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  1. I re-installed the power steering and flushed it out. Its so nice to have my steering back to nice and quick! I'm guessing when I get the really wide wheels on it will put a little more feedback in the steering wheel. I'm also wondering if it's worth doing the bushings. Any body out there replace the rack bushings?
  2. When I was removing A/C stuff I removed the power steering pump. The fluid was a caramel colored milkshake. I drained the fluid and let it set and separate. It had water in it! I'm guessing getting it soaked out on the street and having an open louver right over the reservoir. I did find the suction hose from the pump to the reservoir had some dry rot cracks at both ends radiating from the tube. I would bet it was sucking a little air and water when available. The rebuild kits will be here soon, I hope. I have been running a looped de-powered rack these last few days and it really sucks. I know the rack has not been truly modified and I use a 320 mm steering wheel. I might try this again with another rack that I fully modify to manual operation.
  3. I pulled the A/C compressor out of the miata, it has never worked since I bought it, and installed it on the J35 using the adapter from MiniTech. It went on with out a hitch. Alignment looks pretty good for the 4 rib pulley. I found a cheap new compressor from a Mazda 3 that uses a 6 rib clutch. Hoping they share the same mount pattern. I got plenty of room behind the pump for tubes.
  4. What clutch do you have? This is my 1st time with a twin disc. Should be interesting. The Electromotive ECO only runs with a 60-2 crank wheel, I also have to mod the cam pulley and machine off the extra timing nubs. I've been collecting tubing to start piecing the headers together. The prices on ss mandrel bends are just CRAZY! I scrounged around all my left overs and found two ebay sets in my diameter to make something with.
  5. I'm 6'2" 260 lbs. Got tired of riding around on the toilet bowl cut down seat. With the lowered seat pan I can still use the vette electric rails and pass the broom stick test on the lowest setting.
  6. I have a couple of Electromotive ECU's so I'm setting it up for a 60-2 tooth crank position and cam sync to allow me to run full sequential fuel injection with some options. I'm going to try and use the Honda sensor on the new higher pitch trigger wheel I had made. If not I will do a full size one external on the harmonic damper.
  7. On the JV6 side of things it all started when I found a J35A4 listed in Racing Junk, seems the PO had it hopped up for a sandrail but opted out on the last payment. It sat on the shelf for a couple of years before I made a deal on the long bloke. I don't have a build sheet but its been ported and it has new sleeves in it and its been balanced from what I can see. So now I am in the process of dressing the engine and making a wire harness.
  8. I have done mods to the car along the way to my daily driver, some easy, some not. I like to surf around and find good deals on used parts, collect them up and eventually they find their way onto the car. There is a build blog posted in another forum https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/forum/build-projects-and-project-cars/jv6-miata-during-a-pandemic/173735/page1/ I'm posting a picture book version here so you can play name that mod. 🙂
  9. Rebuilding my 2nd Miata, a 2002 NB 6 sp base model with 160k on the clock. The theme of the car is cheap performance and used parts with a few new things throne in to make it comfortable daily driver.
  10. Cc454

    2001 JV6 Miata

    Have you been able to get it to the track?
  11. Howdy, Just came across this forum following a link about a JV6 Miata. Just so happens I'm working on one too, in the same neighborhood, so I decided to add my chicken scratch to the pen. Since the pandemic has afforded me all this unpaid idle time I get to work on my my stuff rather then others and got the chance to develop my miata into something that fills the nitch. As soon as I can I want to get it on the track and see how the work done has changed the car and what I need to change.
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