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  1. that may be one of the worst photoshops I’ve ever seen
  2. Still waiting on OEM master cyl replacement to arrive, was on back order. About to purchase either Recaro/Bride bucket seat (not full containment because not-racecar) and get that on rails. The fixed full containment was good for a laugh but not what I'm going for in this whip. Also ordered this badboy! 70 fl oz capacity vent to atmosphere catch can setup. I will miss the POM setup.
  3. Always 😉 As soon as I’m running again I’ll post when I’m heading out.
  4. arduous journey to become best corvette
  5. Tentative Dates: December 21 & 22 December 29 (28th looks to be the MSRH Winter races so access may be limited)
  6. Just FYI, Windingroad store is running a Cyber Monday 15% off anything for race cars...that combined with their free shipping over 99 was kind of a solid deal for a few items.
  7. great bumper cam action from buras (who won). drago spent the majority of that race kissin it.
  8. Items up for sale with proper ads and photos after the holiday, but PM if you want it now before it goes outside of TJ. Traqmate w/ Video input module - Price: $Make an offer Pulled it from our WRL Miata and ran it in the S2000 at Cresson, works like a charm. Software actually still works great too. Momo Lesmo One (FIA good to 23) for waist sizes 33 and under - Price: $550 Momo Lesmo One XL (universal waist, NO seat cushion) - Price: $450
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