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  1. Hollywood


    Huge mistake! Stick with CMRA! 😉 fellow S owner and MSRH member here, feel free to jump on any day I’m out.
  2. Will update this post with every in car, live stream etc link I find. Post if you have em’ Live broadcast available for cable cutters through MotorTrend
  3. Meant to say if this is also driven on the street, or to the track, it’s the go to over the RC1 (which is an incredible track compound for the price and life of it).
  4. RS4s are iron, love them more than the RS3 before it. At race pace they were lasting an entire weekend (16 hours) on a WRL Miata. They don’t overheat, go greasy, etc. Squishy side wall and grip for days. Just bullshit figures here but I’d say they’re around a second off RE71R pace (which are just ungodly for a 200tw) but last four times as long.
  5. On every race car ever, esp. on tracks with gators. Just add the original disc brake hardware (little springs etc) if you don’t feel like left foot tapping before heavy zones.
  6. The maintenance additive. It’ll keep the entire system (tubes included) looking new. Just a little bit in it each time you use it for a weekend, it (the bottle of additive) will last a long time.
  7. Gale corley / bill agha or Danny soufi driving if I had to guess
  8. That’s going to be very.......neutral 😃
  9. That’s true of Hawks etc but not GLOCs. Just run rotors with the pads, bolt on and go.
  10. Post details here pls -- some of us actually work while in the office.
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