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  1. The TTB track record at MSR-C is 1:20. At ECR 1:57. If you are close to these times you should be ok in TTB.
  2. I will be there in TTB again this year.
  3. I am going to try and make it. When I ran BMW Ofest at Barber they seemed very friendly. I was cleaning the rubber from the inside of the wheel and a nice lady came by, swept it into a pile and took it away. They asked that if we had any spills to let them know and they would treat it. They have relaxed the pay for sod policy from what I have heard. We did have an M3 lose it and take out a significant section of railing. I heard he had to pay but cannot confirm. Overall the track is very challenging with several elevation changes and fun turns.
  4. Here is my data. e46 M3 in NASA TTB 1:43.2. Ken O MSRH CCW.zip
  5. I have several of the local tracks. Let me know if you set it up.
  6. The e46 M3 has a mechanical fan on the waterpump shaft. The e92 M3 uses an electrical fan. The e46 M3 has an electric AUX fan in the front but it is designed for slower speeds. (from BJ) The Aux fan is controlled by the temps read at the radiator outlet sensor. The fan is completely ECU controlled, unlike the E36 which used a simple thermal switch. Ignoring A/C there are two tables in the ECU that controls the fan. The first is Temp vs. Fan Speed. 120* - 0% 122* - 30% 158* - 40% 176* - 65% 185* - 83% 194* - 100% The second is Vehicle Speed vs. Voltage% 0 mph - 10
  7. Bummer on the M3. Other than an S2000 at this point I really like my M3.
  8. The OEM radiator probably needed to be replaced. But he replaced it with sub par parts. The problem is the Mishimoto parts. Basically they are crap. I went through the same issues after installing a Mishimoto radiator in my e46 M3. I am running the Bimmerworld oil cooler. I went back to an OEM radiator and everything is better. With OEM I will hit 166 - 190 on the street and max 205 on the track. With Mishimoto I hit 200 on the street and 218 at the track. The Mishimoto cannot keep up with the S54. It has fewer rows than the OEM radiator. Direct your friend to this thread. http://www.m3for
  9. Date - Jan 2013 Lap time - 1:42.9 CW Car - 2003 BMW M3 Weight - 3430 lbs Tires- Hoosier A6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5bFPnrNgSU&feature=youtu.be
  10. Date - Jan 2012 Lap time - 1:43.2 CCW Car - 2003 BMW M3 Weight - 3440 lbs Tires- Hoosier R6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WP3RVxXN0I
  11. Sometimes I run TTA if TTB is too small or I run TTB on Saturday and TTA on Sunday That sucked. There goes my headers and extra HP I was going to add. I was running the 275 last year and will this year. See everyone at MSR-H. The weekend will be slow to get here.
  12. I will stay with the 275 and keep the same point setup. I would like headers and if so run the other 255 tire.
  13. 1) Name: Ken O 2) Car: 2003 BMW M3 3) 3440 lbs with gas and driver, 315hp 4) Tires: Hoosier A6 5) Experience: Yes 6) Date: March 2011 7) Times 2:23.8, maybe faster Mustang in the way :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1IYVhMEExE
  14. My best was a 1:56.3. I had a high 1:55 (predictive timing) going but lost it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-m91j_1sto
  15. My fastest on the 3.1 was 2:23.8. New Epic tune is sweet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1IYVhMEExE
  16. Sure you do. I just got lucky that day.
  17. Lap time: 1:44.0 CW Car: 2003 BMW M3 Class: TTB Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 3550 Estimated wheel horsepower: 305 Tire size and model: 275 Hoosier R6 Estimated ambient temperature: 74 and cloudy
  18. My fastest in TT was a 1:44.0 but no video. The video is from 1:44.6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrANTWiq7WQ
  19. What is the noise requirement. My M3 is a little loud.
  20. Didn't get video form my best on Saturday where I carried 85mph in Big Ben. This is my 1:22.9. My M3 is a TTB car but I ran TTA for contingencies. NASA 2010 MSR-C 122.9.wmv
  21. I was in TTA (bumped from TTB) in the silver M3. Any pictures? Thanks Ken
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