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  1. Don't idle on grid for long and you'll be fine without fans if you can't fix it in time - not like you're going to be bump drafting or anything out there.
  2. @robertcope Could you move this to the Rides section? This is officially a build thread 🙂
  3. The god of fitment smile down upon me...
  4. Jalopnik comment was proper: Amateur Race Driver is an Egotistical Prick News at 11.
  5. compensating maybe.. Will slap them on later today.
  6. Totally...all cars seem to start out with giant wheels in the autoshow / design phase but they rarely survive down to production...but here we are.. From what I'm seeing online, those that heavily track the CTR go down to a 18 x 9.5 or 18 x 8.5 as it opens up a large selection of tires.
  7. Yes - stock is a 20” with a 245/30 rubber band on it.
  8. I did alright with the SPF 100 but Brit, being the sensible type, has a proper sun burn.. It's pretty good..
  9. time to get off the stock rims which I’ve devoured thanks to Houston pot holes & curbs and on to 19 x 9.5 rims and wider....tires...
  10. This sold....did it not?
  11. There is a dyno there, just call ahead and make sure it's up and running / available. If you try and knock it out on the test day prior to the race weekend, you may want to book it in advance.. As for weight, you should be able to grab that when you corner balance.
  12. you might want to reach out to @V6Donut instead
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