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  1. Late to the party but I finally created a TrackJunkies account so I'll drop my best lap from the weekend here. It was nice meeting you guys! It was my 3rd time at this track but first time here with this car and first time at a NASA event and I had a great time! I got bumped up from HPDE3 to HPDE4 and there was another yellow Camaro SS 1LE in my run group to help me out with some advice! I also really enjoyed chasing and being chased by the white Porsche Cayman S with Hoosiers that was running very similar lap times.
  2. Long time lurker; finally made an account. It was nice that I got to meet some of you at the NASA NOLA event last month! Here is my best lap from the event on Saturday. Any advice and suggestions are welcome! Date: 11/23/2019 CW lap time: 1:47.32 Car: 2017 Chevy Camaro SS 1LE Est weight: 3747 lbs curb weight Est WHP: 415 (455hp crank) Tires: Stock Goodyear Supercar 3 285/30ZR-20 front and 305/30ZR-20 rear Temperature: about 65°F Notes: I shaved over 3 seconds off of my previous personal best at MSRH CW thanks to chasing a C7 Corvette Grand Sport during some of the sessions which was a lot of fun! His best laps were 1:43s though so traffic was the main thing allowing me to keep him in sight for a few laps. The cooler weather and SCCA time attack event the day before probably helped too. Really looking forward to running CCW the next time I go back since I still haven't done that direction in the Camaro. I have been to MSRH on 5 days since I got the car and they have all been CW.
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