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  1. So on Thursday morning we learned that our transport/ trackside support couldn't be there anymore due to a family emergency... Spent all Thursday calling everyone in the ole Rolodex trying to find someone to take the cars... no dice. Finally decided the best call was to find a 2 car hauler and Phillip take the cars himself from ATX. Thursday night he goes and sees one but it's too small Finally on Friday he hit paydirt and bought a hauler off of craigslist... he's rehabbing it at his shop and it'll be out the door Tuesday with my and his equiptment in it... been a whirlwind of a weekend man... racers pulling out all the stops to make it! Also, anyone wanna buy a lightly used 40 foot hauler?
  2. I'm a huge fan of the virtual track walk series. COTA's is good, but your mileage may vary in a low HP car. Turn 8 for example, is done very differently by the top dogs in SM.
  3. Definitely, more PDS Friday of WRL events. Mixing race cars and street cars in the same paddock is a nice way to bridge the gap and create racers out of HPDE folk. Oh, and I'll be there in the Bahnstormer 147. Got alot of miles under the car at the Colorado 24 so hopefully all of the engine swap issues are sorted out and we can last the race. Definitely got the speed to win.
  4. I had always heard negative reviews about the TMS road course. The spec miata guys who had run the apron before even said that that was fun and the high banks would take away what little fun was to be had. ...Yeah they were wrong. Drafting on the high banks is crazy fun. And the infield was fast, but more importantly super technical. You really, really had to pay attention to your inputs and just love on the middle pedal just right. Facility was obviously awesome, but the little town down the road was really fun as well and there was alot to do around the track. Also buccees burritos all day. Just experience wise, one of my favorite NASA events all year. Friday practice was just trying to figure out what we had. We were chasing cooling shirt issues, cooling system issues, just little nagging stuff but we were getting the place figured out at a good clip. Taylor Ferranti looked like the guy to beat after Friday and Saturday practice so I attempted to hook up with him to qualify. Saturday qually it just didn't work out, folks got between us on grid and he took off as I worked through traffic. Still managed to get into P2. In the race, I started off behind him but after bumping down the straight he caught me off guard by braking early into T3 and I went wide and cocked the whole thing up, letting McCammon and Agha on by me. Got back into P2 and McCammon and I were working together to chase Taylor down but we caught an RX7 before the chicane. and he Put like 10 cars on us. Its insane how catching traffic near that chicane would make or break your race. After trying to catch him again McCammon and I decided that we would start to fight for 2nd, so we swapped positions and dogfighted like crazy. He came out on top. NASA official asked if we were mad at each other afterwards and we just laughed our asses off. Love racing that guy. Video below Day 2, Taylor and I finally got to work together in qualfying some and I ended up behind him by .005. Nice session though, we went out, did a lap together, came in, and watched the rest of the sessoin as people got slower and slower. Race 2 We took off and gapped the field, but werent quite close enough where I could bump him. Unfortuantely his car developed a stutter and he had to slow way down. Dad was telling me that McCammon and Agha were working together and coming to catch me, but Agha had an off and after they lost contact we all were running the same lap times so I was able to take it home for the win. Race 3, I started on Pole with McCammon on my outside. The whole race was us two dogfighting. 2 laps from the finish he made a mistake trying to pass me into T3 and we both thought that would be how we finished. On the last lap though after the back straightaway draft I saw him catching up to me , got nervous, protected the inside, and blew it. He came roaring on my left side into T4, I outbraked myself and all the sudden I had blown the lead. Managed to get a good run onto the straightaway and somehow the draft pulled me past him before the finish line.
  5. Yeah I might shift game plans to at track camping. Looks like I'll drive in way the hell early Thursday morning from Columbus. Flying into there way the hell late Wednesday night.
  6. Where are you guys staying? Hotel situation near the track aint promising!
  7. Trying to get creative on how to get the car there but id like to be in! If anyone has room on a trailer let me know!
  8. 2.5 NC campaigned by Noesis decimates all. That being said... super well developed car with pro drivers. I think these are a great platform for WRL gp2. Would still get to tinker some with aero and engine. Id have rx8 stuff on all 4 corners. Mazda is paying everybody to race these things right now.
  9. For the record, Victorian Inn in Clevelnd is where i stay. 15 ish minutes from track, clean, late check in, works for me. For eating- idk how people miss this but Mugsy's Grubhouse is an absolute must. Solid steaks at decent prices. 20minutes and change away.
  10. Safe travels, guys. I'm gonna roll around midday thursday
  11. Super duper car, tire, and condition dependent. This is what test days are for. Try everything and look at data. As a general rule most of the speed is im the first right hand kink. Do whatever you can to maintain speed there. In a spec miata on Hoosiers on a good day during lap 2 of qualifying a half lift is possible but you better have a great feel for your middle pedal because getting slowed down is about to be tough.
  12. Caravan! I should be ready to go at noonish.
  13. RV spot reserved, probably in way late Thursday night, bringing the whole family, lets do it! Oh, uh, spec miata.
  14. I thought I saw you out there! I was shuttling between instructing and racing so I didn't have much time to hang out during the day. After swapping hubs saturday afternoon I had a couple drinks at dinner and went down hard.
  15. Uhm. The solution to bad DE driving isn't racing... I think this instructor was inventing issues, unless TC was going bananas or something. His feedback was really general, and more importantly there weren't specific actionable solutoins stated... just really poor people management.
  16. Happens all the time at T3. if you walk the track after you go under the bridge there is a pretty significant elevation change that lightens the rear up. Thanks for making a teachable moment out of a bad situation because this is a textbook T3 incident. For the record, theres a ton of runoff past there , so if you are bent out of shape put your eyes out there and you can sometimes get all sorts of backwards without hitting hard stuff.
  17. Get ya rains mounted, boys and girls. Just doesn't look clear for the week.
  18. that remix is a thing of beauty. IMO WRL and AER need to do a better job of vetting and onboarding drivers. Its really tough because there is so many but I've find the quality of driving in those series to be really inconsistent. Maybe an in house comp school, taking attendance at drivers meetings, but there needs to be a bit more accountability. That being said.. this dude had an SCCA license.
  19. Price goes up Friday. Idk what's up with registrations or if people are waiting to sign up... no CMC/AI and only 2 SMs.
  20. Whittingtons and Randy Lanier come to mind too... theres some awesome stories from around that time. Dinner with racers did a great interview with Lanier where he was pretty candid about everything. They interviewed don whittington too but he was much more clammed up.
  21. In order... I've been pretty lucky. Barber- beautiful, flowing, technical, every corner requires attention. Amazing facility. Awesome. NCM- long, challenging flows well, gotta do alot right here to do well Tws- I'll go to my grave convinced I never did turn 1-2 right. Lots of great memories here. Great flow. Road Atlanta- weirdly i only like 2 parts of this track... but then I realize that's most of the track. Need a set of brass ones to go fast here. hallett- super technical and fun. Cream rises to.the top. AMP- hidden gem an hour away from road Atlanta. Beautiful track and facility, awesome elevation changes and blind stuff, super technical, great training ground. NOLA- love fast ballsy corners on the back end and the esses. Cresson- only ran the 1.7. Meh. About even on hate em vs like em corners here. Heartland park- only been once but had a lot of fun. Lots of high commitment high speed corners. Msrh- meh. But maybe I just have too many laps there because it's home. COTA- if I wanted to go 20 mph in 2nd gear I'd drive on the street. High plains - dont like the flow. Just cant seem to get it right.
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