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  1. A hijack but an at least informative one. Crazy how far it's come from the NA.
  2. For sure. I know a few that pull just as much satisfaction from instructing as driving in some cases. I guess for me personally, the load balancing while trying to prioritize racing or seat time at an away track burned me out bad. That and a few close calls over the years including two fires, one of which in a shitcan rx7 with a roll bar across the passenger compartment preventing fast egress. Back to his original point, I think paid days now and then is a nice reprieve to prioritize the fun, worth a shot.
  3. This. The amount of shit we deal with both financially and logistically to get to the point of enjoying some track time, and how rare that can come sometimes -- working for a org negated the entire purpose of the weekend, ie. carefree fun (or focusing on race prep). You're sacrificing your time or your students time to do either well - someone is getting the shaft.
  4. I've definitely experienced something similar. RE71Rs as my DD tire, they were effectively "baked" by daily usage but still had plenty of tread. 2,000 miles seems a bit low though for that to happen. Is the car stored outside?
  5. You still have my number? I’m selling my entire rig.
  6. good to hear joe - was worried about you!
  7. This is excellent. ND2 club? Love that color.
  8. FWIW, I will say even the base tune does wonders to the stock map in terms of throttle response. When I flashed back to stock before selling, it was hard to believe how different the car was stock. I only used the tunes for street, never for the track given the cooling limitations. T-S5 19x9.5 with center caps
  9. We have similar taste πŸ˜ƒ Sold our NC about a year ago to a TJ, recently sold the Type R as well. If you’re interested in a set of Titan7s in black or Ktuner, shoot me a DM.
  10. they just make too much sense πŸ™Œ
  11. jesus christ that last photo πŸ˜‚
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