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  1. Shiiiit, Brian bailed? Glad it worked out. We'll watching man!
  2. Price $26,500 Description: Rotisserie built by Autotechnik in 2015. Acquired in late 2017 and improved upon with the help of Clint at Gashead Motorworks. Have tons of receipts, etc. Includes: Set of Momo Podium w/ 2 HC RRs Set of brand new Kosei's with sticker RA1s Details: BODY 99 Front Lip (EastStreet) Entire body and hard top in GM Torch Red ENGINE X-Factor Engine - 3 hours (just broken in, $6,000 value) EastStreet Racing Competition Radiator - New - ($550 value) SUSPENSION Penske Shocks - 1 weekend ($1300 value) MiataCage Offset UCA Bushings EastStreet Front Hubs - 2 weekends DATA & VIDEO AiM MXS 1.3M ($2300 value) - ALL sensor data, AFRs, oil pressure, engine temps, fuel gauge, water temps, brake pressure, throttle position, g meters, gps, you name it - it's in the unit. AiM SmartyCam GP HD 84° FOV 2M ($1100 value) LCU One CAN / Data Hub with Throttle, Fuel, Brake (and other standard) sensors ($400 value) (Video w/ Data overlay automatically records after 10mph) DRIVETRAIN EastStreet Gusseted Rear Differential Housing ($300 value) MISC EastStreet Racing Ballast System Full Fire Supression (Front/Cabin/Trunk) Momo Lesmo Seat (can swap for larger HTR) Momo Mod 30 Wheel w/ Quick Release Momo ICE (19 qt cool suit system) And the multitude of other obvious items (proper depowered rack, ACT clutch, custom exhaust, adjustable endlinks, etc.) Located in Houston. No trades, don't need help selling. ❀️
  3. Yup, I'll be there. Maybe 21 as well if...the stars align.
  4. I have the part if you need it, I buy them in pairs
  5. You’re on the right path by the way! 😎 Like a miata but...faster..
  6. @AhmadHasib https://honeddevelopments.com/ap1-s2000-rear-bumpsteer-correction/
  7. Yup, getting rid of the SM and the NC. No replacements anytime soon, but still have the S2000 and Type R to flog on member days when time permits....
  8. @Arro what's for sale next, or what's the next car? 😎
  9. Price drop! Listed to Miata.net today!
  10. I love you guys and will always wave the PDS banner, but I really wish you’d run other tracks.
  11. I like the direction of this thread.
  12. not everything is in football fields per fahrenheit & lbs per bbq brad πŸ˜‚
  13. Anyone that wants to run this in VR before heading out, my door is open all day Sunday. BYOB though, I'm not that nice.
  14. I had a dream last night about this track. There was a true sense of awe and stillness to that place that I have yet to feel anywhere else. It feels like I've lost a family member, and we're going on how many years now?
  15. FTFY. Seriously though, I've always secretly admired Rick's cult / DE group. Not sure what it is, but he's figured it out to great success πŸ˜ƒ Hope to drive the new config soon, looks like a wonderful upgrade.
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