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  1. @El_Tortuga, thanks for the replies and confirmation. New pads are installed (I have like 5 or 6 sets in the garage), so that's not a big deal. new (backup) rotors should be here today so I'll have them in the trailer when needed. Will definitely review the description and watch more video before I go out. It's been several years, but I still remember the old track. mostly I remember the headache after the race from my helmet bouncing off everything inside the car. The new layout will be interesting to compare and drive with the new car. every track seems more challenging when you have 2x the power you did last time you drove it. 🙂
  2. Thanks sir! will look at it when I'm closer to ready to actually drive. Still spending money like a drunken sailor trying to get parts ready that I've been postponing since labor day!
  3. Thx. I've always been pretty easy on brakes, especially having to learn to manage the stock 1982 brake setup in the RX7 with 2x the factory hp... however, this car weighs more and has another 130hp than the Nissan I last drove at ECR. new pads sitting in the garage, and I need to get spare rotors on order. it's currently got some 12.2" Wilwoods on them, but I'll be replacing them with Colemans and see if I can find a bracket to install these calipers onto a 13" rotor at same time. for this weekend, I'll just be making laps and learning new car and track.
  4. dammit man. I figured you looked at it already, but it was worth a shot to mention anyway.
  5. Watch the other guys' skid marks- wind up making your own!
  6. Thanks all. new pads it is then. It'll be a good reference to start from since I'm going to *attempt* to turn a new leaf actually paying attention to tuning, setup, data, etc. for the last 10 years, I've just checked the car before the race and sent it.. with the new (to me) car, I'm going to try to actually pay attention to this crap and work to improve the car instead of just go make laps with whatever setup I have.
  7. How many people drive off the end of the front straight into the wall down there when going backwards? BTW, how hard is ECR on brakes now? I haven't been in yeears and am prepping for the Nov race. front pads are down to 30%- do I replace now, or just take a spare set to the track? I don't quite have a feel of lifespan on consumables yet.. Maybe I should throw new ones on and take some measurements as they wear? (heaven forbid recording data)
  8. Suck. could you at least recognize the size/shape? like SUV or compact car? not that it helps much, but if you can rule out looking for a banged up F250 and focus on smaller cars, those evening bike rides through the neighborhood might be fruitful. 😉
  9. Ugh. I hate hit & runs... wonder if someone in the area has any cameras aimed near where the car was parked?
  10. John Berget (jbracingtires.net) has a bunch of tires fresh from SCCA Runoffs if anyone else it interested in scrubs from a dealer. John is one of the race tire shops in Wisconsin, so he supports races at Road America. He's treated me pretty well over the years, and sold me a set of 1-cycle 245/40/17 R7s for $100/tire today. I could get them a little cheaper elsewhere, but they're usually more used up.
  11. Right size, right price, but being a full slick, the driving is just too far off of the R7. If it was a BFG R1 or a Toyo RR, etc that would be doable tho. Thanks!
  12. Just looking for a set of practice tires. Have a race at ECR in a couple weeks and want to run the test day to get a feel of the track, but I only have a set of stickers I want to save for the weekend. Anybody got something that's not totally used up? 🙂
  13. Saw this while browsing auto auctions.. https://www.copart.com/lot/45865070/salvage-1999-mazda-mx-5-miata-tx-waco Says Run & Drive, and appears to only have some cosmetic damage on the hood and trunk. it's got a fair amount of miles, but if the rest of the car is in good shape, this could be a great track rat for cheapola. obviously caveat emptor--- I have bought several cars at auction, and none of them have yet to be in quite as good condition as the photos show. there's always more damage or worse condition, etc that they hide from camera view. definitely recommend you go by and check it out before bidding. Auction goes up I think Wednesday, so move fast if you interested..
  14. Yeah no worries. this year's race schedule is all kinds of jacked up because COVID took months of our lives away and now everyone trying to fit it all in the rest of the year. With the kids in karting, SCCA, vintage, and trying to work some pro races, I could clone myself and still wouldn't make them all. But I've only run 2-3 races a year the last few years because of the kids and whatnot. it's time to put my butt back in the seat so I not so rusty!
  15. Planning to make it up for the SCCA race Nov 7 weekend. gonna have to watch lots of video. haven't been there in almost 5 years!
  16. Nope, sorry. Sold it months ago and it's racing in a B Spec car right now at Runoffs. 🙂
  17. warming tires, sure. but swerving back and forth doesn't really warm up much and only shoves the marbles around both on track and on your tires.. The issue *I heard* was the ones up front were intentionally holding up the pack by "warming tires" so they could have plenty of clear track once they took off. While I get the intention, a few ruined the experience for everyone else by being selfish.
  18. Touring 1 is up right now. bout to go green! Big bore cars driven hard! https://www.scca.com/pages/runoffs-live-video?layout=iframe
  19. SCCA Runoffs is happening this week. Qualifying started yesterday (Tuesday) and goes through thursday. Races start Friday morning and go through Sunday afternoon. Live timing and some trackside streaming video here: https://www.scca.com/live Once they start racing, it will be a full production video stream with proper announcers. I heard Bob Varsha will be there, with Randy Pobst and Greg Creamer doing it for the last few years. The official site link is here, and you can get to entry lists, schedule, etc etc etc via links on the right side menu. https://www.scca.com/events/1995744-2020-scca-national-championship-runoffs
  20. I would start with a call to local police station or sheriff's office and explain he's holding your property and he's been non-responsive, you want it back, etc etc. Ask them how to handle it so you have their buy-in if things get testy. It's likely someone in the office already knows about this guy since you're probably neither the first nor last... Be ready with all paperwork in hand- down payment receipt if you have one, car title, photos showing anything else you own like a diff or shocks or other parts that should be around the shop so you can identify them as yours.
  21. ugh. getting old sucks! priorities change, kids get in the way, etc.. eventually you'll dump all your play money into the kids' racing and live vicariously through them. your body wont' work well enough to go fast anyway.
  22. Mark Martin / W2W has been using them for some time and provided a review online as well of them. but yeah there could be some potential bias due to the fact they were asked to use them as pilot program/beta testers. I don't know Mark well enough to make any sort of judgement on that though, just mentioning the possibility.
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