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  1. Spent some time borrowing data from some top 1% SM guys. I see this split second of 20% throttle, typically right after turn in, before apex, in the split second before they're finished scrubbing speed and are about to get back onto full throttle. Talking to my data dude (Scott Adams) he sees the same thing, and talking to those drivers they do it conscientiously in order to stabilize the platform headed to apex before full throttle. Its literally a split second and its a tickle of the throttle. And its right at the point where I am losing the 1mph and .1 sec. ... We had definitely had a few the evening before. Still podiumed that race!
  2. 2020 goals above. Got a top 10 in super tour. NASA Nationals was cancelled. Definitely didn't win a race at every NASA TX weekend. Did improve data use. WRL team went away, unfortunately. Call it a wash lol. In 2020's weird year I still managed a NASA regional and SCCA Divisional championship, which I was really happy with. 2021 for me is 100% All about 2 weekends. NASA Championships at Daytona and Runoffs at Indianapolis. Goal is top 5 at NASA, top 10 at SCCA (frankly, thats a stretch goal, but doable I think.) Driving wise, I want to focus on the 20% throttle tip in mid corner. I see this on alot of pro data and I'm suspecting it's that .1 per corner that's seperating me from the front of the field nationally in SM. Regionally, I'm finding myself choking when I'm up front. Want to get used to winning. Winning a race a weekend is doable, but now that I'm running 2 cars I'm not sure that I'll have the regional car prepped quite to that level. We'll see. Call it a soft goal. I feel what alot of you guys are saying about instructing. I've slowed down significantly in that department. NASA weekends only, and even then I'm trying to take a lighter load from right seat as it's starting to take a toll on me physically. I was on all 4s trying to puke on grid before Sunday race 2 at ECR lol
  3. I will be there, and we will likely have a 5ish car spec miata contingent from Texas rolling out on 2 big trailers out of Austin and Houston. I am also planning on going there memorial day weekend to practice.
  4. Hah, yeah I feel odd talking about other people on public forums, especially since this isn't a spec miata centric one... but yeah, Trevor can still get it on par with any SM driver in the country, IMO. He's way underrated nationally. I was flagging TWS right after you. 09-12 That list is quite the blast from the past. Trevor and Gale who are still as good as anyone in this region. Haldeman whose as good as anyone in the country. F4 Driver and Global MX5 Champ in Timo and Niko. NASA national champ with Ross. Couple future pros with Poland, Udell, and Stacy. I would have loved to have run in that field. We miss you dude!
  5. Yep but looking at data versus the guy who was smoking us all this weekend, I've gotta do more. All of the time was being lost under braking. Looking at speed trace- were braking at same time, same min speed at corner, but my speed is coming down at a sharper angle looking at Long G's I'm braking .2 gs harder than him. Definitely need to be softer and lighter on brake to roll more speed through the braking zone. I think trailbraking is gonna have alot to do with it. And for the record I am (at least I thought I was) a very competent and deep trail braker. Thats what I love about spec miata. Driving matters! Details matter!
  6. See if that critical understeer is still present at MSRH. When we were at ECR on Toyos, everyone was throwing the kitchen sink at their car trying to correct understeer. Raising rear ride heights like monster trucks, adjusting bars that hadn't been touched in 2 years. It was just a track thing. Was worlds better on Hoosiers, but I am straight up dreading gong back on Toyos in a couple weeks.
  7. Yep! Check bearings after every session... Back straight is actually pretty busy for us, if you coordinate well leaving T10 you can get a bump in, and if not T11 is the best passing zone on the track so its a pretty hectic straight! T8-9-10... all I know for sure is to cheat waaayy right all over the rumbles at 9. Even if i get back track right before 10, if I track too wide the chassis to too upset and I scrub momentum diving into 10. Sometimes when I got that right it was magical. I take T8 way differently than most because I come into it really hot and apex earlier than most, using more exit curbing during most. Kills me between 8 and 9 which is a throwaway to me anyways. I can definitely see me enjoying ECR once I have a good weekend there!
  8. ECR continues to frustrate me... Didn't practice. showed up on Saturday morning having to do some little stuff, ended up finding a broken LR caliper I had to replace, no big deal, got on track for practice on time on garbage pile scrubs, only about 2-3 seconds off pace, feeling pretty good. Qualified P3. One guy is smoking the field but amongst the rest, we're all pretty tight. In the race I went out in P3, we got a gap, and then weirdly the car just got crappy. Binding up like crazy, couldn't trailbrake, just a mess. Got passed for P3, and on that same lap I was running right behind the guy who just passed me when I realized that we take veeerrry different approaches to T8, I ended up coming in way hot, realized I was on my way to hit him, locked up, and punted him. Ran a few more laps to see if the car was okay (still shit) and brought it back in thinking maybe something was wrong. Realized We were rubbing the chassis, springs, and even sway bars with the inside of the tire. wtf. Checked ride height, camber, both checked out, Put spacers on the front wheels, wen out for warm up on Sunday morning, all good, didn't seem to be hitting anymore (put some tape down so we could tell). Qualified P4, but I still wasn't all that thrilled with my lap. P2-7 were covered by .2 sec, to give you an idea of how tight it was. In the race, same shit. Started well, then the car became a binding up handful. Dropped from aiming towards P2 to P6 I think when it was all said and done. Checked and yup- we were rubbing thing again. Weirdly since my last tough weekend at ECR I've had two trouble free weekends. Seems that ECR is either exposing blown shocks or a bent subframe. Hopefully we'll get it figured out before NASA next month. Heres a video of race 2 from Lee Thomas, who I had a great scrap with until my car went away. Been using this to try to diagnose stuff. Looking at data most of the time loss even on my good laps is under braking from the guy who dominated the weekend. Literally all of it was made under braking... same braking point, same minimum speed through corner, he just gets there at .2 less G's braking than myself. Really educational. Hopefully I can get ECR figured out next month. Got a regional championship riding on it. It's a really tough and technical place and I'm not gonna lie, it's not my favorite as of now... but it can certainly change my mind once I get my car figured out!
