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  1. My Roux Helmet has IMSA connections -- and my Rosso Comms has IMSA out. I think Stilo is similar connector but wired differently -- I was told you can use a Stilo source to a Roux helmet, but the sound might not be quite as good -- I don't know what the Trac-Com connector is -- some folks still use Chatterbox -- but I wouldn't invest in anything specific to those as lots of folks are moving away from them.
  2. Franky -- that was a perfect save -- If nothing else -- your team should be very thankful!
  3. Had a chatterbox -- hated it -- bought the Rosso - IC200 -- other than the size of it and its not cheap -- I love it. Dual volume is a huge help -- boom for my students and cable to my Roux Helmet. http://www.rally-shop.si/en/intercoms-communication-systems/997-rosso-racing-ic-200-advanced-amplifier.html I think it has been discussed on this forum as well.
  4. Aim Solo DL, Ram Mount, OBDII, Original Box & CD Used but in great condition. Upgrading to a Garmin Catalyst. $375 plus Shipping. Located in Austin.
  5. Good luck this weekend! Hopefully your COTA experience will come in handy -- should be interesting with the friction reduction fluid that is expected! most important -- enjoy the experience!
  6. If you are headed to (SW) Austin anytime soon -- I will take it.
  7. If you head to Austin anytime soon -- I'd be interested... I have one already -- but she's showing signs of age. Mike
  8. what tires were you using for the 996TT for driving to the track?
  9. Question on QuickJacks. Can you fit a quick jack under a SPB without having to jack the car up? (kind of defeats the purpose) Does anyone drag one to the track with them? How heavy are they to manipulate? I have a 2 kWatt inverter on my trailer solar system, so I have remote power. We can probably get away with a 3500, but for most of my other vehicles -- a 5000 would be more practical.
  10. Is there a contact person at ECR at I might inquire about storing my trailer after the race until December? im temporarily relocating to Colorado from Austin and I’m would prefer not to drive all the way back to Austin and then to Colorado post race?
  11. Looking for a turn-key system. Austin area preferred. Will use for Road Racing practice Anyone know of a good, budget setup?
  12. Does anyone in/around Austin have one of these rigs... I'm thinking about building a system and on paper (and video) like what I see here -- but it's not cheap. Cheaper than most motion equipment, but still not cheap. Would be 100% used for iRacing or similar to improve my real track driving. Mike
  13. I almost ought that car ? Ended up with a local Cayman S instead. GLWS Mike
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