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  1. It's a different car, but removing that piece on my 96 Mustang made it run hotter.
  2. How did you get the red light onto the front rotor? Did you do a projection somehow? I'd like to do that to my street car. I think it would look sweet.
  3. blk96gt

    Oculus Rift

    He's obviously not a professional drinker. I have no problem finding my beer.
  4. What is so confusing about FCY? Rarely will NASA have a pace car.
  5. Hello. I will be there for racing. And also DE 3/4 wrangling.
  6. That toilet comes in handy when you're throwing up just before a race Sunday morning.
  7. Yeah you're the size of a small child so I hope you're faster. Maybe one day when you grow up to be a real man you're times will be in line with the rest of the adults.
  8. Yeah tbqh you're more like DE2. Yes comparing lap times for our cars is real fair. You drive a fast car slowly and I drive a slow car fast. Maybe you should sell it and buy a Miata. You'll still be slow but at least you won't have to be giving Miatas a pointby every time you park it in a corner.
  9. You're HPDE 5 license doesn't mean shit. Bring it on you POS. I'd say we settle this on track but you'd be humiliated even more than you would in a fight. Name the time and place and I'm sure we can find someone to film this to show how much of a bitch you really are.
  10. If he hasn't won a national championship I wouldn't take his word on it. I have driven multiple 3-4 laps in a c7 on a track and have pushed a c7 GS HARD on the street and know what the limits are. LMK when you have the credentials I do and then we can chat about "nannies" and "track modes".
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