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  1. Type: OEM with defroster Color: Classic Red Latches: Pre-2004.5 Condition: Very good. There is a scratch in the headliner. Paint is in good condition. Comes with cart. Price: $1500 Austin area preferred, can do DFW as well.
  2. Has anyone ran H2R in the rain since the repave? I've got an event on Wednesday and it looks like rain, so just curious. Thanks!
  3. Stock carpet floor mats still in plastic. Can meet around Parmer/35 or Harris Hill Road.
  4. Thanks for the feedback y'all. It's appreciated. The Race Optimal site was really useful and look forward to checking that out more. Hope to get back out there soon and try again.... and again... and again ?
  5. Did a recent track day and would just like some commentary on my line. Been doing H2R for a long while, but not sure if I've got the right line. Thanks in advance! ong
  6. Want! I'll PM for details.
  7. Winding Road Racing is looking at doing it in-house this year, but currently they ship them off. But you'll deal with just them and not their vendor.
  8. Doh! Glad everything worked out in the end.
  9. That’s awesome. Still bummed out they closed the circle track here in Kyle.
  10. If y’all head towards Fredericksburg I’d be in.
  11. Let's get together in the next few weeks and enjoy some of this spring weather. Salt Lick in Driftwood, Jester King, or something with a nice outdoor space. Who's in?
  12. Let me know how it goes, there's a couple spots on the ND that I can't seem to get off the paint :/
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