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  1. Hollywood

    1993 NSX

    Posting this as a service to fellow junkies. https://houston.craigslist.org/cto/d/friendswood-1993-acura-nsx/7060173014.html
  2. Great advice. When I took my FWD platform out the other weekend for giggles I noticed I was driving behind the car instead of in front of it for the first session. I switched on some of the aids, went back out and was immediately slapped on the wrist for what I was asking the car to do (incorrectly). It allowed my brain to rewire itself and get back into the correct mindset for the car. Soon after, they were turned back off and the time gains were substantial. Always a great learning tool + safety net.
  3. and then there was peace in the land
  4. reminds me of my favorite line from crashes on the news: “speed may have been a factor”
  5. Mercedes GT3, inb4 wrecked out by DP can plebs spectate?
  6. Update, wish I had more time on weekends: After 15+ bleeds (vacuum, gravity, and two man), three flushes, and replacing the master brake cylinder twice, I'm 80% sure I found the culprit for the awful soft pedal: a stuck / totally fubar'd caliper piston. And wouldn't it figure it's on the one corner I never took apart and looked at while at the track. I'll know more when I swap out calipers over the weekend but confidence is high. While the pads are not as tapered as I would expect from three days of DE use with a lazy piston, the fact that only one portion of the piston coming into contact and/or sticking would explain the erratically soft response. While I've seen some stuck pistons before, I've never seen one that was shoved off-center? While the master cyl was old and gunky (and its possible some debris entered the chamber when bleeding with the pedal all the way to the floor like a ding dong), I think it was still good. I managed to install the new OEM replacement ontop of the old seal, however - since I wasn't paying attention (old seal decided to stick to the booster). Bride seat is ricer as hell and I love it. This thing sits low. Awesome design. The seat rails are worth the price. Had a friend come over Sunday and help me make a quick job of the front ball joints. However, I freaking hate what the roll center adjuster spacers did to the steering wheel (it feels like it's not even steering anything, total air). Will update again when it's all buttoned up...may remove those. QUESTION FOR JUNKIES Upon measuring the pads on the front, there's a slight taper of 1 to 1.2 mm across the pad surfaces. Given the way the piston was making contact probably helped it from being ruined. I feel like that's pretty minimal and I should just slap them back on, but curious for feedback. Or sand it down to perfectly even again?
  7. I think I know the owner if it’s up near Cresson. Shame it’ll never get used to potential. But nah. If I were to want to run one, i’d buy it turn key: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.roadandtrack.com/motorsports/amp30208597/factory-civic-type-r-race-car-pictures-specs-info/
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