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  1. Is the AIM Solo portable? I might grab that off of ya. Next Cedar Creek meet!
  2. Drivers Edge is out there this weekend.
  3. What a race. Love being patient in T9 and then getting to eat people at T11 as a result.
  4. Werent we saying the same thing about SRX7 last year? Damn Miatas can't play nice with anyone.
  5. Instructing and SM where we will for the 5th year in a row discover that no, you can't go 3 wide through rattlesnake on the first lap. And 20 minutes after that we get to dodge SRX7s woo Cresson! Rolling in way late Friday night, staying at Scottish Inn across the street.
  6. Eco stock? Aka get a saturn and cage it?
  7. New surface was money in the wet. Literally didnt change anything. Old stuff was a mess. particularlty T11 and T20 By the time we went out Sunday afternoon we were all on slicks but it was definitely still moist out there and wet line was in effect on the old stuff. Very fun. Got my first Super tour top 10s, P10 and p9 Sat and Sun respectively, very happy with that, particularly because no one had rain tires on them for Sunday. Only folks in front of me on the weekend are national level big dawgs. Still need to figure out how to trade blows with those guys...
  8. I'll be there but getting in Friday night, No practice, no problem, hopefully...
  9. In Dallas there are alot of quality brains to pick. Terry Fair at Vorschlag helped guide me through TT stuff. Obviously the regional director Chase ( who I think is on here) is a great resource. Best part of NASA TT is that you can pretty much guarantee that your car slots in somewhere, and is not far from being competetive with correct decisions on tires.
  10. Nothing to add except that a BRZ probably wont be different enough for you once you've sunk the money into it. A well sorted Z chassis can rock. BMW- Id leave it at an E36, but thats certainly in the ballpark My winner? Vette. C5 or 6. High consumable costs but parts are reasonable and plentiful. Perfectly nice to drive to the track and can be made up like a grand tourer
  11. Talley, my reference is a Scion FRS on Slicks, a Spec Miata, and at the absolute fastest a Cayman GT4. So yeah, my advice won't really apply at 140 and 3000 pounds... The way I've seen that tought is to change direction of the car headed to apex of sweeper, threshold brake in a straight line towards the apex, and then lift off and do your rotation.
  12. Diamonds edge, sweeper, and gut check are all these scary corners that you will be losing grip and dancing and fighting the car. But guess what? You're about the bomb the brakes, so everything that the car was doing before doesn't really matter. in a GT4 going into diamonds edge I lift, get the nose to bite and apex 3 way late. I'm usually carrying too much speed to do anything past some maintanance throttle to keep the back end from washing out. Its sketchy and divey. And then I bomb the brakes at the appropriate vector and everything is okayl. Same thing with sweeper. A bit of a lift to move weight nose to the of the car. Maintanance throttle to keep the back end from under you. You're fighting, fighting, and right before the car washes out from under you, bomb the brakes. Same thing with Gut check. Flat, maybe a lift at the beginning as a speed adjustment, but you really dont need it to plant the nose. What helps here a bunch (and with all 3 of these) is lifting your eyes so that your brain is less concerned with the unsteadiness and speed of the car under you and more focused on a point on the horizon that you are braking towards. In Gut check the garages work well. Back to carousel- I like to scrub speed with the wheels through T1 and track out pretty much all the way before lifting big to move weight to the front and steering into the first curbing. That also makes for a big scrub of speed, and now im rotated, facing the first set of curbing, and I can pin it, brushing the first bit of curbing, forgetting the second entirely, because im headed to the exit pavement.
  13. Vinnieb

