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  1. Without seeing direct pedal inputs (since this is all accelerometer based) and ignoring the other contributing variables like line selection, here's what I know: The vehicle crested the elevation change and there was a lift of the throttle. Combine both of those and you have an extremely light rear end while under lateral load upon entry. Driver made correction too late/slow for it. The rear had begun rotating by 22.98 but the correction came roughly a second later, regrettably after the rear had inertia. This was not a chained event from T2 other than it placing him off line for a minimal input/load corner entry. You mention "G's" multiple times in your original post and I think that's the important thing to address here: there is no absolute rule with G's, they are just one variable among many to analyze (1.6 does not equal spin, etc). The accelerometer (especially the one used in this video) is only telling one minor part of this story. It's the line and subsequent steering input, throttle input, and elevation change working in conjunction with/for the friction circle that caused this. Here's some great material on the subjects if you want to dive deeper: https://driver61.com/uni/weight-transfer/ https://www.jonathangoring.com/understanding-friction-circles/
  2. I think you need to get on track more, and perhaps more specifically on track at CoTA 🤠 Theres two major variables at play here: time and weight transfer. Your assessment grasps at those straws but doesn’t quite get it. IMO if you’re super new to all this, spend your time watching people do it right - not wrong. These are good teachable moments but don’t unpack this if you’re still wrapping your head around the sport in general, it’ll build more barriers than it breaks down for you. Welcome!
  3. that SM race... that SM finish... wow
  4. the only time an extra inch isn't better 💁‍♂️
  5. Awesome stuff, miss that area and track!
  6. the detailer in me shuddered at your photos the driver in me says hell yeah
  7. Other than a front sway, I think you nailed it. Seems to be a healthy fit into TT4 -- I'm curious what the addition of aero is going to do. Still waiting on my 21' to arrive...
  8. Tentatively shooting for the October date, but that's another thread I guess.
  9. With all the youths at pikes peak raceway living the gridlife dream!
  10. god I miss squabbles over hp, I miss miatas
  11. that is officially the highest junkyard number I've ever seen. was this east street's junkyard?
  12. That was the Ed Gilfus head that lived in the car during its life in SM. I actually have Cobb's head in the garage still, I think. Or maybe it's a BP4W head. I don't know. I'll check.
  13. how much spaghetti can that bad boy fit in it?
  14. Put this bad boy on Racingjunk hombre. It's full of rich white dudes looking to spend money on speed.
  15. Scratch that, now 2:28.523 😂
  16. congrats to chase @V6Donut on the 2:29.205 in TT4 trim today 😍
  17. https://www.racewrl.com/barber I'm not making this shit up guys 😂 Look at the schedule for Sundays ("quiet hour from 11-12p, red flag parc-ferme rules")
  18. I don't know man I just work here
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