  9. Hey how does everyone feel about scrubbing tires on out laps. ...damn miatas! Not gonna lie between the wasted session/day and weather, i'm okay with not having gone. Was feeling some real FOMO earlier this week.
  10. I was there on Saturday night! Missed your race but watched the later ones. I'm smitten. Like, been looking for donor cars and rule books smitten. Its 15 minutes away from a friends house so I think we're gonna make a habit out of this... will you be there in a couple of weeks?
  11. Is the AIM Solo portable? I might grab that off of ya. Next Cedar Creek meet!
  12. Drivers Edge is out there this weekend.
  13. What a race. Love being patient in T9 and then getting to eat people at T11 as a result.
  14. Werent we saying the same thing about SRX7 last year? Damn Miatas can't play nice with anyone.
  15. Instructing and SM where we will for the 5th year in a row discover that no, you can't go 3 wide through rattlesnake on the first lap. And 20 minutes after that we get to dodge SRX7s woo Cresson! Rolling in way late Friday night, staying at Scottish Inn across the street.
  16. Eco stock? Aka get a saturn and cage it?
  17. New surface was money in the wet. Literally didnt change anything. Old stuff was a mess. particularlty T11 and T20 By the time we went out Sunday afternoon we were all on slicks but it was definitely still moist out there and wet line was in effect on the old stuff. Very fun. Got my first Super tour top 10s, P10 and p9 Sat and Sun respectively, very happy with that, particularly because no one had rain tires on them for Sunday. Only folks in front of me on the weekend are national level big dawgs. Still need to figure out how to trade blows with those guys...
  18. I'll be there but getting in Friday night, No practice, no problem, hopefully...
  19. In Dallas there are alot of quality brains to pick. Terry Fair at Vorschlag helped guide me through TT stuff. Obviously the regional director Chase ( who I think is on here) is a great resource. Best part of NASA TT is that you can pretty much guarantee that your car slots in somewhere, and is not far from being competetive with correct decisions on tires.
  20. Nothing to add except that a BRZ probably wont be different enough for you once you've sunk the money into it. A well sorted Z chassis can rock. BMW- Id leave it at an E36, but thats certainly in the ballpark My winner? Vette. C5 or 6. High consumable costs but parts are reasonable and plentiful. Perfectly nice to drive to the track and can be made up like a grand tourer
  21. Talley, my reference is a Scion FRS on Slicks, a Spec Miata, and at the absolute fastest a Cayman GT4. So yeah, my advice won't really apply at 140 and 3000 pounds... The way I've seen that tought is to change direction of the car headed to apex of sweeper, threshold brake in a straight line towards the apex, and then lift off and do your rotation.
  22. Diamonds edge, sweeper, and gut check are all these scary corners that you will be losing grip and dancing and fighting the car. But guess what? You're about the bomb the brakes, so everything that the car was doing before doesn't really matter. in a GT4 going into diamonds edge I lift, get the nose to bite and apex 3 way late. I'm usually carrying too much speed to do anything past some maintanance throttle to keep the back end from washing out. Its sketchy and divey. And then I bomb the brakes at the appropriate vector and everything is okayl. Same thing with sweeper. A bit of a lift to move weight nose to the of the car. Maintanance throttle to keep the back end from under you. You're fighting, fighting, and right before the car washes out from under you, bomb the brakes. Same thing with Gut check. Flat, maybe a lift at the beginning as a speed adjustment, but you really dont need it to plant the nose. What helps here a bunch (and with all 3 of these) is lifting your eyes so that your brain is less concerned with the unsteadiness and speed of the car under you and more focused on a point on the horizon that you are braking towards. In Gut check the garages work well. Back to carousel- I like to scrub speed with the wheels through T1 and track out pretty much all the way before lifting big to move weight to the front and steering into the first curbing. That also makes for a big scrub of speed, and now im rotated, facing the first set of curbing, and I can pin it, brushing the first bit of curbing, forgetting the second entirely, because im headed to the exit pavement.
  23. Vinnieb

    Goals 2020

    Top 10s in Super tour. Looking at 3 of those Top 5 at NASA Nationals Win a race at every NASA TX weekend I go to. Keep improving in data use/prep/notekeeping Win a WRL race... been on a drought since last year.
  24. Real happy with how it went, but tbh attrition in the Texas Spec Miata field may have given me some false positives. Definitely got out of the kill zone. Qualifying top couple rows pretty consistently in NASA Won NASA regoinal championship . Definitely in top 1/3 there. Only ran one SCCA regional race weekend but I was up there in the top 1/3,. Super tour only ran one race, and it was a weird weekend but at my fastest I was right there in the top 1/3. Finished in Top 1/3 at NASA nationals. Very happy with on track results this year. As far as data and systematization I I got a little better but I'm still not there. All I can gleam from data right now is that after 10 minutes of screwing with the software, "oh hey if I go faster, I save time, like I did on this other lap." But, we did take a step this year as far as being able to work on the car and note taking after sessions. Still not where I want to be or need to be but there was some progress made in that department.
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