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  1. 6:47.. I found where your 10mm went!!!!
  2. Not really a malcontent-- I just like drama. :)
  3. Heard this from a friend of mine and completely agree... My cars will never be a 'she', because I would never beat on a woman the way I beat on my cars...
  4. I figured as much.. but you said you needed ballast too, soooooooo.. I saw one of Louie's GT cars using 1/4" alu plate for the flat bottom undertray in the center of the chassis. can't get the weight any lower than that, and it'll stiffen the car up quite a bit! I'd just hate to be the one taking off the 50 flat head screws that hold it in place every time you need to work on something!
  5. The finance department is the one that makes sure there's beer in the fridge and gas in the hauler in addition to tires on the race car. And as of this weekend, there's THREE of us racing!
  6. bumpy means there's undulations in the surface. so it's not flat. It's all a matter of perspective. :) ...... just like fat girls, scooters, autoX, and flat race tracks... don't knock it till you've tried it! MSRH is a VERY challenging track to get right, especially with all of the bumps in the surface. there's also a lot of subtle camber change in the turns which makes you alter your line from what you think should be right in order to truly go fast there. Go drive that track in a proper race car and see how well you do the first few hours of track time. Based on all your talk, there's some pretty big britches to fill. And trust me, you won't be bored.
  7. China = "other". So your car is possibly 15.5% China. :P
  8. My car is bouncing over the bumps and I'm sideways + spinning tires in either direction through gut check. nothing flat about it (especially my foot on the gas pedal).
  9. Have you been to MSRH lately? there's nothing flat about that track...... LOL
  10. GCKI kart group held our annual awards banquet there last year. they wouldn't let Eva drive because she wasn't old enough. they also wouldn't let one of the 11yr olds run at the pro level thingy because they said he was too young and couldn't possibly handle it.. "You do know why we're here tonight, right?" "Yeah, but the lawyers...." "Ok that's fine. just say that the first time, don't tell a national-level kart racer that he can't possibly drive one of these at speed.." Later that night, the goober behind the counter left and they had a different guy. parents inquired again and they agreed to dial up to the pro speed for his license thingy.. Ragan went out and lowered the lap record by over a second. :D
  11. Yeah, I quit actually counting a long time ago. I just schedule the race and buy what I need, and ignore the actual costs. feedback loop with the finance department says bank account is still positive, so I put another race on the calendar. when the budget gets tight and the wife starts sweating if I ask her for racing money, then I either don't race or I race anyway on used (shitty) tires and finish last.
  12. AutoX used to cost me more in gas to get to the event than anything I used at the event. $100 for the event sounds about right between wear items, entry, fuel, etc if the event is in town. Road race? I budget $1500/weekend for consumables (And that's assuming nothing breaks. just tires, fuel, brakes, oil.), $500 for entry fees, and $500 for travel if it's an out of town race.
  13. LOL You'd be amazed how many high power cars show up to autoX. it's really about learning the traction limits of the car and how to transition between them between gas, brake, turn. you really get to understand friction circle and the limits of the chassis. And in a car like yours, you'll learn what smooth throttle application means. :) Everything you do on autoX course can translate to a road course. vice versa isn't quite so much but they do translate. good autoXers almost always make good road racers, but the opposite is not necessarily true. I highly recommend looking for one of the autoX "school days" where you get 30-40-50 runs over the course of a day. it will definitely make you a better driver!
  14. My largest concern from that track is the width. the twisty section at the end of the current front straight is not conducive to wheel-wheel racing. it's just not side enough for two cars to safely get through there at speed. and you know SOMEONE will stick their nose in no matter how dumb it is.
  15. Matt93SE


    Well I'm glad I can read tires on the interwebs. now if only I could read tires on my daughter's kart and figure out what she's doing wrong!
  16. She's a beaut! I've always loved that body style- it'll never get old.
  17. I raced there 3-4 times in the 240SX and plan to be there later this year with CVAR in the RX7. They almost always run the (cone) chicane just about the end of pit lane and force cars onto the apron to take NASCAR T1-2. I was still doing 135 in the 240SX.... in the rain.... (6500rpm redline in 5th gear with 4.6 rear end). wish I had video of that, but it was farking scary when I was following someone. mostly I just looked out the side window to tell where I was on the track and hoped the people making that cloud in front of me didn't do anything dumb..
  18. Matt93SE


    Yep, that's normal wear on a treaded tire. you're seeing that because the tread blocks deform under load and the trailing edge doesn't have as much force on the pavement since there's now an air gap behind it where the rest of the tread block us being pushed into pavement, so doesn't wear as much as the leading edge and center of the block. If I had to make a guess at anything, I'd say there's a tad bit of understeer and maybe some over-driving causing it. i.e. coasting into the corner with lots of steering input because you didn't slow enough prior to entry. that's what causes the most heavy wear on front tires-- UNLESS you're in a FWD car and then it's normal and not much you can do but rotate tires regularly. the fix for that is to slow down a bit more prior to corner entry and do more turning with the gas pedal, with less input on the steering wheel. front tires then do less work and wear less. lap times should also decrease as you're accelerating through the turn instead of scrubbing speed. but that's just a 10 sec analysis by looking at a photo of some tires on the interwebs. I may be completely off base. :)
  19. Course is probably good for street cars with no cage, but the NASCAR front straight configuration is pretty decent. however for just about anything V8, that results in 150+mph speeds against a concrete wall and the risk is high for injury in cars without a cage.. [/img]
  20. You're also including five years of free housing, food, healthcare, education, all the non-consensual sexors I want, AND a gym membership? AWESOME!!!! :D
  21. So you're saying I *could* get it for free?
  22. Other tracks forum is fine.. would be usable place for race reports on the occasional long trips some of us take.. barber, Rd Atl, Indy, etc.. CVAR will also be racing at TMS this fall, and I've heard mumblings about it in the SCCA groups, so they may be making a comeback for some of the club race groups.. ???
  23. it's an eco-stock car, so pretty sure they're limited to the factory location on steering. also it's FWD, so most likely the steering rack is firewall-mounted and thus tie rods are already behind the axle center. Just making some assumptions. 🙂
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