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  1. Hi All, Here's mine. A 92' 1.6L built for track duty at stock power level. I bought it three years ago back when it was a smelly turd bucket with a crank pulley wobble. Since then its done tons of HPDEs in the Dallas, Houston and Austin areas. In the last couple years its done a few ChampCar events and done decently too given its 1.6L engine. Have a number of changes planned for it in the next few months: 1.8L Swap MS3 Lightweight hardtop, ill be selling the OEM hardtop eventually Diet Plan
  2. Probably the moon, full of craters.
  3. Specifically the BP motors or are you referring to all Miata engines that age or older?
  4. Its from a 2004 Miata with just over 200k miles.
  5. This is exactly what came to my mind. lol
  6. I just got a 2004 1.8L VVT engine from a local junkyard and I'm doing a couple tests to determine the motor's condition. I tried doing a leakdown test but couldn't get any pressure on any cylinder. Not sure if I was doing something wrong; if its a bad motor; or the VVT is invalidating this test. The test itself was pretty simple so I'm mostly certain I did it right. Also I scoped the engine and got these pictures. Is this just carbon build up or is their significant problems:
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