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  1. I think it depends on how many G's your going to pull for the oil, and temperature for the engine. If you are blue solo or better -- ..... Unfortunately there's no oil temp or oil pressure gauges on Caymans. Also the temp gauge will almost always be pinned to 175 -- and your real temperature will be unknown. YMMV, but I put 10K miles on a 100K mile Boxster S with that above combo and used Amsoil 20W/50 racing oil. Didn't have any problems. And I'm repeating the same before ever hitting the track. I am an instructor and racer, and I'll drive the snot out of it, but I'd rather do some preventative work than have a failure at the track and/or do an engine swap. Mike
  2. Reliability: Center Radiator & 997 Oil/H2O heat exchanger to lower engine temps Deep Sump, at least 1/2qt & EBS Baffle or equivalent to help prevent oil starvation. 4" Underdrive pulley to save the PS pump. Radiator and heat exchanger might be optional, but here in Texas, heat is a killer, and thats a weak spot on the Caymans. For brakes, Pagid Orange. There maybe some other modifications, but I think these are a good basic set.
  3. Just picked up a Cayman S to be my drive to the track car... I race SPB, used to have a Boxster S drive to the track car... It wasn’t that fast in a straight line, but she made up for it in the twisters. i expect the cayman to be the same or better just need to find time for the reliability mods and go quick parts. mike
  4. Not sure if he does house calls -- but Frederico del Toro of the 911 motors (I think that's the name) is a racer and should be able to assist. Another place is Jones Autoworks. Mike
  5. I don't Irace, and I haven't seen the track walk video -- but I have walked the track a couple times. What I learned was elevation subtleties, curb heights and depths and multiple camber in the corners. Mike
  6. Excellent to know, hopefully sometime later this year. Wishfully sooner, but probably later 🙂
  7. Thank you for this -- I was familiar, but always a good refresher. I think some of the confusion is just what was the definition of Sync OK, yet Sync error (after ok). Ref to Sync wise: The challenge is the all else being the same -- the manner for the camsensor is new and it's not sensing off the cam per se, but an attachment to the cam. So it's quite possible the cam tooth is not at TDC of the cam (or equivalent), nor was it previously, both old and new were attachments, the previous way was using a cut down PowerSteering pulley, now we have a bespoke fitting. So without the timing light -- it is/was a bit of a guessing game. Have the light now and just need to find time to get back out there. BTW, I no longer have my MOTEC/Dyno expert who tuned it previously -- is there a recommendation of someone to do this in Austin? thanks, Mike
  8. Been awhile since I’ve had my injectors serviced. Had to mail them off (but it’s been so long I don’t remember). tia!
  9. Just bought a timing light. got spark and better sync, was back firing with starter fluid. upped it 360 and have solid sync and firing of spark, not sure of fuel injectors flowing tho. 50psi fuel pressure. car is a 911 with a 964/993 3.8L based engine. rsr endurance pistons, webcam cams, perf springs motec with ITBs and fuel injection. this was a running setup with a Street 3.6 long block 2.5yrs ago. Been working on the 3.8 build since. new cam sync design and swap shafts. Hope to get back on it shortly, mike
  10. Working on an old M48 system. messing with crip w/o plugs got sync and no error & spark with plugs get sync ok, but the immediate sync error, but still sync ok, but don’t think we’re getting spark anyone local with knowledge. mike
  11. I have the rest of the system -- just looking for the TraqDash component. Mike
  12. I'm only looking for the traqdash part (have the rest)... I have sets of wheels (but they won't fit) ... I also have a beach house available (in Florida)... but it's a bit more than a Traqdash 🙂 Mike
  13. Raced Laguna Seca. I enjoyed it, but not enough that I would go out of my way to go back. After 3 laps, the cork-screw was solved, once you realize the pavement never moves -- you don't need to see it to drive it. It was brake hard, hug the curbing drivers side, when you hit curbing, turn right and floor it. Pavement magically appears under tires 🙂 . I basically treated this similar to Turn 8/9 at TWS. Just blind 🙂 I did pass a lot of cars there -- so clearly others didn't solve the puzzle that quickly. Might differ depending on the car -- I was in a Honda Civic with an Integra engine. Turn 2 and 4 were challenging, and the fast sweeper leading onto the back straight was fun. If I ever do a LEFT coast trip -- I'll certainly repeat Laguna, but wouldn't haul that far just to run Laguna.
  14. Ouch -- granted you're not supposed to be out there -- but would be nice if those things were "marked" somehow -- you certainly had it under control enough to avoid it, if you knew it was there.
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