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  1. Did I mention I get 33-34 mpg to work and back everyday? Well, I would, if I wasn't flooring it on every on ramp/off ramp. Come sit in mine when you get serious, it's not exactly spacious!
  2. Alright - jumping in and posting this. Time to spread the good word about the 2021 Supra, this is a 100% bone stock OEM time - even OEM brake pads. Time was repeatable, in one session alone it clocked 1:43.511, 1:43.58, and 1:43.61. I expect seeing these trickle into TT in the coming years. The short wheel base rwd platform makes this drive like a heavy S2000. Lap time: 1:43.51 CW (AiM Solo 2) Car: 2021 Toyota GR Supra Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 3550 (best guess) Estimated wheel horsepower: 376 Tire size and model: Michelin Pilot Super Sport (255 front, 275 rear, 300 TW) Estimated ambient temperature: 65 Notes: Adjusted toe from factory to 0mm front and .1mm total rear.
  3. It's pretty quick!
  4. Yes sir, my daily - brought it out for a session to see what it puts down stock. Thanks!
  5. Saw you hauling the tire trailer out there in the AM, didn’t know you were a TJ’er!
  6. yeah because we foot the bill 😂
  7. I'm out, at least for Saturday. Work had other plans for my schedule.
  8. Tracktime Performance at 6815 Theall Rd Ste E, Houston, TX 77066 as well (I think they're still open?) Gashead @ I-10 & BW8, but obviously not "northside" just throwing it out there - high end shop, A+ alignments.
  9. I'm planning on a member day at MSRH on January 23rd or 24th, whichever has better weather. Track direction also looks to be CCW for this weekend. Throwing it out there for anyone that wants to jump on. I believe another member may be planning to attend as well but will wait for them to confirm.
  10. A hijack but an at least informative one. Crazy how far it's come from the NA.
  11. For sure. I know a few that pull just as much satisfaction from instructing as driving in some cases. I guess for me personally, the load balancing while trying to prioritize racing or seat time at an away track burned me out bad. That and a few close calls over the years including two fires, one of which in a shitcan rx7 with a roll bar across the passenger compartment preventing fast egress. Back to his original point, I think paid days now and then is a nice reprieve to prioritize the fun, worth a shot.
  12. This. The amount of shit we deal with both financially and logistically to get to the point of enjoying some track time, and how rare that can come sometimes -- working for a org negated the entire purpose of the weekend, ie. carefree fun (or focusing on race prep). You're sacrificing your time or your students time to do either well - someone is getting the shaft.
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