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  1. I'm selling my 99 miata in good condition. Title in hand. No leaks whatsoever. Zero accidents. Straight frame. Good condition overall. Stock engine & suspension. List of recent maintenance @ 120k: - New OEM clutch - Rear main seal and front transmission seal - New valve cover gasket - NGK Iridium plugs - Coolant flushed - New rotors & pads Upgrades: - Short shifter (Original shifter available) - Stainless steel brake lines Text me at 713-487-9088 $3500
  2. I meant to write latches not clips. So yeah they are complete.
  3. http://www.good-win-racing.com/Mazda-Performance-Part/61-0555.html $50 Contact me at [email protected]
  4. Robertcope, let me know if you have $250 then we can talk business. :D mgerth, Email replied. Savowood, someone is going to see the kit today. If they are gone, I will update the thread.
  5. Whoops. Sorry about that. I already fixed the link. Thanks!
  6. I posted these ads on CL. Steering wheel and Quick Release kit SOLD Ultrashield Rally Sport size 16 SOLD Please contact me at [email protected] Thanks!
  7. Hello, I am a newbie here and have few questions regarding miata racing. I'm still investigating racing events for miatas. I've heard Spec Miata, Improved Touring, and miata challenge. I'm especially interested in the cost and modification sides. I know that spec miata can be very expensive especially after reading some people's comments on how aggressive spec racers are. They don't mind having accidents since they have spare cars or parts readily available. So they can push the car without worrying the repair (of course they care but you know what i mean). Some people told m
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