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  1. I have the rest of the system -- just looking for the TraqDash component. Mike
  2. I'm only looking for the traqdash part (have the rest)... I have sets of wheels (but they won't fit) ... I also have a beach house available (in Florida)... but it's a bit more than a Traqdash 🙂 Mike
  3. Raced Laguna Seca. I enjoyed it, but not enough that I would go out of my way to go back. After 3 laps, the cork-screw was solved, once you realize the pavement never moves -- you don't need to see it to drive it. It was brake hard, hug the curbing drivers side, when you hit curbing, turn right and floor it. Pavement magically appears under tires 🙂 . I basically treated this similar to Turn 8/9 at TWS. Just blind 🙂 I did pass a lot of cars there -- so clearly others didn't solve the puzzle that quickly. Might differ depending on the car -- I was in a Honda Civic with an Integra engine. Turn 2 and 4 were challenging, and the fast sweeper leading onto the back straight was fun. If I ever do a LEFT coast trip -- I'll certainly repeat Laguna, but wouldn't haul that far just to run Laguna.
  4. Ouch -- granted you're not supposed to be out there -- but would be nice if those things were "marked" somehow -- you certainly had it under control enough to avoid it, if you knew it was there.
  5. I added just 4 of them -- maybe $80 on Amazon -- OMG -- definition of night and day! Not sure how I ever lived with out them. Doubles as a tanning salon for the better half 🙂 Mike
  6. For the $, GA at T3 bridge was pretty good I thought. I've been T15 for practice and that's not bad -- but I wouldn't pay more to sit there. I was in the Grandstand for V8 Super Cars -- total waste -- Spent most of the time watching the screen across from us. Might as well be watching TV with SuperSurroundSound. Mike
  7. Yes the red Miata -- not your's unfortunately! Sorry about your car -- glad you were/are ok. I had one of those o-shit moments at NOLA last month. Chasing two 944's, one darted right, the other left and I was staring at the front of a SpecBoxster. Fortunately it was a slow speed corner and I was able to follow one of the 944's around the outside. I was like -- what the hell are they doing .... oh shit .... It's amazing both how quickly and in slow mo it happens at the same time. Re-tub -- and rock on!
  8. Wow -- that Miata lived a charmed life -- looks to be just enough blind coming over that hill to be a Holy Shit moment.
  9. I started with a 100W system I upgraded to 400W from Renogy --
  10. I went a little more hard core. Started with 100W Renolgy with 2 Marine Deep Cells and a Solar controller. Ended up adding 2 more 150W for a total of 400W. I have a 2KW inverter. Handles most simple things I need at the track. Lights, chargers, air compressor, and even a cutting wheel. Probably run a microwave too if I really wanted. I've actually been thinking of building a cable to run to my RV to use it both ways to either charge the RV house batteries or vis versa should I need to, but haven't done that yet. Mike
  11. I've got solar power -- so power would just be fine. I can do the electrical hookup. Really looking to find a place to purchase and install the awning. Note I have swing up side doors, so I'm looking for a relatively flat solution -- probably similar to what I have on my RV. I have a room above, especially if I mount it on the top of the roof and extend, as opposed to above on the side.
  12. Looking to add an awning to my aluminum 20' trailer for the side for storing race car under during track weekend. Last event was a rainy one, and it's not convenient to load/unload into the trailer. Anyone have recommendations for a vendor to purchase and/or install? thanks, Mike
  13. What about flat towing with something like this and a custom setup for the front of the miata. https://express.google.com/u/0/product/Roadmaster-522-Falcon-All-Terrain-Tow-Bar-6000-lbs-Capacity/4745413679092664430_5246457975817441032_108310290 I'd want some sort of quick disconnect. I'd think about building something that connected to the sway bar mounts instead of the front bumper. I'm considering this for pulling a Boxster behind my RV as a street car. Mostly because I have the above already to pull a jeep (but the jeep is my daughters, and that's away at school) and I might have a spare Boxster laying around :-) Mike
  14. I'm running in the blue group with my underpowered Spec944 at CoTA. Caught up to a Blue-Solo M5 -- took 5 point byes on the same lap. Never sure whether I would get one or not, especially if you don't complete the pass, so it really can be hard on a momentum car to fly through a corner, only to have to check up and risk getting unsettled having to back out. Finally decided I would get one for sure and kept my momentum through 11 -- he got the drift (literally) when I gave him the pedaling with both hands gesture (i.e. i'm going as fast as I can go) as I pulled along side him -- followed by a lift gesture :-) M
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