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  1. Here are a couple quotes I've pulled so far. All of them assume MSR Dallas for coverage on a $40k car with a 10% deductible. FYI: The "OpenTrack" quote after fees and taxes was $276 and RLI is the same as Hagerty. If anyone knows any other HPDE companies please let me know or post a similar quote. Still hoping I can find a traditional insurance company that doesn't exclude HPDEs.
  2. I have been doing HPDEs for the last couple of years under the impression I was completely covered. When my insurance agent changed I called her to once again verify this truth only to find out that my policy clearly excludes them. ? Is it safe to say that there are no traditional insurance companies that allow HPDEs in Texas? Has anyone compiled a list of track day rates by company? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello! I caught the bug and have been doing HPDEs every couple months for the last couple years, currently with an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. Looking forward to meeting some junkies! Cheers! John DFW
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