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  1. The wife has actually been awesome. She has slept on the couch (even though I've offered too) a few times with him so that I can get a full nights sleep since she is taking a month off. Mom and kiddo are doing great, he's a strong little bugger.
  2. Timothy Emmett Michael Cronin 3/27/2012 7lbs 12oz 22 1/4" long Mommy and Baby My First time holding the little one Proud grandparents with their first(and only) grand child. Cutie
  3. Discount tire will do a patch a plug for you for free.
  4. It's been a long time since I've posted. Lady is due the 27th, but could be any day now! I'm gonna miss the track for a bit, but I think it's a might fair trade!
  5. Recaro baby seat...ORDERED! Well, spouse of course....but I will be enduring my fair share.
  6. Well found out today that we're pregnant. We were not trying, but we luckily enough to be young and half way prepared. Glad I picked up a four door a few months ago....haha.
  7. Did a little cone dodging this weekend......BAD IDEA. I got the bug back BAD. Ordering a set of wheels and tires EOM, and I'll see you guys out at the track shortly.
  8. I'll be back in town on Tuesday and will try my hardest to make it out.
  9. Took her to the straight line track last night and ran consistent 9.1's with T/C on and a passenger. Only vid I got was the one 9.2 I ran all night. Also the only run I lost :(
  10. Icey curvy hills with walls on both sides do not like Kumho XS tires...... :(. But to be honest, I am COMPLETELY had with the new car.
  11. Totaled out the civic, and decided to get rid of the 911 due to to many issues and prices. Just picked up a 2011 IS 350 two nights ago. This thing is a bit quicker then I realized. It MAY see the track once, but thats all.
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