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  1. I'm not "that guy". I respect my neighbors.
  2. Yep. I'm posting my house for sale. 301 North Meyer St Kyle Texas 78640. We have not started moving anything yet so be warned if you visit. The garage is 30 wide by 22 with an 8.5 ceiling and has many upgrades to service a gear heads hobbies efficiently: 100 amp sub-panel including 2 240v outlets. 60 gallon air compressor that is enclosed and plumbed to a commercial hose reel. 7 4ft led 6000k lights. 15k BTU air conditioner RV electrical, water and sewer connections. You can check out the old photos when we purchased it here: https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/301-N-Meyer-St_Kyle_TX_78640_M80892-69535 I have an awesome friend that is a realtor but if we can sell it without that extra fee... Within walking distance to: Milt's BBQ Advance Auto Parts fuel station The Railhouse Downtown Kyle (including bars and restaurants) Kyle Library Across my street is Kyle Elementary school. Quiet and very courteous neighbors. Send me an email if you are interested and would like to visit. I'm playing in the garage most of the day. [email protected]
  3. Yep, My wife is allergic to Texas and I prefer snow vs 100+ degree summers.
  4. All stock except for Fortune coilovers installed with professional corner balancing, (was $1100) Light weight Hard Dog trailer hitch ($300) and bluetooth module ($50) installed. (The hitch was only used to carry my bicycle.) NO ENGINE MODS, only maintenance. KBB value is $14,600 without the suspension upgrade, wheels, tires and trailer hitch! ($200 extra if you prefer the black Traklite wheels. This set cost me over $1000!) The car has NO issues, except for the rear bumper skin has some scratches on the lower section. Interior is perfect. All fluids have recently been replaced. It always sleeps in my garage so there is no sun damage. It is only fed premium fuel from tanks in my garage. I always let the engine warm up before driving. I make it a habit to lift my butt off the seat when egress to avoid friction with the left seat bolster (reduce wear). I take meticulous care of this car and it shows. It truly pains me to sell this car but we are moving and the funds need to go into a new home. $13900 for a TrackJunkie. PRICE IS FIRM. I don't haggle. RBFCU has the title so we can meet there to sign papers when needed. You can probably just take over my loan and bring cash for the remaining balance. I'm paying $350 per month. I'm in Kyle TX.
  5. This looks interesting. Keep us updated.
  6. @@V6Donut, I completely agree. Normally I'm hands on but figured while the car has warranty, let the pros do it. Learned a lesson.
  7. Last year when I still had warranty, I brought the car in to Mazda South for a few minor checkups and asked them to check the clutch pedal adjustment and bleed the clutch line. (Pedal required to-the-floor for decent shifts and felt spongy) When I went back to pick up the car, the adviser said the pedal is not adjustable but they bled the line. Drove it home and felt the same. Damn. Last month I was changing the oil and had spare time to fiddle with the clutch so contorted my head under the dash and found it is adjustable. Couple of wrenches and I was done. Much smoother shifts! Then I tried bleeding the slave, lots of bubbles. (I was cursing the service crew at Mazda South) Now it truly shifts like a proper Miata. Moral of the story, Don't trust the mechanic unless you trust the mechanic.
  8. Or a set of 17" wheels, 5x114.3 lug with non-sticky tires. Basically I just need something with little grip to slide around the track. I can go buy a cheapo set new but hate to waste the $ if I'm just to cook them sliding. Surely someone has some OEMs laying around the garage that's just collecting dust.
  9. Thanks guys. I still have to assemble it so no hurry.
  10. Anyone here have experience with SheetCam and Inkscape? I'm getting a plasma table tomorrow and need to learn the basics of the software. Tough to stay awake watching these YouTube tutorials hosted by Ferris Bueller's teacher. Bring some sheet metal if you want to make some cuts. I'm in Kyle, close to H2R.
  11. New condition Goodwin Racing Roadster Sport Street Single muffler. (I paid $300 with shipping) 10lbs lighter than stock and more wonderful noise, but not "wake the neighbors" loud. Easy 30 minute install. I'm in Kyle but can meet a fellow TJ in South Austin if needed.
  12. @@865 Nah, Fortune Auto coilovers. Car is lowered significantly. Not sure how low as I failed to take measurements. I used the FlyinMiata suggested camber settings but agree that it could use a bit more angle.
  13. I've researched and pondered wheel and tire sizes for a few days now (also within budget) and decided on Motegi 17x8 et40 and 225/45 Extremecontact DW. Why? Because the tires had great reviews and they where 100 each plus a $70 rebate. Because the wheels were sub 17lbs each and $143 each. Some of you's fellas may not care but I figured I'd share this for the folks interested in a new set of street rubber. Slight bit of fender rolling in the rear and voila. About 1mm of fender clearance at full compression with 1 deg front, 1.5 deg camber rear. Oh and bonus: 1.5lbs lighter than OEM, each corner.
  14. I'm researching tire and wheel fitment and found this http://www.wheel-size.com/calc/?wheel1=205-45-17X7ET55&wheel2=225-45-17X8ET40&fcl=0.875in&wcl=1.1875in&scl=1.96875in&sr=0in AAAh, science!
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