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  1. Yeah this would be a good solution. I've not tested them but my concern would be that the pressure in the tyre is not constant during the lap. For example, when you corner, the tyre pressure on the outside tyres will go up because the car is loaded up in cornering. I would think that these deflators would then let air out. When you got back on the straight you'd end up being under inflated. If they could add air back in as well then that would be useful. Not sure but it seems to me that that is what would happen. The thing is that the tyre pressures are also a clue to tyre temperature p
  2. Understood. Sorry about that ? ... At least you guys have everything consistent. In the UK we have this strange mix all the time - even with tools we are all doubled up!
  3. First post here from a UK based racer (Hey!) Setting (hot) tyre pressures perfectly is a challenge we all face, whether you're using nitrogen, dry air or straight air. If you don't have specific tyre data then you might be interested to use the following table as a starting guide: These are target hot pressures i.e. what to aim for when the car is on track. Vehicle Weight Target (psi) Target (bar) Kart 14 – 18 1.0 – 1.25 Very Light Racing Car < 800kg 22 – 29
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