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  1. Someone should plan a special something for Martin. And everyone should make an effort to encourage him to drive as much as possible because he never does at PDS events.
  2. Congrats! That's a fun platform and a good group of guys. I can put you in touch with some of them, if you need help or just want to hear some good stories. On another note, I miss Tom. Such a sweetheart!
  3. On thier top ten finish and class win! Great job guys!!!
  4. Thanks for the thumbs up, guys! Glad that we are doing it right. BTW, anyone up for a tow vehicle drag race?
  5. I have to admit, SRF's = massive fun. One of the builder's in TX used to send me out in his cars occasionally to get video and give me a grin. Things are a big giggle fest on track, super light, and are amazing in the corners. Justin, the Lotus would be a blast, as well, but mistakes do happen on track and, honestly, if I had a do over, I would buy a prepped, popular, and successfully proven car, instead of being stubborn about the Camaro. I would have had a lot less headache and still have a bitchin' street Camaro. Matt's ideas about easily obtainable parts during a race weekend are really good ones. Ask Eric Purcell. There is almost always a CMC Mustang driver with a spare transmission in the paddock. You have no idea how many I have seen swapped out on Saturday night, by the group, so that everyone would make grid in the morning. Can't expect that with a Lotus or a Radical. Miatas, Corvettes, GTAs, Mustangs, Camaros, and to some extent, BMWs and Porsches...you can find something to make it work. I've seen Martin send a competitor to his house to pull parts off his street E46 in order to replace something for a race. I've had a spectator hand me the pulley belt from under his hood, so I could race, and some kid in a parts store offer to pull the MAF off of his street car, if we couldn't find one for sale in town. Think about what you want from racing (fun in the car, reasonable costs (up front and long term), fixability at the track, availability of parts, close competition, and camaraderie off track), because the driving is only part of the experience. Good luck!
  6. rpoz27

    We did it!

    Matt and I got married yesterday and we leave for Saint Lucia tomorrow!
  7. Oil starvation is an LSx issue. Cheap solution is to run a quart high on oil.
  8. Don't sweat the Blue/Yellow thing. Some of those guys are Yellow and White and have quite a bit of experience at TWS, etc., but I want to get them up to speed and for my records the Blue label is appropriate at a new-to-them venue. Some Blue and Blue solos at other tracks have been bumped to green, because I think that their learning curve will benefit from the lower stress level in that group. Plus, I get my jollies answering "why am I in X group?".
  9. Matteo asked this in the important turn thread. I thought I would move the answer here. Driver's meeting is at 7:50 under the tower in the classroom. All students are required to attend this meeting. I may have a trick up my sleeve to ensure that any who do not attend cannot get on track without finding me first. Spread the word.
  10. Lockton Affinity told me that they would cover students, but not anyone that participates in the TT portion of the event.
  11. Thanks for all the support! I'm just glad we get to have a track day! At least, we didn't have to cancel it. Yay! MSRH will be closing at 5 on Friday. Sorry, guys! They are kinda already doing us some favors, so asking them to stay open late didn't go over big. They welcome drop-offs before then, though. I don't think they will run out, but anyone who needs a helmet can call MSRH and reserve one. 281-369-0677 We will be at the Scottish Inn in Angleton. They quoted me $55 a night with taxes and all. Will probably have Mexican and margaritas at the place across from the America's Best motel on Friday night, if anyone is interested.
  12. Howdy All! If you haven't already, don’t forget to get signed up for MSR Houston (CW and maybe CCW, but not at the same time) at the end of the month. We still have openings in most groups and are planning a fun event and birthday celebration for me. 24 hours of LeMons teams – this is the weekend before the LeMons race. We will be going CW, just like LeMons. Come join us and get that random driver that you picked up through a Craigslist ad some seat time with instruction. Your crapcan and your teammates will thank you! Special offer!!!!! Refer a friend for the May 28 & 29 event and receive a $20 rebate! Have your buddy put your name down for the "How did you hear about us?" question to receive your automatic rebate. (Only students registered for this event are eligible. Sorry, instructors!) And don't forget the official RPM School Refer-a-Friend program...refer 2 friends and receive $50 off your next event. Pick up your Refer-a Friend cards at registration and start earning credits!
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