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  1. oh yeah I remember that that's why you were asking me about s54 did you decide what you will be doing? I would go s54 in a heartbeat especially since it bolts right up to your current setup.
  2. THAT BLOWS!!!! I'm planning on being there with NASA is the NASA even what you're coming up for? I'm assuming you'll be instructing:?
  3. I don't think there are many Cliftons with a clean ass white e36. are you coming to Cresson anytime soon? if you ever want to hit a member day let me know.
  4. If I know any of you guys help me out with the usernames.
  5. Thank you Alan! Now I get to be in YOUR way! Are you following me?
  6. Just want to say what’s up? My name is Romie. I’m from TX. I drive an e46m3 what up?
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