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  1. Dang...Sad you're selling. This is a great deal at $35k.
  2. The switches on the scales are kind of cheap. I have one that is a bit temperamental. Otherwise its been fine. The wireless is great. Despite what the directions say...I don't think you can drive up on these. I haven't tried. You do need some kind of platform to roll the car on and off the scales to take a measurement. Four have borrowed the scales. One said it was off compared to when they weighed in at NASA. One said it was spot on. Two others have no comment either way.
  3. I've been f'ing with this stupid splitter for the entire year. Started out with plywood. Learned things like...have to drive carefully in MSRH's paddock after a couple of head turning splitter (sc)rapings. Finally felt good enough about stepping up to a carbon splitter. My first one was from Sep was OK. Let's say it no longer exists. Second one got destroyed at MSRH from a combination of smaller diameter tires and soft springs. I scraped it to death. Onto #3...hope this one lasts. Biggest mistake was using aluminum mountings which I chose to minimize weight. With some ideas from Kyle Hale, I now have steel front mounts with gas shocks as support rods. We'll see how that works out. Did well at MSR 3.1 in Nov. Been awhile since I've been on COTA (6 years). Its a lot different. Spent the whole weekend re-learning the track.
  4. First time back on track in 4 years. Heartland Park Topeka. Somehow...I managed to find a little sliver of paddock space (that's only about 1/5th of the total paddock area) A great invention. Its a 20 psi oil pressure switch hooked up to a 115db siren. There is a switch to defeat it when idling in the paddock Experimented with the plywood splitter... Chassis mounted rear wing Building my own 4 clutch ZF LSD Making a carbon splitter. Found out...needs holes or channels in the foam to allow air to escape from the mold side. Lots of pain to get to this point. Hope it works. Thanks to Kyle Hale for some ideas. I think I've got it. Still some air entrapment on the top side. When with holes every 2"...probably need to be at 1" Spread tow...because F1 and NASCAR. But not really necessary and hard to work with. Going to back to regular 2x2 twill. It is ready to cut off some ankles...
  5. Quick history Here it is new to me... This is why it is called The Red Drift Machine... Ooops Avoided certain doom... Moved to Milwaukee, WI Low cost rebuild finally gave up at Road America 😞 The weight loss begins... It was nice having access to a top quality maker's space for $40/ month in Wichita, KS. Those took 15 minutes to punch out. Made my own floor mount adaptors. Cost $70 for both sides. Aftermath of not pinning the hood...:( This is a POS. Its FG chop mat covered with CF.
  6. This was a 2004 M3 6 sp imola red on imola red. Now it is a 2004 M3 5 sp imola red. Bought this in 2013. I've done everything to this car except replace the windshield and back windows and fabricated a majority of the parts. The goal is to make it the lightest caged E46 M3 possible. For 2021, working on weight reduction, optimize ECU tune, and figure out the front splitter (longevity, quick removal). As of now the car sits at 2761 (2791 w/ driver, helmet, hans) with 38L of fuel. 2696 dry - that is more than I expected. Don't have much low hanging fruit left. i can replace the 46 lbs AGM battery with a lithium battery which saves 42 lbs. And run Hoosiers instead of NT01s - saves another 16 lbs. Down to 2638 lbs post battery w/ hoosiers. I need to get to about 2550-ish dry so I can install a 1.5" dia x .095 wall roll cage (carbon roof at the same time) and meet NASA and BMWCCA rules with about 20-25lbs of wiggle room. So at least 88 lbs to go and I have to lose most of it over the front axle. I've spent very little money in weight loss parts so far but now its time to open the wallet
  7. I've used jackstands and two pieces of conduit with 3 holes drilled into each conduit. (1 at each end for the string, 1 in the middle). It worked but its not quick. You have to set it up and then measure. If you need to make an adjustment, need to roll the car and setup the strings again. A chassis mounted option would be so much faster. I want to get one someday...
  8. When my car was still street legal...I would find a place with an in ground rack (i.e. Firestone) because my car is low. Bring my specs and have them at least get it close. Then bring it home and string align it with the wheels on. I've never been less than extremely happy with my own alignments. Only downside is it takes awhile. 2-3 hours depending on how many times I needed to reset the strings. I'd imagine it would take about 1 hr if you have a string alignment setup. Even faster with hub stands. Less time, less cost, better results. I'd have a string alignment setup myself but I have access to an alignment rack. Which actually takes quite a bit of work to get it spot on. Just an alternative...
  9. Had a good 2020. Finished most of my car build goals. Didn't get to finish a fully sorted front splitter, dyno tune, make a carbon hood. Didn't get to run NASA TT (scheduling/covid). I did get the suspension dialed in, made my lap time goals, aero mostly done, oil/water temps under control, built a 3.73 LSD, finished wire harness thinning. 2021 Goals 1. Run time trials 2. Get car to 2500lbs (at 2595lbs) so I can put in a cage with 1.5x.095 tubing (carbon hood, carbon roof, lithium battery, remove dash, muffler delete) 3. Get front splitter right - more durable mounting, quick release, reinforce corners to prevent flex 4. Lap time goals on NT01s - MSR-H 1:40s (at 1:42.8), MSR-C 3.1 2:20s (at 2:22.9), COTA 2:28 (at 2:33) 5. Get car prepped for racing (fire suppression, new seat, window nets
  10. No traffic and tires that weren't almost dead.
  11. Track: 3.1 Date: Nov 7, 2020 Lap Time: 2:22.9 (Solo DL) Car: 2004 BMW M3 Weight with driver: 2900 WHP: 311 Tires: NT01 275/40R17s Weather: 70, Sunny First time with my homemade carbon splitter and more angle on the rear wing. Didn't get the fast lap on video but here is one in case you can't sleep.
  12. From Sep 12/13 Lap Time: 1:44.9 (CCW) Car: 2004 BMW M3 WHP: 311 Tire Size and Model: NT01 275/40R17 Estimated Ambient Temp: 90 Notes: At 2900 lbs including fuel and driver. Aero included plywood splitter and rear wing and min angle.
  13. I’ve always noticed that the left tires get more wear when running CCW and vice versa CW which is the opposite from every other track I’ve driven. I blame carousel. Wanted to get some data/observations from others.
  14. If you need a stand, you're welcome to borrow mine. I have no plans of using it anytime soon.
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