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  1. Hi there folks! I've been away for a while, but thought I might check in here to see if folks have ideas. I'm looking for a good carbon fiber helmet with a duckbill and coms (ideally built in, or easily added) for use in my Revolution A-One. Right now I have a Black Armor from 2015 and it's not bad but my coms system connector broke (Race Radios stuck something into the helmet during a WRL race) and before I invest in putting a new coms system into my old helmet I figure I'd check to see if folks have some ideas. Right now it appears that Black Armor might not be in business any more
  2. First day in the car, three previous sessions in very cold weather. Quite a bit of traffic, but it was all pretty good on the point bys. (How do I 'embed' the below link?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLGg97DpZJM Straight Speed 10-11: 121 MPH 11-12: 147 MPH 20-1: 134 MPH Min Corner Speed: 1: 42 MPH <-- Went in a bit off line from a pass 2: 94 MPH <-- Two cars passed between 1 and 2 3: 109 MPH 4: 90 MPH 5: 81 MPH 6: 83 MPH 7: 81 MPH 8: 57 MPH <-- Approaching traffic 9: 59 MPH <
  3. If you have the funds, it really doesn't get better than this for towing a single car: https://www.bre2.net/aerovault.info/ I really wish they made a two car version.
  4. Yeah, I'm going to have to bring the racing suit and a whole bunch of clothes to wear under it too.
  5. Anyone want in? Stacey bailed so I'm stag this weekend. Have an empty trailer spot. I'll be leaving from NW Austin (Hudson Bend, near the Mansfield Dam) towards the middle of the day today. Let me know: Text me at 5 1 2 - 289 - 2+2 zero 1+1 0 If you can't figure out my number from the above, then you can't ride shotgun. ;)
  6. I got one! Great idea. :) I teach STEM too! Both kinds.
  7. I'll arrive in LA some time this weekend. Two cars out, one back, so I'll have some room. Give me a call if you need me to haul something. Austin area code. 289 four zero 20
  8. Hi. I accidentally left our helmets and communicators in Austin. Long shot but I wanted to see if anyone may be coming in from AUS for driver’s edge event at MSR Houston who could bring them with them.
  9. I'll be instructing (hopefully in the Radical). Stacey will be in Red.
  10. I'll be there, I'm hoping in the Radical. Stacey will be in Red with the Evora.
  11. I'll be there (Radical? Exige? not sure...) all three days. Stacey (Evora) will probably be there for Saturday and Sunday.
  12. Stacey will be there in the 121 Blue Lotus Evora and I'll be there in the number 27 (need to change it to Zero) Radical SR3.
  13. I've got Lonestar's trailer for the week! It's for sale, make sure to check it out at MSRH next week.
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