back in the 911 in preparation for listing the car for sale. So I have these two Recaro Pole Positions for sale. They have the dark grey suede inserts. Retail is about $1250 each on them. They come with the GMG low profile brackets + sliders which retail at $595 each. They will fit: All 991-gen, 997-gen, 996-gen 911s All 987, 986, 981-gen Caymans and Boxsters I am looking for $1995 for the set. The seats are in very good shape. I was always careful when entering and exiting the vehicle as evidenced by the picture of the drivers' side outboard ballast. Seats are located in Ft. Worth TX. Local pickup only for now please.
  11. Looking for 205 SM scrubs (SM7, RR, R7) and also 225/45/15 scrubs of any kind. If anyone knows of any leads, would appreciate if you passed them on to me, thanks!
  12. Just saw this on Facebook. Does anyone know what's going on?
  13. Starting to get the hang of driving the Miata again. Looking forward to continued improvement. Just got video set up in the car so next track day I should get video footage. Track: MotorSport Ranch (Cresson) 1.7 CCW Date: April 7, 2019 Lap time: 1:28.8 via AIM Solo DL Car: 2003 Miata Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: ? Estimated wheel horsepower: 110 Tire size and model: 225/45/15 BFG Rival S Estimated ambient temperature: 60
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