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  1. I just love that the word "turbo" has pervasively nested in computer marketing jargon since the 80s. I remember having a tower pc that had a "turbo" button on the front...for those moments when you wanted 133mhz..
  2. FYI, MSR Houston now has a "no guests" policy until further notice. Spoke to Deb today and confirmed this. 😒
  3. Im in and can host too (assuming we don’t get a shelter in place order here soon) - bringing the S2000 with or without brakes & tires 😂
  4. Purchased 12/2/2019 Warranty: No idea, was not aware there was one - but I'll happy give you a 30-day return window if you're unsure about it
  5. Not out, just evolving!
  6. https://www.aim-sportline.com/en/products/solo2-solo2dl/index.htm AiM Sports Solo 2 DL GPS Data Logging Lap Timer Connection Type: CAN/K-Line/External power cable OBD II connection Practically new in box. Used once for one day. Purchased before career change, no need for it now. Retails for 699 before tax. This is the DL version which allows you to use wifi to download data, which is awesome. Price: $630 firm
  7. In for tomorrow but won’t do much driving. S2000 brakes are ongoing garbage, so going for the morning hang.
  8. his words stand straight and true they do
  9. I would love to, but it will be last minute.
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