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  1. Looking for a shop to paint some misc pieces for my E36. Specifically a spoiler, fog light covers, and a sunroof delete panel/plug. The sunroof plug is clear coated carbon fiber, so it will need to be prepped accordingly. The shop that I have taken cars to in the past mostly handles fender-benders and wasn't super interested in doing this work. Anyone know of a good painter in the Austin area that has experience with carbon fiber?
  2. Ive gone every year since WC's initial debut at COTA back in '13, with the Aussie V8s.... but it looks like I might miss this year. Im trying to free things up so I can at least attend on Sunday.
  3. If yall are serious about this, I would highly recommend renting a real kart on real tires in preparation for the event... ie: do an arrive and drive with a shop/team. Not just do rental kart stuff. Rental karts are heavy and the tires are typically hard as rocks, so they slide thru the corner. Real karts grip, load up and lift the inside rear. They end up driving pretty differently. Where is your weight requirement coming from? 150-160lbs in a 206 kart will put you at Junior level weight without any lead on the thing.
  4. I could see replacing tires more frequently at GCKI... but every weekend still seems like major overkill to me for club races. I actually went slower on when I put on new tires at the TSRS race at GCKI back in August.
  5. The weight limit for the 206 Heavy/Masters class has been 390lbs here in Texas. Not sure what they intend to run at COTA in the Ignite series, though. You should be able to make 390 pretty easily at 220lbs body weight. You could likely make weight at 225lbs, if you ran a micro/cadet fuel tank.
  6. I don't know anyone who is replacing the Evinco Blues that frequently in 206. I generally aim to replace tires every 3-4th race or so... and Im at the pointy end of 206 Heavy. Ive won races on tires that are 4 weekends old. You can easily be competitive on a limited tire budget in 206. Especially at Speedsportz, as it is really easy on tires. GCKI seems to benefit a little more from fresher rubber, as the track tends to eat the fronts up a little more. But even so, putting new Blues on for every race is sort of throwing away money in 206.
  7. https://ekartingnews.com/2018/11/06/margay-racing-partners-with-circuit-of-the-americas-karting/ It looks like COTA is going to begin a club racing program next year. Step in the right direction, but Im pretty confused by their class choices. I understand that this is money driven and that they are trying to sell new karts, but they are not offering any classes that are currently being raced in the state of Texas. The Ignite spec classes haven't really taken off anywhere other than the midwest. There are very few to zero Ignite chassis being run in 206 at the club tracks here in Texas; Speedsportz, GCKI, DKC, NTK. Not sure about HCKC. The choice not to offer any normal open-chassis 206 classes is pretty bizarre to me. 206 is easily the most popular class at a club level in the state. There are plenty of karters who live in Austin and have to travel to Houston or New Braunfels, etc just to race who would love to come out and run locally. I like that they are offering KA100 and not making it spec-chassis. But the KA is a brand new engine in the US. It has one year of run time under its belt at USPKS. It is being run for the first time at Supernats next week. There is a lot of interest in the motor right now, but there aren't a lot of people running them in TX.
  8. Looks like the rental kart stuff is going to be live this weekend: http://www.circuitoftheamericas.com/karting
  9. Nice to see progress being made. Re: the lights... that type of thing is pretty common at kart tracks. There should be plenty of barriers to delineate the track boundary.
  10. Well damn... I just sold my kart stuff this past spring. Had been running at GCKI in Katy as its just about the closest track to Austin(that isn't bumpy concrete like HCKC). Speedsportz just opened... Dallas Karting Complex/Sodi guys are building tracks in Houston and San Antonio. I'm starting to regret getting out of it. If we had real sprint racing in Austin like we used to back when the track was open at the old airport I'd be back in a second.
  11. Is TWS still doing the rental Miatas? If not TWS, are there any other common rental options for PDS or TDE events? Itd be nice to have an opportunity to get back out there before they close shop, but my track car is not in trackable condition currently.
  12. Jensen, did I see your CTR @ The Driveway the weekend before last??
  13. Have a Performance Box up for sale. Comes with the suction cup mount, car adapter, 2gb sd card, etc. Purchased about a year ago for ~$500. Up for grabs @ $300. This is a great way to get a lap timer in your car that also calculates lateral/longitudinal Gs, does GPS track mapping, sector/lap times, etc... and the latest "Circuit Tools" software available online from the P Box website has theoretical best lap features and more. PM me if you are interested. Thanks.
  14. My gf and I bought the Mini Cooper to replace her BMW X3, which was automatic. While she initially wanted an automatic tran for the Mini, after riding in both the auto and manual back to back, she was convinced that she wanted the manual.... and she was convinced that she could learn. Of course, the next few days were very frustrating for her. And there were a couple of, "I should have never bought this car", and "I wish I had just gotten the automatic!", etc. But within the week she was driving it with little difficulty and a big grin on her face. Within the month she was a mighty happy camper, and very happy with her choice to get a manual trans. In fact, our Mini is at the dealership right now for a service interval... we dropped it off yesterday, and they gave us an auto Cooper S as a loaner. Her first words after driving it were, "I am so glad I got a standard!" And, as Chris said, there is no need to ruin the car, clutch, trans, etc. Just explain the very basics and fundamentals, and all the little tips and tricks that make things easier. Walk her through it slowly and provide lots and LOTS of encouragement. Don't raise your voice, yell, or get frustrated with her. Show her that you care enough to spend the time teaching her something that you think she will enjoy. Stress the fact that she should take it slowly... and there is no need to rush. And practice on empty streets, etc, until she really has the hang of it. Ive taught a few other people to drive standard and I seem to find that the most wear and tear on the clutch/trans occurs when the driver gets flustered in traffic, or stuck at a hill/incline with another car 2 inches of their back bumper, etc.
  15. The first video was an absolute riot. You looked fairly frustrated at times, but kept your cool and put together the necessary passes. Awesome race, very fun to watch. Was that Verges in the blue/white striped car you were battling towards the end of the race in vid 1? You used to race w/ BMWCCA, correct? How do you like Spec Miata in comparison to the CCA stuff? And how do you like the car itself vs your old car?
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