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  1. Oh yeah, I've wiped out on my butt before, but never this bad. The donut helps, though!
  2. *tap tap* Is this thing on? Long time, no see, in person or otherwise. I just need to get back on track, period. I stepped away from nearly everything when I left my last full-time job and now that I finally found a new one, let's GOOOOOOO. It's time to do the responsible thing and blow every last extra cent hooning cars. I need to fix the Porsche 944 (blown head gasket and clutch) and VW 411 (914 engine swap incoming), both of which don't reeeeeeally run at the moment. The Lancer is still here, though. The Lancer is always here. I just cracked my tailbone on the ice and I will
  3. Man, it's been way too long since there's been an Austin TJ meetup. I don't think I can afford cash- or time-wise to move into a more car-shenanigans-friendly place (! eeee) the weekend before and do, um, haha, anything in the near future, but I'd be down to say hi. (If anyone wants to drink beer and pack/unpack boxes, LMK! Haha.)
  4. I've seen tackle boxes in use for bolts, too, but I tend to have a zillion little baggies myself. It's my engine! I've never looked inside my engine—just done the stuff around it. But it's my engine! I have the spare engine from the '83 that had low compression in one cylinder and then sat in a field for a few years. I think I might rebuild that next, whenever I get some free time.
  5. IDK, there was a genius that tried this for LeMons with a Rita? Mini but they got a zillion penalty laps. Very sad to see the track go, regardless. :(
  6. Booooooo. Can't people just, like, live somewhere else? At the very least, I hope they at least accidentally end up with a Goatse Lane or something.
  7. Ooooooh neat. I came across these tests when I was looking up the concussion I got last year and didn't know they were available to the general public.
  8. Coco


    Hahahahaha, this is great.
  9. Coco

    Safe Is Fast

    That's what happened to me. Right afterwards, I felt like I could've hopped back into another car. LeMons was a hard no on that one. I didn't go to the hospital since I felt OK at the time and was actually concerned about the cost of that. These are both stupid reasons for not going to the hospital. A few hours later, I was still full of piss 'n' adrenaline but starting to feel worse. I think I was more concerned about some small ache my arm that must've whacked something on impact than anything else. Next morning? Oh helllllllllll no. I was starting to feel really dizzy and even put o
  10. Coco


    Holy crap, this trailer sounds nice.
  11. Holy crap, that sounds like a blast. Good luck!
  12. Congrats! Heh, I'll also gladly volunteer as a free student. :) I suck! Who wants a challenge? Hahaha. TBH, I think it'd be hard to classify instructors because you have such a variety of students out there that it's hard to quantify what makes "the best." At the end of the day, the ones I've gotten the most from have been people who bust my balls about what I'm doing wrong, and who might know my car and do some crapcan racing, too. But then I'm there at the trackday for someone to point out what I'm doing wrong! That's my entire reason for wanting an instructor in the car! But ot
  13. Coco


    Oh hell yeah! Highlight reel time.
  14. My parsh didn't get dirty yet. Too wet, no headlamps, too soon. So, my project for the next month is to get the parsh dirty-able. Because DIRT!!!
  15. Coco


    Haha, I was pretty surprised to see one of the in-car vids from Le Mans where Hartley's visor was up. LeMONS won't let us out on track without it down. I admit I leave mine up a lot but I'm kind of glad I'm so used to sunglasses now that I want that tinted visor down regardless.
  16. HAYSOOS! If he doesn't want to drive that 911, I will gladly take it off his hands.
  17. Ha! That's exactly what I run on the Lancer (although I've switched over to the G-Loc version for now to test them out—supposedly they're the same compound?). I consider the loud squealing a feature because it alerts people to get out of my way.
  18. Hmm, I've seen weirdo vehicles there for support/fun runs. Brianne might be open to it at one of the Lone Star Rallycross events. Definitely worth the email just in case.
  19. NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOOOOOOOOOPEEEEEE I usually try to keep the boom away from my mouth for those reasons, but I do appreciate systems I can just plug into with what's already in my helmet.
  20. Coco

    Scary wreck

    Ooooof. Things like this are why I'm a lot more comfortable tracking the 944 LeMon than I am my DD nowadays.
  21. I have a 944. It is on soft, floofy suspension. I think it's time for the 944 to do some rallycross. I'm debating whether or not I want to do it this time. Should be fine? We'll see.
  22. Man, I hadn't had time to really get out there much until recently. Took the Lancer and had a blast. There's still a couple places where it's bouncy for me, but T6 is fun again!!! I do think it's a question of setup. If you're running an autocross car or something set up for COTA or another smoother track, you're going to have a bad time. I'm getting a little bounciness in a few places, but I think I need to replace some of the suspension bits in the Lancer soon, especially in the back.
  23. Yeeeeah, I just got the email from PCA talking about their "final ever" event at TWS again on Sept. 30.......WTF? Do they actually have viable plans for the site or is this more of a response to the state of disrepair it's in? Either way, :(
  24. I finally got a cover for the 944, too. Merry Christmas!
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