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  1. Could you change the angle of the oil cooler so that the air flows through it and exits out the reflector hole? I'm pretty sure it's extremely tight under the bumper and you don't have the space but it's just the thought I had.
  2. Where does the air exit behind the oil cooler?
  3. I see it! For a sec I thought it blew out your window glass or something
  4. You need to slow down dude, I thought this was supposed to be a multi-year project
  5. Fantastic! Are you gonna keep that rollbar if you plan to keep it on the street?
  6. I'm a little surprised at this uncharacteristically haphazard step in your usually methodical, regimented build. I say this because the underfloor of the car was designed very carefully: at the time in 2000-2002, it was unheard of to have this much development in underbody aerodynamics in a sub-$100k car, and the engineers made everything flat to reduce lift and maintain balance at high speeds, giving it pretty good aero properties despite a not-particularly-aerodynamic body. I'm just saying, messing with that (as in removing, versus simply upgrading) something at the front effects the airflow, lift, and drag as it moves down the entire length of the car. I'm not trashing your choice, just playing devil's advocate! I'm sure you've thought of that, and I support learning for yourself through experimentation. Knowing you, you probably have a brand new, un-cut, factory-sealed front underbody panel already waiting in your garage in case this one doesn't work out.
  7. Ok, thanks for the heads up Clay! I was gung ho about coming out from Houston later this week, but I just discovered a slow air leak in one of my tires. It's time for a new set anyway. If you're ever looking for/willing to host guests in the future, let us know on here.
  8. Cool! The weather looks better for Friday and my schedule is more open than Thurs. Not 100% sure, but I'm aiming for Friday.
  9. Awesome, I have an email alert set up in the H2R thread for just such an occasion, and I have a flexible schedule I might be interested in coming up from Houston for a half-day, it would be Weds or Thurs, I'll know tomorrow.
  10. Just line it with some pure gold dude, you're overthinking this
  11. I think you should Plastidip your RPF1s bright red
  12. Brembos all around or just on the fronts? It would be cool if this (just by chance) eliminated your knockback issues.
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