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  1. TJ Update (pics when we get home) Day 1: Had the pace and position for a podium, possibly a win - then our transmission threw teeth everywhere and we lost third, fifth and then the rest. To make matters a little more challenging, the tab welded onto the lower control arm broke, rendering our front sway bar useless. We found a junk transmission in the paddock for $250, swapped it in on our backs, and made it back for Day 2: Day 2: “new” transmission isn’t the best but it works. Driving around a set of Rival S tires (which suck) and no front sway. Licking the stamp and sending it today.
  2. Ask the SCCA, it’s where he came from 😳 but really though, it was bad across the board this weekend even at the pointy end due to lapped traffic.
  3. As if a rookie out of class driver who was unpredictable (and slow) wasn’t enough to deal with, that ST5 car also had no brake lights the entire weekend.
  4. Well shit I might just come out to see TJ fam!
  5. Rev you didn't by chance remove the backyard seat rails and revert to stock?
  6. I mean I packed my wets so that means there's a 100% chance it won't rain hard enough to use them. It's science.
  7. If it's the first or second time, worth the trip IMO even if it's for HPDE. Definitely worth it to race it. It's a magical place....unicorns all over.
  8. since we’re off the rails anyways
  9. And also they’re maybe right....though?
  10. Annnnnd we have a winner! Not even OP thread title could deter it! also joe solid pic :D
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