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  1. Are you open to a tow dolly? Can stand upright, making it easy to store. Can fit a Miata and the tow dolly in a single-car garage.
  2. "Disqualify yourself immediately by phoning to ask about this job before you email a resume. " I'm going to call them, just to make sure I don't get this job. See that? I'm always thinkin'.
  3. Lovely! It's such a sleeper, the cops won't even notice that car exceeding the speed limit by five mph. Edit: Really, well done. Of all the cars mentioned in this thread, I think you got the best one.
  4. I don't need watch it - I lived it.
  5. "Stripes" references for the win.
  6. Maybe I'm just lucky, but it seems that every one of my students magically advances during the day to achieving solo status by the last session on Sunday.
  7. So, are we pooping in the men's room this weekend, or porta-potties?
  8. Can I leave it outside in the rain? What is your SUV's tow capacity?
  9. Life is too short: why stress, why not get back to enjoying our NB1's as quickly as possible?
  10. Damn, wish I thought of that...
  11. Mmmmmmm, air-conditioned, vibrating poop house.
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