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  1. I've never been to MSR-H before, but I'd like to come by on Saturday to check out the action and show off my car that's for sale. Are there decent spots to park so I'm out of everybody's way but still visible enough so that people can come by and take a look at the car if they're interested?
  2. Just confirmed spare transmission is a Getrag.
  3. Sure I'll consider offers for just the tranny. I think it's a ZF but I'll check tonight.
  4. Selling my black 95 M3 track car. I’ve owned this since February 2015 and it’s been an absolute blast to drive, I’m sad to have to get rid of it but life changes mean it’s better for me to sell now. Car looks like it’s seen better days, but body is straight and super lightweight (only 250 lbs heavier than my NA Miata was) and motor is strong (see dyno figures below / attached), and it will run all day in the middle of the summer with no issues. Car is located in Houston near NRG Stadium and is not currently street legal. Perfect HPDE or TT missile, or add a cage and run in GTS2. Clean title in
  5. I searched for "TWS" at cr.net and could only find one PDS in July and a PCA event in December. Are there more events hidden there somewhere? Looking for PDS in August or September.
  6. Would be interested in this if it were closer to Houston. ECR is a bit too far to get back in time for Halloween with the kiddos.
  7. Adding a mile onto Grandsport Speedway would be a welcome change. They've had plans for an extension for years, but hopefully the closing of TWS will finally provide the impetus to actually get it done.
  8. Does driving on the street (presumably within legal limits) heat / stress the tires enough to be considered a heat cycle?
  9. Can anybody tell me the website for the documentary that they were filming last weekend? I've tried various combinations of goodbyetexasworldspeedwaythemovie.com but no luck so far.
  10. In the last HPDE 3/4 session yesterday, there was someone in an Audi Q7 that was holding up a lot of cars. I think the driver expected others to pass without a point by, because a couple of times they even pulled distinctly off line, but no arm came out the window and therefore nobody passed. I don't remember seeing an HPDE 4 sticker on the back, otherwise we would have been free to pass.
  11. If it looked a little rough and was missing the front bumper (well, it's in the passenger seat for towing behind the XC70), that's mine :-D Talk about working long hours, Steve called me today to say he'd have results hopefully "later this afternoon". That was at 5:30pm. They have to take my car over to another shop in the morning for a new windshield. Apparently the wind blew something fierce while they had the hood up, slammed the hood back into the glass, and left a quarter of the windshield shattered. And I thought I was being smart and giving myself plenty of time by dropping th
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