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  1. Aaaand now no rain per weather channel. Whatever, Texas.
  2. I'll be there, Sunday only though. Hopefully MX5 cup has a race that morning
  3. In for spec miata pants party, Friday TT, and instructing. Will leave Thursday night from Houston Anyone local got a car my dad can drive Friday? Would like for him to get some laps in before he has to crew Saturday and Sunday.
  4. Not taking the miata out there unless its absolutely necessary lol. Too many trannys diffs and hubs... Will probably just take my dads Porsche if I wanna do some driving of my own.
  5. Excited for the xfactor guys and girls. Unfortunately for me it's mardi gras weekend, need to take in some culture away from the track.
  6. Kinda blown away with some of those times. 2:24 on 200tw tires... yikes. I suck. If my supra had been ready I was thinking of dragging her out for this but looking at times im not sure it would have been worth it!
  7. Yeah. On friday before practice I seriously contemplated having a nice weekend at home and just going to Hallett next month.
  8. Bleh weekend with bright spots Friday- Had one set of sticker Hoosiers. Decided I'd use those for qualifying Saturday morning (from my understanding that's usually the money session) and races 1 and 2. Went out for qually on 6 heat cycle Hoosiers and was 16th. I was pumped. Figured that with stickers i could sniff the top 10. Tranny broke on last lap, but Xfactor guys had my spare in Friday night. saturday- Shit! Rain means no opportunity to improve qually time. Started race p16. Raced up to p11 and was working on the crowd ahead of me when my diff blew. Damn. Replaced it that night... Sunday Wet race. Since I wasnt sure how much SCCA I'd run this year and COTA is usually okay until its sopping wet I decided to just buy some used wets as insurance. Unfortunately it seems that these are pretty sensitive to storage issues or something because as soon as I left the pits for pace lap i knew i was screwed. In 3rd gear I was spinning the rear tires. The fronts were just not cooperating. I had problems staying with the field on the pace lap... so once the race started I just disappeared. Contemplated coming in but I really wanted the car to finish a session this weekend on it's own accord. I gambled trying to save a few bucks, and lost. Fortunately save a bump that threw off the alignment the car went home in good shape. Weirdly, despite a DNF and a DFL I feel okay about the weekend. I was happy to have closed up my delta to the front of the pack in SM at COTA by half on old tires. Clearly the off season massaging did some good, and that's despite getting confirmation on the dyno that my car isnt exactly a monster spec miata. I think the driver is making progress on the slow 2nd gear stuff as well... now I only had one session to prove it but still... I do think I'll wait for the next generation of SM tire to debut before I run more hoosier super tour. The tire spending war is just silly, on top of the fact that at a horsepower track, I'm bringing a knife to a gun fight.
  9. Mixed bag of a weekend. Thursday was a late night wrapping up the car and packing. We didn't have any data onboard so a full day of testing didn't make sense so we decided to shake the car down on Friday (had done offset bushings, new Penskes, new fuel pressure regulator, lotsa stuff). First session was a shakedown. Cat felt good, hooray! Second session was continuing to get dialed in and learning what the Miata liked around here. For session 3 I lined up behind someone who I knew would be fast to see if I could hang on and learn some stuff (had never been in this direction in a Miata). When the nice lady letting us go took 30 second checking my wristband I went after him hard on the warm up lap to try to catch up before he got moving. That ended with a mud bath at the exit of the carousel. After working like crazy to get mud out of everywhere I ran the last session, feeling pretty good. We finished cleaning up the car and called it a night. Saturday morning qualifying I got behind Tony, who was more familiar with the Miata and MSRH than anyone. I figured if I stick with him, we're both gonna qualify well. We had to work through traffic but our last lap was finally clean. I was dissapointed to find out that I'd qualified 4th... Race one was meh. I lost some spots at the start (MSRH is not a great place to start outside) but was in the lead pack at carousel. Sam Decided to go off roading in front of me and my eyes almost followed him out there. Checked up, lost a spot, spent most of the race in 5 unable to gain ground. McCammon gifted everyone a spot by spinning out from 2nd and I crossed the line in 4th Race 2 was my best of the weekend. Started P4, Sam was kind to not pinch me off wide and I entered the hump in P3. Got around Agha at the end of that lap in the carousel and set my sights on Porter in first. Was gaining on him by .2 per lap but was still a second or two behind him when the double yellows came out and ended the race. During this race I threw down fastest lap of the race and the day, and I was all sorts of chipper going into Sunday * Twice this weekend there were double yellows with no pace car. That ends up being really confusing and possibly dangerous. If you're going FCY, bring out a pace car. Fin. Sunday Qualifying I figured I'd keep going my strategy of following someone fast. I figured the person who had swept the previous days races would work well. He was in the lead of our pack for a couple of laps but pulled off after he was flat spotting a bunch. I drove what felt like a pretty rockin' session and came in to learn that I had qualified 6th and the guy behind me had won pole. Guess I've still got alot to learn about Spec Miata... Race 3 I set pressures lowish hoping to hang on untl they heated up and then go after the leaders. I ended the first lap in 4th on the tail of the lead pack, but had my mirrors full of tony and tires that weren't quite ready to party. I slipped up and let him by. Next lap I miss a shift and gave up 2 positions. Dissapointing race. Race 4 I started 5th, went into the busstop in 3rd, and ran out of grip/talent at the busstop exit and went off, effectively ruining my race. First weekend ever in a properly setup miata showed that the raw speed is there, but the driver needs to find the balance between running at the spec miata ragged edge, and mistakes that can completely sink a 20 minute race. All in all, a decent points weekend. Feeling like the potential for a great season is there... onto SCCA Super Tour next week before getting back to NASA at Cresson.
  10. Filed under "I'll let someone else try that out." I loved MX5 Cup conceptually. I hope that allowing people to bring their own cars doesnt turn it into SM. What's important for me is a class that leaves it in the hands of the driver. For the most part that means spec classes.
  11. I'll be running the test day. Operative word being running...
  12. Man, I know it's not in the spirit of this thread but I totally feel you there. I was an an airport without my helmet bag last month and it felt straight up foreign.
  13. Win more stuff. Break less stuff. In general-qualify better and get out of the kill zone in spec miata. Too much contact back there. Position wise in SM I have no idea who ill be competing against in NASA/SCCA. If things shake down the way I suspect I think I can compete for a season championship in NASA. In SCCA I'd be happy consistently being in the top 1/3. More importantly, I need to systematize things better between sessions at the track. Look at the data more. Understand better setup. Last year I would just kinda drive the car that was under me by the seat of my pants. That doesnt work at the pointy end of SM. I need to diligently work to make the car over the course of the weekend, and make myself better, because once I'm comfortable at a track I have a tendency to just keep doing the same thing. As I've done more w2w in the last year I've kind of stalled at improving over the course of a single lap. Data is the next step in getting better and i need to just embrace that. Last couple years I've slacked on instructing outside of NASA. Need to get back out to Chin stuff.
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