    Goals 2020

    Top 10s in Super tour. Looking at 3 of those Top 5 at NASA Nationals Win a race at every NASA TX weekend I go to. Keep improving in data use/prep/notekeeping Win a WRL race... been on a drought since last year.
  14. Real happy with how it went, but tbh attrition in the Texas Spec Miata field may have given me some false positives. Definitely got out of the kill zone. Qualifying top couple rows pretty consistently in NASA Won NASA regoinal championship . Definitely in top 1/3 there. Only ran one SCCA regional race weekend but I was up there in the top 1/3,. Super tour only ran one race, and it was a weird weekend but at my fastest I was right there in the top 1/3. Finished in Top 1/3 at NASA nationals. Very happy with on track results this year. As far as data and systematization I I got a little better but I'm still not there. All I can gleam from data right now is that after 10 minutes of screwing with the software, "oh hey if I go faster, I save time, like I did on this other lap." But, we did take a step this year as far as being able to work on the car and note taking after sessions. Still not where I want to be or need to be but there was some progress made in that department.
  15. Vinnieb

    New Spec NC

    So I gave it a hard look and finally decided not quite yet 1) The big series races were either on the East Coast or West Coast. Towing costs woulda been bananas which woulda left me running in mixed class NASA or SCCA locally or paying $$$ to go out to the coast. 2) Just didn't see other people interested... 3) The build costs were getting close to an ND1 MX5 Cup car. Once I'm in that neighborhood I'd rather go get free tickets to an Indycar weekend at the same time. If I ever wanna make a more expensive step than spec miata, it'll be there. NC prices just aren't down there quite yet when you consider the cost of the donor.
  16. Give jim berg at the msrh shop a call. He has used a bunch of people locally and could provide feedback
  17. Intriguing. I think I like this better as a direct competitor to SRF. NASA Prototypes I think ended up being past the price point for alot of people.
  18. Vinnieb

