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  1. Beaumont. I really don't feel like changing a transmission right now 😕 ... may start looking for local shop recommendations.
  2. And wouldn't you believe it, I just lost 4th gear giving it some beans lol.... literally 30 minutes ago. The manual trans is a weak point on these if you're tuned. And I seem to have a ringer that makes a bit more low end torque than most... which feels nice but ain't nice on parts. Glad it happened 1 mile from home and not on a track 6 hours away.
  3. Torque converted. It's an AISIN 6 speed.. Not too bad, honestly, they went through some effort to make it pretty good for performance, it was specifically designed for the Abarth/Turbo and is different than the auto in the base 500. It does fancy things like (to quote sources) "fuel-cut upshifts, rev-matching downshifts, brake-assist downshifts, corner-gear hold and fast-off gear hold". In an Abarth, those features are pretty agressive and definitely make it the best auto I've ever had. In my 500 Turbo, those features were fully present when I had it tuned by one company. Unfortunately that tune also had a lot of problems hitting torque limits in the PCM, so I went with a different tuner. The second tuner didn't copy the Abarth trans programming, and the 500 Turbo trans is programmed to be a bit smoother so while those features are there, they're muted in some cases. Currently looking for a new tuner who is more familiar with working with the automatics who can get me the Abarth tune on the 500 Turbo. Short version, the auto trans is good despite being a torque converter. But of course the 5 speed is still much more engaging and the one I'd keep if I had to pick between the two.
  4. New member here. I've been on the HPDE faceballs group for a minute or two and found this forum as well. I own two Fiats that I've done quite a number of group road events with, such as the Twisted Sisters, Tail of the Dragon, etc. Looking to get into a few track events as the next step in my money wasting. I am a school teacher so everything has to be on a shoestring budget. But that doesn't have to stop the fun. Here are my rides: 2015 Fiat 500 Abarth 5 Speed (red) "The Mad Fiat" - Bought new, extensively modded, blew the motor, replaced it myself, slightly less extensively modded now. 2015 Fiat 500 Turbo Automatic (granito/grey) "Proyecto Estupido" - Bought salvage - did backyard repairs and sent it. Was supposed to be a daily.. you know how that goes. Also modded.
  5. Hate to zombie this post but it's been done before.... I found the download for the Cresson map, but when I load it in AC the pavement textures appear to be pure blinding white... I know you didn't write the track, but does it do that for you, or do you have any tips for fixing it?
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