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  1. Looks like I'm in. Headed to get the trailer now.
  2. Success! I looked at the car yesterday and even hooked the battery tender up! Will add diff fluid this weekend.
  3. I'm going to make an effort this weekend to actually look at my car. Maybe the next weekend I can put diff fluid in and be ready to go to the track by the 21st!
  4. There are entirely too many people for me to ever go to an F1 race. My dad will be there though. He is driving an old corvette around the track (for some reason there is a parade of old corvettes before the race) and will have one of the F1 drivers in the car with him.
  5. Sunday the third is looking tempting...
  6. I'm probably in. Just need to get a new diff in time.
  7. Opening in front of the radiator is not needed. I haven't seen anyone that has an opening in the front.
  8. Do you still have your air dam? If not, when you box it in you will have cooling issues since you have no low pressure zone behind the radiator for the air to escape. I'm not that far away from you if you want to come see what I've done on my car. Highest my water temp has ever been was 208 in June at Hallett during a 40 minute race when I was directly behind another car for a few laps. Turned the fan on and it dropped to 200. Normal temps are 190. ETA: You don't need hood vents if you box in the radiator and you have an air dam.
  9. I'm out. Didn't get the car together.
  10. Well control arms will be here but I just realized I don't have any brake pads. If anyone has a set of pads for the ST-40 caliper I will buy them.
  11. I'm in assuming my new control arms come in before Sunday.
  12. I find your ideas intriguing and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
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