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  1. Don't let Hoosier know there's a 'cheaper option'. They'll find a way to make it cost more. ?
  2. Just an anecdote-- bias tires tend to wander no matter what your alignment settings. I ran both bias and radial Hoosiers on my RX7, and the bias were very difficult to keep the car pointed straight. it would wander all over the track on back straight (between 6&7) at TWS- which was where I used to tighten my belts and check gauges. no can do on the belts because I had to keep both hands on the wheel while straddling the crack all the way down that straight! With the radials, I could straddle it no problem and the only issues were when I was actually riding over a crack in the p
  3. Contact James Rogerson. (See contact info link on MSRreg) I'm pretty confident he will be happy to take your money and let you drive.
  4. If you need a day out of the house, these charity events are always a good time. I have participated in many of them over the years, and it always goes to a good cause PLUS you get to play in traffic!
  5. Depending on how much power and aero you have, an 8" is usually enough. class rules for my series have 3500lb cars pushing close to 400whp, and we're running 17x8 with a max tire width of 245. At full tilt, it takes some tire management effort to make them last 40 minutes without getting too hot, but if you're running less aero and less weight, you can do it easier. My car is roughly 2900lb (w driver) and makes around 300hp on same size. I rarely have problems with overheating tires, unless I'm pushing really hard in the heat of summer- 105F (40C) ambient temps. My suggest
  6. I would look a bit more for quality used wheels that are in good shape and try to save some weight. I wouldnt want to go heavier than a factory wheel if you can get away with it. that said, if the price is right and you're not worried about the last 0.1second, then it's not a huge deal. Maybe RX8 wheels? 240SX, 300ZX, and 350Z also have same bolt pattern, but most use less offset than a Mazda so you might have a hard time finding some to fit your wheel well. 17x8 is a good size for these cars. Lots of people in US race on them, and it's the max size allowed in my class. I run 24
  7. My high school sweetheart was a whopping 4'10" when we graduated. she texted me one day to inform me that she'd made it to 5' a couple years later. I guess she needed some closure to think I dumper her because she was short, not cause she was batshit crazy and OCD about her weight (which wasn't a problem. she was tiny, but very fit..) I would have loved to seen her one more time and make the above statement so she could insinuate I called her fat and assplode on me in public.
  8. Ahh good point. wonder if I can buy that crap for the backyard since the dogs keep trampling stuff into a mudhole near the gates where they run and bark at passing traffic...
  9. Wow that's a lotta green! BCS area recovered from the storm very quickly. everything is still dead and brown down here south of Houston.
  10. I've noticed I do it as well, not necessarily intentional, but maybe 'testing rotation' kinda thing.. My 240SX was great at getting the car to turn in at entry and I could roll back into throttle pretty quickly. My RX7 was awful and would ONLY turn when you were on the gas (live axle car w/ stiff clutch diff), so I learned to turn on the throttle and a few blips pre-apex told me when I had scrubbed enough speed to make the turn and give it some grip.. maybe I've just conditioned myself to doing it now cause I notice I do it in the FRS as well. maybe it's not abad habit that I need to un
  11. Nice. I clicked through that link and a few of the other images from that group came up. Noticed in the background, Disturbed's cover of The Sound of Silence was playing. very apropros given the stories created and told by that race track, now silenced and replaced with yet more suburban sprawl where neighbors don't know and hardly talk to each other.. More neon gods... Conversely, the friends I made in my first few trips to TWS back in 2003 when I moved to TX are still the people I hang out with today, so while TWS itself is gone, the friends and memories are alive and well.
  12. I like donuts. but prolly not one you've sat on. I've read too many of your articles about bathrooms and pooping, so I know that's a place I don't wanna go near.
  13. they can't drive 4cyl well, why not totally bungle their habits with four more clinders and a larger loud pedal?!
  14. Now THAT's some proper flippy spinny shit!
  15. The other benefit is not risking contamination and waste of $$$ brake fluid pouring it into and out of the pressure canister.
  16. Woot! I helped! Do I get to drive now? ?
  17. Woot!! first drives are awesome! Just curious.. how loose are the bleeder screws? many cars with vacuum bleeding tools have issues sucking air around the threads in the bleeder screws. liberal use of teflon tape or some thick grease on the threads tends to help keep air from going around the bleeder. That said, I've never been a huge fan of the vacuum bleeders because of this. prefer a pressure style myself. I also have a motive bleeder, but I don't put fluid in it. I just fill up the master cyl with fluid and use the motive as a pressure source. just gotta be careful you d
  18. no rain sent! just having a good laugh cause no project is ever complete. Getting the engine running again is definitely a major milestone after all the work you've put in!
  19. clearcoat over the red so it's protected and stays just like that. ? It's "almost done"!! (hahaahha)
  20. Guys like you are the ones that keep this country ticking. rock on!
  21. my plumbing is all in the slab, so it would have to get REALLLY cold for it to be a problem in my house. only exposed lines on an external wall are the hose bibs and one toilet stub-up which is only a few inches out of the slab. our slab is also pretty shallow (above ground-grade), so there's not much exposed concrete to suck up cold. other people next door and whatnot have copper, PVC, and PEX all run through their attics and are the ones that had problems. of the ones with $3000 water softeners with exposed plumbing on the sides of their houses. stuuuupid ideas, even if it only
  22. Ya, that's a nice way of saying it. as an engineer, I can see where this low likelihood event was put into the "once in a lifetime, I'm not going to bother with it" category. solar typically isnt used farther north due to the loss of efficiency... wind turbines here are designed for tropical weather and retrofitting them with anti/ de-icing abilities that could also withstand TX summers would be prohibitively expensive. rebuilding uninsulated natural gas pipelines? same... We can all sit here and armchair quarterback how 'I woulda done it', but I like to remember that teams of profes
  23. You guys are used to this! anyone south of I10 sees snow maybe once every 5 years, and it's usually gone the next day. rarely ever below 25F, and it was into single digits for several days. this place can withstand 100+ heat and hurricanes and drought, but a good hard freeze? nah they're done. these houses were all designed for tropical environment, with exposed pipes in the attic and whatnot. it's a miserable mess down here and plumbers are in high demand.
  24. We're alive here. lost power from Monday 7pm until wed morning. cell and internet service died about 12hrs after the power went out- I assume that's when their UPSs died.. We got about 8hrs of power on wed morning and cell service came back a couple hours later. power was off through dinner and primetime, then came back on around 11pm last night. it's been on since then. *crosses fingers* Still no water in the 'hood though since we have a neighborhood well, and some of the exposed 4" pipes froze and split while it was 14F and no power to move water around. Fortunately,
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