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  1. Seriously, not looking to get much for most of this but hate to toss it. Need this stuff gone...I will be in DFW this weekend and Houston in probably two weeks. All parts are in San Antonio. Nothing exciting unfortunately, mostly stock parts except for the kirky seat. AC Lines $20 NB after market fender $30 1.8L CAS $40 Clock springs $20 Fans (I have more than what are pictured) $15 Airbags - Just take them or I'll blow them up for entertainment Alternators $15 Compressors $20 NB Trunk Lid $40 Multiple NB Racks $25 NB ABS Unit and sensors Kirkey seat with Miata rails $125 Master Cylinders $15 Trans plate $15 Gauge Hood $15 Misc NB electrical Any other stuff, make an offer on it. I will take it.
  2. Long shot but you never know....someone might have a need for this and this exhaust might also work with other LS swaps. Long tube equal length exhaust for NA/NB miata V8R swap. Locate d in San Antonio and I travel throughout texas regularly. $750
  3. rlogan

    Lots of misc parts

    I apologize, I had some last minute travel come up . One set was supposedly off of a 370Z (the set without the heim joint on one end). Measurements for that set are (21.5 eye/eye) (17.5 eye/end). I'll have to check stroke length. The other set I have no idea on. I was looking at using extened top hats to make them work on a miata but sold the car that I was planning to try them on. I'll have to get dimensions on that one Friday when I am back in town. Both are double adjustable.
  4. Mostly miata stuff but some generic stuff as well...prices appended to image name. Google Drive Folder with Images and Prices
  5. Solid aluminum splitter/under tray. Will be in Houston through Thursday evening. Otherwise available in San Antonio $200 Thanks, Ryan
  6. I'll get you some pics in the morning. They are pretty clean track wheels, not show perfect but no rash or anything like that.
  7. I have a bunch of stuff to move and rather than keep a list updated in multiple forums, I am going to share a google spreadsheet with links to prices, status and pictures of parts. Most of the stuff is off of a 1999 Miata V8R LS Build that I am parting out. I also have some other miscellaneous stuff including, AST coil overs, LS parts and aero parts. I'll be adding more pics of parts throughout the weekend. All parts are used except the LS3 Crate Motor that was installed in a car but never started and the 8.8/Quaife differential assembly. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kyhVnBxROqtYT6r9seLpb2eUqF4xBUiBcn4mFTDChVo/edit?usp=sharing All parts are located in San Antonio but I am regularly in Austin, Dallas and Houston. Thanks, Ryan
  8. Excellent Shape but I need something a little wider for new car $900 or trade?
  9. Wish I had the room to take it back.
  10. Just updated with new information...
  11. 6 month bump, price lowered...$1500 Open to trades, track oriented seats, racing parts (fuel cell, fire system)
  12. I'll take one of the ultra shields...I'll be in Houston Monday.
  13. If you still have it, I'll drop by this weekend and see if I can fit in it. Thanks, Ryan
  14. Still sitting in storage...need build parts...someone buy it.
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