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  1. Wow I really thought you were banned once you left. Too bad...
  2. What’s the route? Also who’s all going?
  3. I'm in for the first half up to Lake Livingston. After that I have to head east.
  4. Houston I only have for rFactor.
  5. I have Cresson, TWS, MSRH, and Hallett. They are all garbage and not worth even driving on.
  6. You're still here? There's no west coast tracks section for a reason...
  7. I won't be available for the 20th either.
  8. It's a different car, but removing that piece on my 96 Mustang made it run hotter.
  9. How did you get the red light onto the front rotor? Did you do a projection somehow? I'd like to do that to my street car. I think it would look sweet.
  10. blk96gt

    Oculus Rift

    He's obviously not a professional drinker. I have no problem finding my beer.
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