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  1. I have an open hauler about to go to an enclosed. The good things about an open hauler are it’s easier to drive with, cheaper, and you can tow with some SUVs and 1/2 tons. The only other reason I can think of is some sort of storage limitation. Otherwise...spend the extra and go enclosed. You can tow an enclosed with a 1/2 ton but you’ll be near the limit at max capacity. Depends on your tolerance for risk.
  2. Thanks everyone! Got this covered...appreciate the responses.
  3. You’re next. No problem...they just sit in my house and take up room most of the time.
  4. lol...small world ain't it! Rented out to joesurf79. Just post your name if you want to get on the list.
  5. I have a set of Proform 67644 wireless scales that I am willing to rent out in the Houston area. If you're outside of Houston, send me a message and we can work something out. I've found that using a shop to corner balance can get expensive quick. AND if you're trying to figure out optimal placement of things (driver cooling, coolers, and various other gadgets), you really need to have access to the scales for a couple of hours or even days. If I know you well, you can borrow them for free. Otherwise, here is how it works... 1. Send a $750 deposit by paypal to [email protected] 2. You come and pick it up from the Sugar Land area 3. You use the scales as much as you desire for 2 weeks, may need to replace the AA batteries (let me know if you do and I'll take some off the rental fee) 4. Return the scales in the condition they came in 5. I refund $700 of your deposit. 6. Final cost to rent is $50 for 2 weeks. One note...2 weeks is a guide. I'll work with you if you need them a little longer. Not looking to get rich off of this. My interest is to help people out and also ensure my scales don't get destroyed or never returned.
  6. Looking for some help...I looking at a bumper in Austin and would make life great for me if someone could haul it to Houston? Gonna repaint it so doesn’t need to be treated extra special. let me know your price!
  7. Glad you're OK. I'm surprised at how little damage you had. For next time, agree with turning in the from the middle of the track. Less steering input, straightens out the turn and is safer. If you do make a mistake, your car is likely going to slide down the middle of the track and not hit anything. A later or more steering input points you towards the wall. Totally get why there are so many incidents in T3. Its counter intuitive since T3 is the only turn that I know of where an early turn in actually safer.
  8. You can flip them on the rim. The tread pattern is the only thing that makes them asymmetrical and that really doesn't matter for wet performance.
  9. I will have an 18+2 open trailer for sale in a couple of weeks. I'll be at MSR Cresson this weekend if you want to look at it.
  10. I don't know how...but they really need to expand the grid area. Otherwise parking is fine as long as people don't block off a football field for 2 cars.
  11. bigjae1976

    2009 BMW E90 M3

    If its a 2009 or later then an oil analysis is useless in determining if you have rod bearing wear. BMW replaced the copper/lead bearings with aluminum/tin ones. There's a good chance they've been changed already. If that's the case, who knows what they did. I would just change them...a lot cheaper than a new used motor.
  12. Free shipping to locations near Oklahoma City, Dallas/Ft Worth, Waco, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. PM me if you live just outside of those areas, might be able to work something out. To get free shipping, you must be paid up by 6/13. Paypal is [email protected] OMP Seats WRC-R - $750 (add $20 for XL) ARS-R - $710 Champ-R - $610 Containment Seats RS-PT2 - $710 HTE-R - $910 Pirelli DH scrubs - let me know what size you need. PM, email ([email protected]) or text 414-303-5158 1 set - $550 2 sets - $1000 3 sets - $1475 Will be delivered on 6/21 or 6/22. Take $50 off for a set of 4 tires and a seat.
  13. Did a rod explode from your engine block? Well, I’ve got an engine block for you. Includes the block, main caps, squirters, chain rails, knock sensor, and crank sensor. I can throw in the front covers, nuts, bolts and other small stuff if needed. Also have a crank with 3 spun bearings. The mains are good. Would be a great candidate for a Lang Racing core. $450 for the block. No issues. All of the cylinders are nice and shiny. Freight shipment is $200 to a business or pickup at a hub. Add $90 for residential delivery. $150 for the pistons. They all look to be in good shape. CRANK IS SOLD $500 plus shipping for everything. PayPal is [email protected]
  14. No, I don’t. Just have a complete motor.
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