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  1. Wow I really thought you were banned once you left. Too bad...
  2. I'm in for the first half up to Lake Livingston. After that I have to head east.
  3. Houston I only have for rFactor.
  4. I have Cresson, TWS, MSRH, and Hallett. They are all garbage and not worth even driving on.
  5. You're still here? There's no west coast tracks section for a reason...
  6. I won't be available for the 20th either.
  7. It's a different car, but removing that piece on my 96 Mustang made it run hotter.
  8. How did you get the red light onto the front rotor? Did you do a projection somehow? I'd like to do that to my street car. I think it would look sweet.
  9. blk96gt

    Oculus Rift

    He's obviously not a professional drinker. I have no problem finding my beer.
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