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  1. Spending $800/mo for membership and a garage to drive at MSRH over and over doesn't really seem worth it. The biggest reason is...where is the track headed? Seems like it's the next TWS except there will be a much smaller fight to keep it open. The track needs attention. The paddock is a whole other level of needing attention. The staff do their best but it seems like the place is being run into the ground because management or whatever group owns the place doesn't care.
  2. One more dumb question - who does MSR Houston have reciprocity with? I guess my expectation is I drive to the track, pull my car out of my garage and drive on track. At times, I can visit other tracks in TX at a time of my choosing with the exception of COTA. That really is the attraction of becoming an MSRH member to me.
  3. Interested. Does anyone know if any garages are available and what is the monthly cost?
  4. If you measure the chassis heights before installing the coilovers, you can setup the same rake left to right and front to back. Corner balancing does make a difference. You should do an alignment afterwards.
  5. I can only imagine how a repave at MSR Houston would go...if that ever happens. That's ashame that Rattlesnake is screwed up. That is one of the key turns. I imagine having to dodge cones and pavement pulling up make it more of a chore than fun.
  6. Date: 6/27/21 Lap time: 1:43.785 CCW Car: 2004 BMW M3 Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 3000 NASA AVG WHP: 291 (316 peak) Tire size and model: 275/40R17 Nitto NT01 Estimated ambient temperature: 92°F Carrying around some extra weight - full tank of gas and passenger seat and ran 1:43-1:44. Really happy with that! Tried some new things entering Jaw Bone, Diamond's Edge and Sweeper. Need to clean things up entering sugar and spice, need to be more consistent. Gained 20mph entering Diamond's Edge and Sweeper. Should be good for at least .5 seconds. I
  7. You did that on purpose...lol
  8. First time to ECR was interesting. There is some rule if you drop 2 wheels off that you have to stop and get flat bed towed off. I was worried about that since I didn't want to the "that guy". Also first session was wet and there was the threat of having to wear a pink tank top. So the first session can be described as extremely cautious. Didn't really push too hard. Ran into some reliability issues during the 4th session. Feels like unfinished business but happy I got under 2:10 by the 3rd session. Confident I can be into the 2:02-2:03 range with a full weekend under my belt. Lap T
  9. Paul - That's a really good time especially considering that you don't drive often!
  10. Just hang plastic sheet from the ceiling.
  11. Glad you and corner worker are OK. The corner worker took a little while to move. He was probably like...he's coming right at me...wait...HE'S COMING RIGHT AT ME...MOVE!!!
  12. So I guess your name is Brad Gross? lol Congrats! I always like the NASCAR races at the road courses. Do you know where the truck race will be televised?
  13. In slower corners, adding a blip of throttle early adds rear grip and will start to rotate the car. So you can go through the turn with less steering lock and less speed scrubbing. Sometimes, it will get you beyond a self imposed limit. In some cases I've discovered that I can go through a corner with more speed that I thought. If you could compare steering angle data, I'd bet the drivers that are blipping have less angle than the drivers that are not. It took awhile to kind of get it down. I've come sideways out of many corners and have since earned my expert landscaping badge. It's an a
  14. Lap time: 1:41.269 CCW (AiM Solo 2) Car: The Red Drift Machine (2004 BMW M3) Total weight with driver: 2915 NASA AVG WHP: 291 Tire size and model: Nitto NT01 275/40R17 Estimated ambient temperature: 55 Notes: 0.11 rear toe in (low end of factory spec), changed LF spring to 400 lbs, 50/50 cross weight, 52.74/47.26 fr-rr weight distribution. Got rid of a 30hp dip between 4500-5500 rpms with a new tune. Finally got the car setup to where I want it. Virtual best is a 1:40.846. Ran a 1:41.592 the day before in the afternoon. Consistent 1:43s and ran consistent 1:42s b
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