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  1. Is it the ACT StreetLite flywheel ?
  2. I should have been more specific i apologize , looking for thoughts / recommendations for 6 puck clutches. This is a stage 1 is a temporary fix. I don't have storage where I live for all my cars so leaving the Subaru and another at my Grandfathers. He had to move it a few times and I think going up the steep driveway he had a hard time and now its toast. So let me update that. Business partners Turbo Regal will be done towards Sema ( We are in the young builder competition) After that we pull Subaru motor. In the mean time instead of putting miles on my 335I , i would rather
  3. welp.... now is the time to replace the clutch ... so im thinking Clutch Masters stage 1 ... get rid of stage 2 until i pull motor again for build . Then ill go 6 puck , but in the mean time the stage one Competition clutch paired with ACT Streetlite Flywheel should work.. Clutch kit be here today , waiting on Stmptuned.com to ship flywheel! Install pictures will be posted with my opinion on kit with flywheel. Any thoughts / recommendations are appreciated !
  4. Of course no damage to the Vette
  5. So frustrating. Threw my whole day off , just when planning on ordering JB4 for the 335...
  6. Well after this happens today ... need to decide if junking the car or start a new plan .... After an employee’s clutch slipped and hit the back of me I was pushed into another car... park this in storage and focus everything on WRX and 335i or figure out this.
  7. Thank you ! Definitely a few good reads tonight. I will have to figure something out transmission wise once more power upgrades. I'm excited for all the support and roll cage to be welded up. Don't 't know if i want the Cusco stuff or have my business partner make custom trunk , control arm, under body support, etc.. The cage Im just going to let him have fun with!
  8. Hmmmm... If you find that thread or where you saw it can you share with me please? Definitely would like to read up on that! We have a pretty solid Transmission builder who can beef up the 5-speed for me.. but i have also thought of getting the 6-speed from like LKQ or BnR and then have the builder freshen it up ... Decisions decisions ..
  9. Not to steal my WRX’s thunder ... just wanted to share my pride and joy with you guys which is getting Injectors done tomorrow!
  10. Snapped a picture of my E36 and Bugeye together while both were at shop today. The E36 kind of resides here. I have a thread about that one onhere as well.
  11. Its a pretty fun car , not the fastest but handles amazing. I dont know how i feel about the cx racing coil overs, but ill do more suspension work before i decide to swap or not. Vehicle basically just has full bolt ons , catless dp , greddy catback , turbo smart bov , stage 2 clutch with short shifter , cx racing coil overs and COBB tune . Threw a step colder plugs in while doing the basic services with new vehicles. Previous owner said something about injectors but i have yet to confirm..
  12. Yes , would have bent all valves and been toast. I've heard some cases where if the belt snaps on start up you may have saved the motor, but very important on Subaru every 80k -100k change the belt kit. I went with blue belt because after the my 335i is done this one gets pulled in for the real power upgrades. Right now its just basic bolt ons with COBB stage 1 91 ACN tune. About 3 more days until the index 12 injectors come for my Bmw. Back to Subarus though, our shop actually has another Impreza here who's belt snapped. So they wanted junkyard motor and new belt kit, not cheap for the r
  13. Next up was getting rid of the awful fake STI spoiler that was attached to a two tone trunk. Got on the Line with B&R and ordered a whole trunk with stock spoiler for $150. Now looking way better.
  14. Everything running smooth. Discovered there was a lag so pulled intercooler to discover previous owner did a half ### job of install. So fixed vacuum lines and BOV and now no lag. Changed from stage 2 + to strange 2 on COBB. Running great at the moment. On another note replaced throttle cable !
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