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  1. Want! I'll PM for details.
  2. Winding Road Racing is looking at doing it in-house this year, but currently they ship them off. But you'll deal with just them and not their vendor.
  3. Doh! Glad everything worked out in the end.
  4. That’s awesome. Still bummed out they closed the circle track here in Kyle.
  5. If y’all head towards Fredericksburg I’d be in.
  6. Let's get together in the next few weeks and enjoy some of this spring weather. Salt Lick in Driftwood, Jester King, or something with a nice outdoor space. Who's in?
  7. Let me know how it goes, there's a couple spots on the ND that I can't seem to get off the paint :/
  8. There's a guy in south Austin that gets decent reviews, Taurus Auto Detailing. http://taurusautodetailing.com/auto-services/
  9. 1. I hope you get your raise, teachers need to be paid more! 2. Can't get anything till the '16 Miata is paid off. Then there might be some potential for a 911+Miata in my life. We'll see.
  10. Yeah, I feel you, but with me it's a 911
  11. Proper track? Come on man, Cresson, H2R, etc are all proper tracks. There is no such thing as a "proper track", there are tracks that tend to favor certain styles of cars, but that doesn't make them not proper.
  12. Truth. I passed same cars at the same event in my Fiesta ST and I'm slow as dirt.
  13. They are all taken, found that out by 9:30 this morning ;)
  14. Robert, you can kill this post if it's too OT. I volunteer IT services and take Ukulele classes at Armstrong Community Music School in Austin. It's a non-profit music school that helps out with various groups in the Austin area. Organizations that receive help and/or music classes: - Veterans Guitar Project - SAFE Alliance (Women's Shelter) - Travis and Lanier High Schools for young mothers - and more! So if you feel inclined, I'd really appreciate throwing a few bucks to the school! Also, if you are interested in taking lessons as an adult, or lessons for your childen (6mo+!) let me know! Steven https://www.amplifyatx.org/p2p/70535/steven-tellman
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