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  1. it'd show you zinging it four turns earlier 😂
  2. Had a "free day" pop up last month and decided to pop over to MSRH. Spent exactly 17 minutes on track when I experienced a pedal to floor brake failure that sent me straight off prior to the launch. Left the track, needed to emergency brake on 610 before exiting for my home. Car didn't stop. Did some avoidance into the shoulder. Annoyed. Made it home. Got online. Ordered a BBK. I've had enough of this shit and not sure where the issue is, so I'm replacing all 4 lines with spiegler lines, a suspect left rear caliper (new "reman" from PowerStop) and with the fronts...well: ASMR video for car guys included: bbk.mp4 In a nutshell, the holy water being money:
  3. fixed for u Tmcgee2010-thic.mp4
  4. Amen...which is why many us tow if its a good distance away.. Where are you located?
  5. Welcome! Epic ride. What kind of power upgrades?
  6. drago is pretty good about collecting decent examples, Id say the odds are good
  7. Once again, beautiful drive to the win from @cabowabo
  8. was just being sarcastic fellas. option C (the best option): don’t instruct 👍
  9. I mean you're already in a helmet. Visor down, throw some gloves on and you're ready to handle monkeys from Liberia.
  10. And so ends the covid member days and perfect weather
  11. dang that’s hot
  12. needs this gif with that statement
  13. As of this month, I have owned the CTR for two years / roughly 18,000 miles. It has been an excellent car. It has retained its value. It is an epic daily driver. It is versatile as hell. It is annoying to clean. It is an epic track toy* when its cold outside. Over the last two years, I've spoken with two people who purchased it and they mentioned my thread as influencing their decision. For that reason....time for this post for posterity. *The Civic Type R overheats on track. End of story. Without modifications, in stock form, with the heat on full blast, this car will 100% overheat within two or three laps at pace if the ambient creeps above 70 degrees. Understandably, "at pace" my differ by driver and may take more laps for some or less for others and the track configuration may influence it as well...but....the check is in the mail. When she does overheat, she will go into limp mode. Limp mode may take a lap or two to clear, but it will quickly swing back to it once you pick the pace up again. Up until that point, you can feel the car pull timing. It's frustrating. Other large related issue: the gas tank size for the CTR is the same for the Si. While not a major headache daily driving, under boost this car will drown itself in fuel. A 20 minute session will use an incredible amount of fuel, and while this isn't the end of the world - if the car is under half a tank, you will fuel starve. Big time. This is not anything new as you can read up on this elsewhere on the internet, but I figured it needed to be reiterated in my thread. /rant
  14. Bingo. Show up, collect your property. Car not there? Call the cops. There but won't let you collect it? Call the cops, show ownership, show receipts, collect it. I doubt the guy has put a lien on it while it sits untouched. Attorney will be just another way to burn cash, which it sounds like you've already done a lot of (sorry, feel your pain).
  15. Starting this thread in light of the recent announcements by Gov. Abbott.... I will post as soon as I have a firm date. I know many of you are itchin...
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