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  1. RV spot reserved, probably in way late Thursday night, bringing the whole family, lets do it! Oh, uh, spec miata.
  2. I thought I saw you out there! I was shuttling between instructing and racing so I didn't have much time to hang out during the day. After swapping hubs saturday afternoon I had a couple drinks at dinner and went down hard.
  3. Uhm. The solution to bad DE driving isn't racing... I think this instructor was inventing issues, unless TC was going bananas or something. His feedback was really general, and more importantly there weren't specific actionable solutoins stated... just really poor people management.
  4. Happens all the time at T3. if you walk the track after you go under the bridge there is a pretty significant elevation change that lightens the rear up. Thanks for making a teachable moment out of a bad situation because this is a textbook T3 incident. For the record, theres a ton of runoff past there , so if you are bent out of shape put your eyes out there and you can sometimes get all sorts of backwards without hitting hard stuff.
  5. Get ya rains mounted, boys and girls. Just doesn't look clear for the week.
  6. that remix is a thing of beauty. IMO WRL and AER need to do a better job of vetting and onboarding drivers. Its really tough because there is so many but I've find the quality of driving in those series to be really inconsistent. Maybe an in house comp school, taking attendance at drivers meetings, but there needs to be a bit more accountability. That being said.. this dude had an SCCA license.
  7. Price goes up Friday. Idk what's up with registrations or if people are waiting to sign up... no CMC/AI and only 2 SMs.
  8. Whittingtons and Randy Lanier come to mind too... theres some awesome stories from around that time. Dinner with racers did a great interview with Lanier where he was pretty candid about everything. They interviewed don whittington too but he was much more clammed up.
  9. In order... I've been pretty lucky. Barber- beautiful, flowing, technical, every corner requires attention. Amazing facility. Awesome. NCM- long, challenging flows well, gotta do alot right here to do well Tws- I'll go to my grave convinced I never did turn 1-2 right. Lots of great memories here. Great flow. Road Atlanta- weirdly i only like 2 parts of this track... but then I realize that's most of the track. Need a set of brass ones to go fast here. hallett- super technical and fun. Cream rises to.the top. AMP- hidden gem an hour away from road Atlanta. Beautiful track and facility, awesome elevation changes and blind stuff, super technical, great training ground. NOLA- love fast ballsy corners on the back end and the esses. Cresson- only ran the 1.7. Meh. About even on hate em vs like em corners here. Heartland park- only been once but had a lot of fun. Lots of high commitment high speed corners. Msrh- meh. But maybe I just have too many laps there because it's home. COTA- if I wanted to go 20 mph in 2nd gear I'd drive on the street. High plains - dont like the flow. Just cant seem to get it right.
  10. Not abnormal to struggle with pedal height from one car to the next. I do as well with the WRL car I drive with, similar deal as you looking at pictures. I'll try to get pics tomorrow. How I deal with it is not having the heel sitting down on the floor when I go to brake. I modulate brake with the ball of my foot. Only things touching anything are my left foot on the floor for bracing and my right ball of foot/big tor area) giving a good initial punch on the pedal. On the way down pushing the brake pedal the outside of the foot just snags the throttle and applies my blip. After this I roll pressure back to the ball of the foot. As the brake comes up (I trail brake to some extent on every turn) I slide it over to the throttle when they're at the same height on my way back up. Much simpler in my spec miata. Just keep heel on the floor, brake with ball of foot, blip with outside, and pivot on heel when it's time to go to throttle. Main difference is that I can keep my right heel on the floor the whole time because the difference in brake.and throttle height isnt stupid Tl;dr- dont rest your right heel on the floor during the braking movement so that you can rotate the outside of your foot to blip the throttle as the brake pedal goes down Tl;dr2- what rob said
  11. In for inevitable tranny swap.
  12. Aaaand now no rain per weather channel. Whatever, Texas.
  13. I'll be there, Sunday only though. Hopefully MX5 cup has a race that morning
  14. In for spec miata pants party, Friday TT, and instructing. Will leave Thursday night from Houston Anyone local got a car my dad can drive Friday? Would like for him to get some laps in before he has to crew Saturday and Sunday.
  15. Not taking the miata out there unless its absolutely necessary lol. Too many trannys diffs and hubs... Will probably just take my dads Porsche if I wanna do some driving of my own.
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