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  1. There is a dyno there, just call ahead and make sure it's up and running / available. If you try and knock it out on the test day prior to the race weekend, you may want to book it in advance.. As for weight, you should be able to grab that when you corner balance.
  2. you might want to reach out to @V6Donut instead
  3. hope you don't plan on doing more than 10 minutes of outright pace on them - was not impressed with them at all coming from RS4s in WRL.
  4. Personally not attending due to: SCCA format (two races for the weekend) without SCCA prices, combined with COTA being boring in an SM (esp. small field SM) multiplied by COTA, killer of hubs and transmissions.
  5. Brit & I will be there, cars to be determined by weather..
  6. it's the the divide created by the discord channel
  7. Gashead / $-Factor will source one. Also recommend east street racing, you can source one depending on condition 800-1200 fully dressed
  8. Are you stock rear end / trans? BP06 or BP08? Don't short shift - use 2nd in rattlesnake and stay out of the lower revs...it's a miata! Here: http://www.youtubemultiplier.com/5cae3643ca8fe-lap-by-lap-comps-of-msrc17.php (disable ad block it'll prevent the vids from buffering)
  9. In the southern region? Barber, tops. The facilities, track, museum, etc., but mostly the track. It's perfect.
  10. it's gonna be awesome! COTA is a blast in the wet
  11. I blame S2Ki 😂😂😂
  12. Alright I'm throwing down this time. I own a Type R, an S2000 CR, and a fleet of Miatas. My pick? Buy a caged, SM-legal and ready Miata. Why? Because you can run the piss out of it in DE's to your heart's content. When you're ready to move to W2W, you're already comfortable in the platform and...drumroll...the competition is there waiting. No one (who is serious about it) races SM because they enjoy racing Miatas over everything else (alright that's not entirely true but the appeal is the equal playing field), you do it for the competition -- which is about as stiff as you can get in the amateur ranks. If your end game is more Time Trials / AutoX, go for one of the twins (stay away from the S2000s they're terrible you don't need or want one they'll kill you etc. etc. etc. etc. but leave more for me). That's more like 5 bucks worth instead of two cents but take it to the bank.
  13. In before the master race shows up with the twins banner... Shit Code Monkey beat me
  14. It is amazing how crucial video is for incident recall. I can't even count the amount of times my "incident memory" was so far from the actual sequence of events...to the point that I avoid speaking to anyone until I've reviewed it. Live and learn, glad everything is ok 🙂
  15. Hmmmmmm.... what happened I wonder
  16. But also some aftermarket pedal mods are in order. Some use just extenders, others are a gauged and decent thickness throttle plate to bridge the gap.
  17. Yeah that seems overly deep. Like when you have 5% pads and a line full of air kind of deep.
  18. I didn't know camera lenses could get aids but here we are
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