    Racing Suits

    Winding road probably has the most suits of different manufacturers anywhere in TX. Thats where I went when I was trying to get sizing done right. Alpine stars does run a little small but that ended up fitting me best. Performance Stop at MSRH also has a nice selection in their showroom.
  19. I ended up going Saturday. Got T15 grandstand tickets for like 90 each and it was great, got to actually see and understand what was going on with Qually. Sunday I was picking up my SM from storage and couldnt imagine finding a place to park so I went home. F1 puts together a great experience and with sell outs saturday and sunday, it looks like they arent losing momentum due to the Mexico race. I was able to take the lady to all of my favorite viewing spots on track and she was really into it. Matt good to see you on Saturday! Awesome pics!
  20. No better person for them to sell to. Kinda funny that the split ended up coming full circle, isnt it?
  21. Gonna kinda frame the season around the HST races that we can make. Right now looks like sebring, cota, road atlanta, either hallett or VIR and june sprints. Will probably still do most NASA events but very low stress... used tires, no practice, no red mist on track. Probably wont bother with local scca stuff. NASA champs for sure. No runoffs because being at a track for a week for one session a day still seems stupid to me.
  22. It was a dreamy year for me! 33 days at the track this year per my count. Feels low lol Whole NASA tx schedule minus NOLA, plus an out of town race at Road Atlanta, and Nationals at Mid Ohio. Goal was to win a regional championship, got it done! Top 10 at nationals was a cherry on top. SCCA, did a COTA super tour event at beginning of year to dip my toe in at big events, and an a majors at msrh because its down the street. WRL- only one event with my usual team. Had some schedule conflicts on both ends. Also still developing an overhauled car. Got invited to drive with a competing team which was fun, let me compare myself against some great drivers and see the gaps on data. Bout 20 tires in the garage. Underestimated the longevity of TOYO RRs Already planning next year. Probably less quantity, more big events next year.
  23. So the lead up to the event was interesting... all year I had no plans of going to Nationals. Maybe 2 Months ago I started looking for a way to get the car there, thinking it might be fun and Mid Ohio would be a track worth ticking off my bucket list. About a month ago my champoinship competitor in SM TX, Phillip decided he could make the trip up to Mid O, so we arranged for transport and trackside support from a buddy of ours and were set up to go. A week before the event, our transport had a family emergency and couldn't make it. We both went through our rolodexes and after coming up empty, Phillip goes out and bought a trailer, gutted it so it could fit both of our cars, we took fellow Texas SM homie Bill's spares up, and Phillip made the trip to Mid O with all of our stuff by himself. After getting pulled over twice on the way up there (trailer looked like a mobile meth lab special, bullet holes and all. Cop thought our Miatas were cute.), he finally rolled in midnight before Thursday morning practice. Thursday morning we hustled into track, to drivers meeting, and miraculously were on grid in time for first session... despite both of us being worse for the wear. After our first session Thursday our expectations were tempered. We both had dreams of top 5 finishes but... Mid Ohio is tough, tough, tough. Tire wise we were both on scrubs and weren't sure if it was fast or not, Setup wise, I wasn't confident or consistent enough to mess with it without improving myself first. We were both about 2 seconds off of the fastest guys and figured we had some room to improve by figuring out a few corners. Thursday at the last session I had some fuel pickup problems which we thought was a pump issue. After having George Clos sauter up a new one for us (thanks again buddy!) we realized it was a relay. Unfortunately when we went to test this I, like a dumbass did not realize the car was in gear and proceeded to damn near run over my dad and bump draft Phillip's car in the paddock. A scary yet fortunately relatively innocent reminder to never stop thinking in the paddock... even if it is 10pm and you're a few beers in. So Friday we roll out to qualify and end up 14 in the first session. Phillips a spot ahead. Cutting down the time to the leaders to a second and a half now, but so are all the other out of region guys. I'm finally consistent enough to try some setup stuff, dial in some cross before the second session, which seems to help but since the track as a whole is slower we stay the same position. It was funny to see the out of region guys slowly catch up throughout the weekend... once again, Mid O is not easy. Saturday qually race is when I finally feel like I got the track figured out. Phillip and I were slowly and patiently moving up the field together with him leading and us picking folks off until I made a mistake and went 4 off heading into Thunder Valley. We lost touch and I wasn't able to follow him through on his next two passes. To make matters worse on the last lap I got greedy and tried an inside pass for 12th... The passing car held strong and two other cars go on his bumper and freight trained by him so I fell back to 15th. This led me considerably annoyed with myself as Phillip was starting in 10th and I had divorced myself from my drafting partner getting greedy. Before the championship race, I hopped in the car to take it to grid and realized we had no power brakes. After the quickest brake bleed of all time (just found a tiny bit of air out the LR) it felt a bit better and I scrambled to grid with 5 minutes to go, praying that the problem was fixed. Thankfully,, the brakes firmed up on the outlap. Assuming we goofed up bleeding the brakes the night before... The championship race went really nicely. After the initial scrum I ended up on Phillips bumpers by the time the first caution came out, which let us get back up to the 2nd gaggle of cars. We worked our way up together to 8th and 9th when he unfortunately was on the wrong end of contact. I slipped into 8th, on J Casey's bumper for the last restart. On the last lap of the race I got a nice run out of keyhole and thought I would try to bump Casey and myself around Dan Williams who was in 6th. Didn't have enough oomph to pull it off so I tried to go outside of casey going into Madness and decided to bail before the apex at the right hander. Ended up in 8th, which all things considered, was within my goal of a top 10. I think we had a top 5 car at the end of the weekend... just not sure we had the driver consistency for it. Mid Ohio is a tough place to pass, I really needed to have stuff figured out on qualifying day and things didn't click for me until qualifying race day. With as tight as things were, working your way through the field in traffic is a big ask. Huge thanks to Phillip for pulling out all the stops to get us there, Chris Shaffer and his parents for being awesome pit buddies, and especially my dad for being an awesome crew chief despite my attempts to kill him. Thanks to Will and everyone at NASA for annoying me until I finally got out there... I absolutely loved Mid Ohio and the area. Us Texas boys are already plotting for our attack at the top 5 at Utah next year.
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