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  1. If you need a stand, you're welcome to borrow mine. I have no plans of using it anytime soon.
  2. It was the instructor....lol
  3. Hit me up if you need something REM polished. I can get an R&P, 4 bearings and 4 races all done for at most $250 plus shipping.
  4. I would definitely pay a friendly visit. Don't say much...just ask a few questions and feel him out. Not sure there's much you can do to recoup lost time and money. And how much time and effort do you want to put in maybe getting something back? What I've found is that skilled professionals tend to finish stuff on time or close to it. If they are skilled, they know what it takes to get the job done and how much time he/she needs. Sheesh...I could build an engine for you in 1 year. I could figure it all out and then build it. Go to school...practice and then build yours. Hence...I'm not a professional. I have little patience for running over time...I've learned that from painful experiences in the past. My machine shop turns a head around in 5 days. They know how to do it, what it takes to get my job done and all of the other ones pending in his shop. My REM polisher...turn around in 2 days. The professionals I enlist give a target time and they meet it most of the time. I strongly believe that is a reasonable expectation of a professional.
  5. I could tow it there during hours of darkness...lol
  6. If it makes you feel any better...I've always thought of you as an idiot. lol Agreed, right thing to do. In this environment, I don't think it is a good idea to tow my track car on the highway when people are struggling and all of this crazy stuff is happening.
  7. Same here...it's been awhile. I haven't seen you post GONK era. Bringing the Lexus out?
  8. No problem if you need to keep it a little longer...just as long as a miata never touches my scales...haha
  9. Is it ok if I join on 3/29?
  10. AiM is pretty good about being reasonable for repairs. A new screen on my Solo DL was only $55 installed and shipped back to me.
  11. My 2011 M3 has a heat exchanger on the DCT transmission using the engine coolant to regulate temps. Stock, it seems to work well. The only issue I found is in hotter temps shifting affects coolant temperature which affects the engine oil temps and and vice versa. My oil temps approach 300 in the summer heat and then affects shifting so I know my trans temps are getting high. I think a heat exchanger would work great if you have extra capacity in your cooling system. If not, I'd imagine you'd be creating an even bigger issue. Which is why I am considering using a heat exchanger for my engine oil that is using a source other than the engine coolant.
  12. What were you thinking about cooling the oil with? I've thought about doing this for my E46 M3 using ice water but that is going to be a pain.
  13. Thread resurrection... 2004 M3 at weights ranging from 2800 to 2950 lbs. Nitto NT01s and a stint on used Toyo RRs and new Hankook C51s. 4 wheel stoptech ST40/355mm BBK and brake ducting. First a question - thoughts on whether Hawk DTC60s will be good for my setup? Here is my pad history... PF01s - Street driving - they will murder your rotor. Highly abrasive when cold. Very little wear on track. I suspect that I am staying within the temp range. When I had PF01s on my stock E90 M3 with stock brakes, I vaporized a set in 7 session. A lot of bite...will throw you forward harder than most pads but they have excellent release which makes trail braking much easier. There is a significant advantage in braking zones. Typically 4-6 weekends. Stoptech SR34s - its like a PF01 except they are 2/3 the price. I suspect these are PF01 clones. Crappy part is they are only available for Stoptech caliper pad shapes. If you drive an older 911, 928, 944, or 968...you might be able to use the pad for the ST40 caliper. Porterfield R-4 - Got some on eBay for $40 (again...same pad as older Porsches). Tried them. They are OK. They were not able to overpower the Hankook C51s and activate ABS unless I was a total idiot. Braking zones were much longer. Lasted about 4 weekends. HPS - I had these a long time ago on my 330ci. They are not track pads. Get them too hot...pad material no longer exists. The backing plate can effectively slow the car...maybe a plus for this pad. Pagid Yellows - Lower bite than the PF01s. If I had to guess, these have a lower operating temp range. If you can keep them in that range then these will last a long time. I got similar life as the PF01s - 4-6 full weekends (2-3mm wear per weekend) Stoptech Street Performance Pads - They are OK but once you overheat the pads they turn into useless bricks. Usable in a pinch - probably a little less performance than the R4s except you HAVE to keep temps under control. I could drive a smaller venue like the Milwaukee Mile w/ infield with these and have no issues. If I put on SR34s, I would easily run 2 seconds faster per lap. Hawk DTC-70 - At Road America in my E90 M3, I smoked a set of these in a day with dual driving duty. Road America is by far the worst track for brakes I've been to. You can hit 140mph on 3 straights and 3 hard down hill braking zones (one is 145mph to 45mp downhill). Not too different from PF01s. Probably just burned these up from overheating. Can't be too critical since we burned up Pagid Yellows in 1 day too! Carbotech XP?? - At Road America in my E90 M3. Overnighted these out of desperation. These were crap for track duty. They didn't even last half a day. BTW...I estimate brake cooling extends the life of my pads by over 50%. I've ran one set of SR34s for 10 weekends. Just don't have enough data to say 10 weekends will be a consistent number.
  14. bigjae1976

    2004 M3

    Let me know if you need some help. I'm not too far away in Richmond/Rosenberg.
  15. Everything - $70 cash. Located in Sugar Land/SW Houston.
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