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  1. Good insights. Thanks. I believe can get it for well under what it’s worth, so I think I might just try it and see what happens. Worse case I’ll send it back up north. The vanagon doesn’t have A/C. It’s not so bad when you’re moving, so long as it’s not raining. Better be wearing some comfortable clothes through.
  2. Agree on all points. How’s it usually go for an old car like this? Does the track day lifestyle ultimately compel the eventual replacement of all the dampers, springs, bars, etc.? I know it’s different for everyone. What I’m curious about is if there are stories of folks trying to run, say a C4 ZR1 and having an awful time, and then switching to a Miata and having much more fun. Does the track day experience suffer if you’re reluctant to make mods to suit the track?
  3. Howdy, I have a friend who is selling his '91 1LE Camaro, 44k miles. This was an option that included larger brakes, an aluminum prop shaft, gas tank baffles, lower gearing, a few other odds and ends. Read about it here: https://www.gtccm.com/portfolio_page/1991-camaro-z28-1le/ The L98 is more or less the same as in the Z28. It's got a rather large F40-style spoiler, and special wheels painted body color. No A/C (per factory delete). This one is red, and the looks are striking for a 3rd gen Camaro. I've attached a picture of it. I'm not a pony car guy, but I'm also not religious about cars. I like torque, and after that I'm open minded. What I would like to find is a community that I would fit into. Not looking for the burnouts @ C&C experience. More like grown ups who like cars. No prior track day experience. Life long gearhead, looking to go to track days, and enjoy a bit of maintenance here and there. Also own a 1984 Vanagon Westy, which keeps the mechanic plenty busy. Do you think this Camaro would be fun to own in Texas, considering the A/C delete? Would it be good on track days? Has it flipped over into the "garage queen" status? Shall I leave it for some other person to own who is more interested in keeping it pristine? There aren't a lot of wise upgrades to make to a car like this without destroying its value. I like it because it's weird, in a radwood sort of way, but I have some reservations. Looking for advice. TIA. Matt Fulshear, TX
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