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  1. Wow, thank you so much for the detailed explanation. This makes total sense to me now. I didn't know that there are three different kinds of oversteer, knowing what they are and their differences explains why there's throttle off oversteer and power slides. I'm convinced I want to move to a RWD platform even though it still scares me a bit. Spinning out and not being able to control the oversteer is traumatic for me. I've spun out more times than I can remember in my old E30 years before I started tracking and kinda stayed away from RWDs. I think I'm ready to track a RWD. Now its just a matte
  2. Please pardon my ignorance. I like to really get into understanding the dynamics. Where it gets confusing to me is throttle off oversteer on some cars (E30. S2k etc.) while others oversteer on gas. Or do all RWD cars oversteer on both front or rear traction loss? I guess my question is, why does losing rear traction cause oversteer and why does losing front traction cause oversteer. I have a hunch but not a clear understanding yet. Do all RWDs do this? Will RWD be easier to correct oversteer/understeer than FWD where stepping on gas straightens it. In a RWD, what would happen if you
  3. I don't mind waiting, but my fear is prices might continue to rise with everything going on in the world. I regret not buying a BRZ for sub 10K early in 2020. Now, salvage titled automatics are being posted for 15K. Do you think prices will drop?
  4. Thank you so much for this response and congrats and the upcoming BRZ. Your statement that RWD is dynamically superior explains why people always tell me to “upgrade” to RWD. That always baffled me because my MINI would keep up with many RWD cars. I was asking about open diffed RWD because e46 330ci got me curious. Twins are getting more and more expensive where I live. So do NC miatas. Forget s2k and e46 m3s. Would you mind elaborating please what makes RWD superior aside from the obvious things such as two wheels most of the work on FWD, weight distribution, traction? I’m afraid I woul
  5. Hi guys, curious to see what people think. All things being equal, weight, power, driver skill etc., which would be faster on the track? I track an R53 with LSD and was wondering if an equally weighted/powered open diffed RWD will be better. Of course there are too many variables. Nonetheless, interesting to see what different people think.
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