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  1. The only thing my dog drools for are sammiches and pizza.
  2. Interested? yes. Gonna bite? prolly not. For as often as I have time to get to the track, it would be less money for me to just pay the non-member test day fees I've been paying..
  3. Gotcha. well clutch disc is cheaper than the rest of the parts! There are several T101a boxes on racingjunk. just don't tell em it's a dog box? 😉
  4. do you have to run a stock box, or can you run a 4 spd dog box? look at Jerico, G Force, and the like?
  5. For a while, Harris Hill mentioned they would reciprocate, but I don't know how that worked in reality since I don't think MSRH did vice-versa. it would sure be nice if all the membership tracks would play nice, but then everyone would just buy the cheapest and use the closest...
  6. Thanks for the info on costing. That's not bad given what you get. don't know if I'm ready to stomach it tho because I'm already member at a kart track out in katy and spend most of my free time there with the kids. (hey.. another addiction for you.. you should pick up karting or mini bikes out there!) Regarding living areas, depending on where you work in town (if you even have to go to an office anymore, ha!), Pearland, Manvel, and Rosharon are decent places to look for houses and are 30-45 min from downtown Houston, Galleria, or Westchase. Prices are lower here than other
  7. So what's the quoted membership costs with this deal? curious what it looks like now. I live a whopping 10 min from the track, but only get there about 3x a year. 😕
  8. Logged on this morning to see a couple spam posts by this guy: https://www.trackjunkies.org/profile/3660-fryejacob/ Clicked on the ... to report/share the post and the window flashed up, then the window immediately went away before I could type anything and submit. Maybe it's my browser? Maybe it's me? maybe it's Maybelline? Thought I'd let ya know there's a glitch in the matrix somewhere.
  9. Don't know if I'd say you're in the deep end yet. (You don't have scales and alignment right at home. 😉 ) But I get the point. when you put something this adjustable on the car, it's best to get it set up correctly ONCE and then you know the car is going to handle correctly. otherwise, you put it all on and hope for the best with just a 4 wheel alignment. take your chances that it's "close enough" that the car handles OK and you may or may not know why it has a certain quirk afterwards.
  10. It wouldn't hurt. get the car set up well by a competent shop so it consistently turns the same right and left and is at proper ride height to handle. Might find you're a better driver than you thought you were. 😉
  11. Good point. I forgot about that part of it. Wish I could do the enduro stuff, but right now I'm just hoping my car and tires will last long enough to make it through the sprint races.
  12. Howdy all. just letting everyone know there's an SCCA Club race at MSRH this weekend. sprint races Sat & Sun, with a 4hr enduro on Monday. Come on out and say hi if you're out and about!
  13. *cough* bullshit *cough* Stats don't tell the true story. Wife taught in the school district where a large # of evacuees settled because of apartment availability. gang crime, robberies, rapes, etc skyrocketed in the area and her classroom turned into a circus. that whole area of town used to be uppity apartments. now it's used for gov't refugee housing because it's a pile of crime ridden shit, which drove the apartment values down. what was once a top-tier magnet school is now a bottom-of-the-barrel funding dump. And don't go outside after dark now.
  14. I heard through the FB that it's being/been redone (again). the pavement laid down in rattlesnake was too thin and didn't adhere correctly, so it's being dealt with. I remember similar concerns about Hallett when they repaved it about 7-8 yrs ago. Connie was very concerned about the side effects of a repave, and rightfully so. MSRH is going to be another beast. hard to get (and keep) it smooth when it's built on top of a swamp that goes completely under water several times a year.
  15. ... And up shoots crime rates and housing costs in Houston for the next 5 yrs...
  16. our gov't will still buy the 1st grader's design because it's a lower bid than the engineers' plan.
  17. There is no way you can take that to CVAR. you will be kicked off the track. no way an old Vette can handle like a Miata, nor be driven like one. They will tar and feather you with 120wt gear oil and send you home if you drive a Vette like that on one of their weekends.
  18. who is this lady? I'd like to interview her. for research...
  19. drop the undershirt and let your chest hair flow!
  20. I would say underinflation as well, but those pressures are very high for a bias. I used to run 14 cold on my RX7. but I was running nearly same width tires on a 2000lb car with 200whp and no torque. you have a different beast.. something to think about on bias is that the sidewall and shoulders are VERY stiff. low inflation wear may not necessarily manifest itself on the outer edges like a radial tire, but further in where the stiffened parts of the shoulder taper down to the tread face. I will also mention that I run DOT radials pretty low and have seen similar wear patterns o
  21. After how they acted this weekend, I'll gladly sell you my children. the boy can break things all day long- he'd be great in a coal mine. the girl is cute and can cook quite well, but she WILL NOT SHUT UP.
  22. That's about how my client meeting went today....
  23. My RX7 had issues popping bearing caps off as well. It also oozed bearing grease out the axle stub seals and flung it onto the back side of the brake rotor, or blew the seal off completely. As you've mentioned, the trick was to drill a tiny hole in the center of the dust cap to vent the pressure. I also used RTV to glue the stub shaft seal and the cap in place, and the problems have almost completely gone away. no more grease leakage or loss of cap on track, but I still occasionally have to shove the seal back on the back of the hub assembly. I'm going to chalk that up to 1970s spindle
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