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  1. There were a several drivers who spun out or otherwise lost position during the pace lap of their races (double yellow flag condition). The rules state no passing under yellow. Unfortunately, many of those drivers ignored the flag and passed (or tried to pass) other drivers to resume their original positions. This is not allowed under SCCA rules. You spin out and lose position, too bad. You resume from your current position.
  2. Heh. Funny you should ask. I changed my entire career and moved to California to work on VR after two of my monitors in my setup died and I tried out a borrowed Oculus DK2 back in mid-2016. Bryan's criticism of the lack of far away detail is fair. You'll notice it on tracks that have long straightaways because 5 seconds in the future is still a blur. But in the iRacing races, for example, your situational awareness of the cars next to you are much enhanced and you can race an inch away without touching soo much more easily. That's the trade off for me and it's worth it. A tangential benefit is that your racing sim has a smaller footprint. It drops from 6'x6' to about 3'x6' when you no longer need to accommodate the monitors that swing out. That's what I tell myself too. Although, the current gen feels to me more like a scuba mask rather than a closed faced helmet. I can't go into specifics for what Oculus is planning, but I can say that in general, wider FOV is the goal for everyone's next gen HMDs.
  3. That's what I thought too until I started driving ovals in iRacing simulator. It's difficult and very challenging.
  4. metrocube

    CXC Sim

    I want to throw another sim manufacturer into the running. Force Dynamics. https://www.force-dynamics.com This is the motion sim that one of our employees had on the ground floor of one of our offices (because he didn't have the space for it at home). I never got to see it in action, but the specs are impressive and compare favorably to the SimCraft models.
  5. I find a youtube video of a decent driver in a Lotus on the track I want to drive and watch those laps over and over to get familiar with the track and some of the trackside objects that I can use as reference points. I sit on a chair while watching and do all the foot movements and hand motions I would if I were driving. I tend to shy away from using the simulator for trying to learn an unfamiliar track. I don't want to teach myself anything that won't apply in the real world. But, I use the simulator extensively AFTER I get home from a track day. I drive the exact way I drove on the track, to reinforce all the muscle memory.
  6. I've just used lengths of 2"x10" boards to get ground clearance for the ramps. And once, I even took the splitter off.
  7. plywood is the cheapest. you can get some other composite/corrugated plastic/aluminum stuff too. I've made splitters out of sheets of ABS plastic. It's a tough plastic so it wears very well. If I were to do it again, I'd try to find white ABS plastic. The black stuff absorbs a lot of heat which makes the plastic warp a wee bit in Texas afternoons.
  8. Your firmware is from Jul 24th 2012, btw. Is this a new unit, because it's strange to have firmware that old in a new unit.
  9. Yeah. Email or call AIM tech support. You are hosed.
  10. metrocube


    Yup. This is my run-down: Assetto Corsa has the most realistic car and tire feeling. The cars transfer weight the way you expect them to, slid and grip according to your expectations, etc. But if you use VR, it has the worst UI ever. Oh well. It's worth the pain. iRacing is unparalleled for learning how to drive in free passing traffic. There is no other sim that is better. The cars feel too slippery though. Project Cars looks the best. It's gorgeous. I was an early investor in their project, and they pay me dividends every quarter. That said, it is not as realistic as Assetto Corsa.
  11. That's far less wobbly than I estimated it would be. That's good information.
  12. It's safe enough. It's just wobbly as heck. See how long that pendulum arm is in the first one? Your videos with that would sway up and down a lot.
  13. In terms of software, Assetta Corsa has really good tire and car feel, Project Cars looks the best, and nothing beats iRacing for practicing driving in traffic.
  14. Kinda. I hang 3 screens and the Oculus VR headset off the same computer. :-) What a VR headset gives you that a triple-screen doesn't is the perception of presence. You trick your brain sufficiently to believe you are there. Because it takes the real world away, it leaves your unconscious vision processes free to ignore everything else and concentrate on the driving. The drawback is that super good drivers with super good vision may miss the detail in far away objects. The display resolution on these first generation consumer devices are good enough me to look 4-5 seconds ahead, but better drivers may feel a little near-sighted by the lack of detail in the farther objects.
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