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  1. You're definitely right - hardest hit I've seen @COTA was at the start of a BMWCCA race where the same thing happened and a brand new e92 M3 build hit the outside jersey barrier so hard it moved it. I remember the video from the back - that one was nasty.
  2. Haha Brian (@@XLR8) - I came in here to do the same thing for Luke.
  3. Was checking the weather, and yes I am that juvenile...
  4. I'll be there - was there on Sunday and the rivers were still there on the straights. Even if it's not raining on Sat/Sun I don't see them going away anytime soon.
  5. Come join BMWCCA after the NASA season has ended and cooler weather prevails! Non CCA license holders can run on a one-weekend "guest" license and run whatever class you normally run in (no open wheel cars, Radicals, Thunder roadsters, etc.) provided your car conforms to all CCA safety requirements. https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/club-race-at-hallett-motor-racing-circuit-bmw-cca-lone-star-222526
  6. Yes - you heard that right. If you are an intermediate or advanced student, you can get 3+ hours of track time this weekend with BMWCCA for $259! Weather looks great too! https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/spring-2018-drivers-education-weekend-motorsport-ranch-cresson-bmw-cca-lone-star-387910
  7. Sorry that happened to you Edison - but thank you for not rolling back as I went behind you! I talked to Frank afterwards - I don't think anyone expected the 88 to check up THAT badly in rattlesnake. He did, which caused Edison to check up, and Frank just couldn't stop in time - kind of a classic "racing incident" from what I gathered. Frank's a pretty good driver and stand up guy, so I definitely don't think there was any intent on his part - however , he did get DQ'd. I don't know which was worse, him going off before ricochet on the checkered flag lap after Rac
  8. Has anyone tried Waylens yet? They're offering a free 60 day trial, and it seems like a viable alternative to the HERO. My car is OBDI, so the OBD part doesn't mean much to me, but I am looking to upgrade from my 6 year old Sony Exmor.
  9. I'll second the "get an e36 or Miata track beater" mentality, but if you're set on your original idea, you actually might also consider a 6spd 128i. Yes,it's down about 70hp from the 135i, but it's also about 250lbs lighter, plus it's probably going to be more reliable and less expensive to maintain than a 135. There are tunes for it, so with intake/exhaust/manifold/tune, you can easily add about 20 more hp for not a ton of money. Plus, there were a decent # of race teams that campaigned the 128 in PWC/CTC, so there's plenty of aftermarket for it (Also, if you're going to redo the suspension
  10. I'll throw this in - what about a 2014/15 Camaro Z/28? It's more than capable at the track and you don't have the heat-soak issues of the ZL1. You can pick up a sub 5K mile one for around $40k now, and there are even some CPOs/Demos floating around. It has a dated interior, but at least on the track side, you can't argue the bang for your buck.
  11. At any given point a in time, we have 12-18 of these. My "hobby" pales in comparison to my wife's. This both pleases and scares me immensely. #theyalwaysneedconsumabels
  12. Test Drive: Off Road 3 - Blink182, Incubus, Eve 6, Girls Against Boys, Diesel ...
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