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  1. Yeah I might shift game plans to at track camping. Looks like I'll drive in way the hell early Thursday morning from Columbus. Flying into there way the hell late Wednesday night.
  2. Where are you guys staying? Hotel situation near the track aint promising!
  3. Trying to get creative on how to get the car there but id like to be in! If anyone has room on a trailer let me know!
  4. 2.5 NC campaigned by Noesis decimates all. That being said... super well developed car with pro drivers. I think these are a great platform for WRL gp2. Would still get to tinker some with aero and engine. Id have rx8 stuff on all 4 corners. Mazda is paying everybody to race these things right now.
  5. For the record, Victorian Inn in Clevelnd is where i stay. 15 ish minutes from track, clean, late check in, works for me. For eating- idk how people miss this but Mugsy's Grubhouse is an absolute must. Solid steaks at decent prices. 20minutes and change away.
  6. Safe travels, guys. I'm gonna roll around midday thursday
  7. Super duper car, tire, and condition dependent. This is what test days are for. Try everything and look at data. As a general rule most of the speed is im the first right hand kink. Do whatever you can to maintain speed there. In a spec miata on Hoosiers on a good day during lap 2 of qualifying a half lift is possible but you better have a great feel for your middle pedal because getting slowed down is about to be tough.
  8. Caravan! I should be ready to go at noonish.
  9. RV spot reserved, probably in way late Thursday night, bringing the whole family, lets do it! Oh, uh, spec miata.
  10. I thought I saw you out there! I was shuttling between instructing and racing so I didn't have much time to hang out during the day. After swapping hubs saturday afternoon I had a couple drinks at dinner and went down hard.
  11. Uhm. The solution to bad DE driving isn't racing... I think this instructor was inventing issues, unless TC was going bananas or something. His feedback was really general, and more importantly there weren't specific actionable solutoins stated... just really poor people management.
  12. Happens all the time at T3. if you walk the track after you go under the bridge there is a pretty significant elevation change that lightens the rear up. Thanks for making a teachable moment out of a bad situation because this is a textbook T3 incident. For the record, theres a ton of runoff past there , so if you are bent out of shape put your eyes out there and you can sometimes get all sorts of backwards without hitting hard stuff.
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