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  1. Standing start from race 1. Started on pole for CMC, but for some dumb reason forgot to shift to first and started the race in 2nd gear.
  2. I don't know of a DE group that requires current harnesses. As long as the belts are in good condition they generally don't care.
  3. I'm in the same area. I'm also pretty familiar with Mustangs.
  4. We're headed up there on Thursday probably.
  5. Wow I really thought you were banned once you left. Too bad...
  6. What’s the route? Also who’s all going?
  7. I'm in for the first half up to Lake Livingston. After that I have to head east.
  8. Houston I only have for rFactor.
  9. I have Cresson, TWS, MSRH, and Hallett. They are all garbage and not worth even driving on.
  10. You're still here? There's no west coast tracks section for a reason...
  11. I won't be available for the 20th either.
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