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  1. I bought this car last year from a friend who was moving to Colorado. It has 120k miles. I am selling because I am a small business owner and my business has been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 virus and I don't need two track cars in the garage. Despite being fairly heavily modified as a track car, the car has very little actual track use. The previous owner was more of a builder than a driver. He did a number of autocrosses and a handful of track days with the car, but other than that he just drove it on the street. I have had it out at 3 member days at MSR Cresson and the car performed great. I have a big folder of records for the car going back to 2012 and before. Car dynoed at 240hp/228tq. Car weighs around 2820. There are no known issues, problems, or surprises with this car. I can put you in contact with the previous owner of the car if you have questions that I can't answer. I have boxes full of crap & records that comes with the car. Mods TC Kline adjustable coilovers Vorschlag camber plates H&R front sway bar Ground ontrol rear camber arms Z3 power steering rack TC Kline 4-point roll bar Schroth 6 point harnesses Sparco Evo 2 seats Motion Motorsports seat brackets Bimmerworld seat mounts Bimmerworld short throw shifter Bimmerworld header & exhaust Dinan intake Wilwood big brake kit w/ stainless brake lines Carbon fiber sunroof delete Sparco steering wheel NRG steering wheel quick disconnect hub Hood shocks Fog light covers Vorshlag wheel studs & lugs Hubcentric wheel spacers Footwell covers with high grip surface 2 sets of D-force 17" wheels. 1 set of Hankook RS4 245/40/17 (75% tread, good condition) 1 set of Toyo RR 255/40/17 (scrubs, good condition) 1 set of Continental Extreme street tires (old but fine for hooning) 1 set of Hankook RS3s (chunked, hoon or throw out) Tons of extra brakes and brake pads in various condition Probably a lot more I can't remember Systems Cooling system refreshed recently (Radiator, fans, hoses, etc) Motor mounts, trans mounts, water pump, alternator replaced AC and Heater work Radio works Power windows and locks work Power mirrors work Problems Needs a shifter boot If you fill it with more than 90% fuel it smells like gas. Common e36 issue with Fuel Sender Unit. If you care to fix it, the part is $80. I didn't care - I just filled it 3/4 tank. Car is going to need a clutch at some point. If you shift 2->3 really hard you can sometimes feel some slip. It's hardly noticeable but figured I'd mention it. There are a couple of spots on the hood where bird poop sat and ate through the clear coat. Other than that the paint is in fantastic condition. Boxes full of crap that comes with the car
  2. Forrest said he had to chase one down on a motorcycle on Friday that was trying to enter the 1.3 course CLOCKWISE (It was a hot track going CCW with Drive Exotic on it at the time)
  3. I hate to make blanket judgements about a group of drivers, but last weekend there were numerous issues with Legends cars/drivers. In the Sunday qualifying session, a Legends car parked it on the exit of tombstone, causing an EV to be deployed and a few laps later, full course black flag. During the inlap under full course black flag, a different legends car comes weaving between me and a Spec Boxster, full send on a quali lap, passing 2 or 3 waving black flag stations. I heard of another Legends car driving full send through the paddock, but didn't witness it. What's up with these guys? EDIT: Here is the previous corner station, also showing waving black flag: EDIT #2: For reference, the Legends car that caused the EV & FCBF
  4. LOL @Ryan Schimsk loud mouth ass.
  5. Fantastic event. Had a lot of fun.
  6. New best on RRs. I believe this was the 4th fastest NASA Spec Miata time last weekend: 1:25.518 Christopher Shaffer 1:25.565 Trevor McCallion 1:25.694 Vinnie Baratta 1:25.826 Clay Clark Date: 3/8/2020 Tire: Toyo RR 205/50/15 on 15x7 Weight: 2465 HP: 126 Fast lap is on lap 15:
  7. Clay

    MSRH Lap Times

    Date: 1-25-20 CW lap time: 1:51.7 Car: 03 Spec Miata Est weight: 2475 Est HP: 126 Tires: 205/15 Toyo RR
  8. Are these meant to be raced or just admired? Are there many people actually racing them? How big are the fields?
  9. The Lobster HAHA! I love it. Congrats dude.
  10. Fair enough. How about this sweet pic I took of your sweet car & hauler:
  11. When I bought my H2R membership I was told I had reciprocity with MSRH and Cresson. Fastforward a few years, when I moved to DFW I asked at Cresson and they had no idea what I was talking about. I got curious so I also called MSRH and was told that they had no idea what I was talking about.
  12. You think? If there are contingency tires on the line and you are getting beat by someone who is not following the rules, I see it as perfectly reasonable to protest. (Not saying Edison is/isnt illegal. Just defending legitimate protests in regional events)
  13. Well, I figured I'd update this thread. I started the quest of making this a Spec Miata in 2012, and ended up losing interest and selling the car in 2013. In 2019 I bought the car back from the guy I sold it to. He had done no modifications or changes since I sold him the car. So it was like picking up where I left off in 2013. I finished the build and am running SM with NASA this season and having a great time so far.
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