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  1. Going to be moving just outside of town -- use to move, then store a vehicle until I get my shop built. Bumper pull.
  2. Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch, 90-00-1200, 12,000 Lbs Trailer Weight Rating, 1,200 Lbs Tongue Weight Rating, Weight Distribution Kit $350. Located in SW Austin.
  3. either pick up SW Austin, or pay shipping. Replaced it with the full display.
  4. for racing I installed a rear view mirror camera just to use as a camera monitor, but the mirror creates display issues. I’d like to put a tint or something on it to defeat the mirror but still retain the monitor function. recommendations??
  5. My Roux Helmet has IMSA connections -- and my Rosso Comms has IMSA out. I think Stilo is similar connector but wired differently -- I was told you can use a Stilo source to a Roux helmet, but the sound might not be quite as good -- I don't know what the Trac-Com connector is -- some folks still use Chatterbox -- but I wouldn't invest in anything specific to those as lots of folks are moving away from them.
  6. Franky -- that was a perfect save -- If nothing else -- your team should be very thankful!
  7. Had a chatterbox -- hated it -- bought the Rosso - IC200 -- other than the size of it and its not cheap -- I love it. Dual volume is a huge help -- boom for my students and cable to my Roux Helmet. http://www.rally-shop.si/en/intercoms-communication-systems/997-rosso-racing-ic-200-advanced-amplifier.html I think it has been discussed on this forum as well.
  8. Aim Solo DL, Ram Mount, OBDII, Original Box & CD Used but in great condition. Upgrading to a Garmin Catalyst. $375 plus Shipping. Located in Austin.
  9. Good luck this weekend! Hopefully your COTA experience will come in handy -- should be interesting with the friction reduction fluid that is expected! most important -- enjoy the experience!
  10. If you are headed to (SW) Austin anytime soon -- I will take it.
  11. If you head to Austin anytime soon -- I'd be interested... I have one already -- but she's showing signs of age. Mike
  12. what tires were you using for the 996TT for driving to the track?
  13. Question on QuickJacks. Can you fit a quick jack under a SPB without having to jack the car up? (kind of defeats the purpose) Does anyone drag one to the track with them? How heavy are they to manipulate? I have a 2 kWatt inverter on my trailer solar system, so I have remote power. We can probably get away with a 3500, but for most of my other vehicles -- a 5000 would be more practical.
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