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  1. I see 100 and 101. It's going to be f'ing brutal. Wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if I got the monkeypox at this point.
  2. I have a set of 4 original silver rear 219M wheels - 18 x 9.5 et 22 (might be 23?). A fantastic setup and looks great with a 12mm spacer on the rear. Includes TPMS (not sure if they work, I have my TPMS disabled) from a 2011. They have been refinished once and two of the wheels have a blemish. Includes tires - 275/35R18 Michelin PS4s all at least 6/32nds. All 4 wheels/tires balance fine. They were road forced balanced by me. DOTs are 4218 (2), 4119, 4219. One tire has two plugs, one tire has 1 plug. Two are plug patches done by me, discount tire repaired one (hence the damage to one of th
  3. Lol...went through that for a year and a half.
  4. Sorry...stay pretty busy with Driver's Edge. I'll be sure to stop by next time.
  5. It's a 2004 BMW M3. I run 450lb/700lb springs, OE front sway bar, no rear bar with aero. Most BMW people will run much stiffer springs and bigger sway bars front and rear. And then run even stiffer springs and more bar with aero. This setup works really well at MSRH because the surface is so bumpy. Not quite as fast at smoother tracks like Cresson 1.7 with the new surface or ECR, could use a little more spring rate. My problem is the TC Kline Koni's really can't handle any more spring on the rear. At some point, I will have the Koni's revalved for up to 1000lb springs. Run 400/850 at MSRH
  6. It has a slightly different look now...one side doesn't have any decals. Don't ask!
  7. Lol...I think most have moved to facebook groups.
  8. Hey Rich! I see you pulled the trigger! Based on lap #2. Definitely lots of room to improve especially in the esses and T16-T18. Straight Speed 10-11: 115 MPH 11-12: 143 MPH 20-1: 128 MPH Min Corner Speed: 1: 44 MPH 2: 99 MPH 3: 106 MPH 4: 81 MPH 5: 78 MPH 6: 72 MPH 7: 73 MPH 8: 52 MPH 9: 63 MPH 10: 94 MPH 11: 42 MPH 12: 43 MPH 13: 46 MPH 14: 66 MPH 15: 39 MPH 16: 86 MPH 17: 84 MPH 18: 96 MPH 19: 73 MPH 20: 49 MPH Best Lap Time | Platform 2:31
  9. Great weather! Finally had a good day running CW. It's been a bad luck configuration. Only downer is fuel starvation reared its ugly head at 3/8 of a tank. New splitter worked great - might need a bigger rear wing to balance it out a little better. Most important, ran all of the sessions! Ran in the 1:42s on Toyo RRs. I'm usually topping out at 127-128 on the back straight, max was 131mph. Still have more time in the braking zones. The car is just insane...still under driving the car on entry.
  10. I'll be there. Hopefully Rick runs it CW...need more practice that direction.
  11. Spending $800/mo for membership and a garage to drive at MSRH over and over doesn't really seem worth it. The biggest reason is...where is the track headed? Seems like it's the next TWS except there will be a much smaller fight to keep it open. The track needs attention. The paddock is a whole other level of needing attention. The staff do their best but it seems like the place is being run into the ground because management or whatever group owns the place doesn't care.
  12. One more dumb question - who does MSR Houston have reciprocity with? I guess my expectation is I drive to the track, pull my car out of my garage and drive on track. At times, I can visit other tracks in TX at a time of my choosing with the exception of COTA. That really is the attraction of becoming an MSRH member to me.
  13. Interested. Does anyone know if any garages are available and what is the monthly cost?
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