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  1. top of the hill on turns 3-6 are good to watch, high up on turn 16 toward the end of the bleachers is good too because you can see a lot of the track-- bikes it may be hard to make out stuff, but with cars you can see them well enough to see action most of the way around. bleachers at T12 are OK as well, but I prefer other spots. both of the internal bridges and whatnot are good places to watch, but they cover the bridges with signs and security often doesn't allow people to congregate in the corners of the bridges. Turns 3-6 and the infield portions of the track are all acc
  2. Maybe your bathroom doesn't have one..........
  3. Rotten gas station sushi? no problem. Habanero salsa with listeria and a sprinkle of botulinum ? no problem. Hot bowl of pho? better put my name on one of the bathroom stalls cause I'm gonna need quick access the rest of the day..
  4. Don't know about that one specifically, but I've used a similar metal screen filter in my RX7 for years. mine is made by System 1 https://system1filters.com/product-category/oil-filters/ Every time I would open it up, I would find things I didn't want to find in there. every time I would call my engine guy freaking out. Every time he would remind me that the car is still running and "you're always gonna find stuff. that's why the filter is there. Stop stressing, clean it, and put it back together." And the car's always ran great. 🙂
  5. I now dub thee CAPTAIN ASSSS HOOOLEEEE!
  6. Hey, nothing else going on this forum recently! we're bringing traffic to the site! hahah
  7. @Captain Buddha Dude.. when you die, some grizzly bear is gonna skin you and use you for a rug in his cave.
  8. @Captain Buddha Eye weel keel joo.
  9. Welcome and have fun! Sorry, but I know nothing of that car. I play with 4 cyls and rotaries, so anything with over 200lb of torque scares me. 😉
  10. Ya I saw the notes about the Pro license not working anymore. Maybe that'll keep Tomi Drissi off the track when I'm out there (cuz there's no way that hack would be able to pass the mediocre skills required for a club race school!) All this cost control, but it takes thousands in paperwork, witness tests, etc etc etc to enact the 'cost control'. I love it when they say things like that. 🙂 Very cool that you own 13 for the series- that just means you gotta race more now to keep it!
  11. I loved Dale, but this looks damn good too!
  12. Lots of other fun happening at same event other than the HPDE. Aussie pursuit, 2hr enduro.. I wanted to make the pursuit and use the HPDE for testing, but I only have a set of 4yr old tires and my kid has stuff going both morning and evening. It would be little use for me other than to waste money and run back and forth across houston 4x in a day.
  13. I sell android/ windows/Teams/ Skype phones all the time for projects now. Companies are quickly going away from POTS/ PSTN stuff to strictly VOIP. I just designed phone system for a refinery with ~500 MS Teams native endpoints and the only "regular phones" were the ones in the elevators, which are required by fire code.
  14. Dude, I run 110 leaded in my track car.. urgh. I burn $50 every time I go on track. (Good thing the fuel pumps stop at $9.999) HAHA... well I started with just the tip and a lil spit.. then it got sloppy.
  15. I was gonna start the shitpost responses with this one.... 😉 https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/alpinestars-komodo-gear-bag?sku_id=1287009
  16. https://www.amazon.com/OGIO-121009-36-Stealth-Motorcycle-Helmet/dp/B0041CE22U
  17. I can almost guarantee that's the kitchenette at an extended stay hotel.. (yep.. I see the Residence Inn logo now) BTDT. used the whole damn salt shaker on one meal!
  18. Shoes are a wear item- I usually get about 3 years out of a pair. usually the heel melts from exhaust temps, and then the glue holding the sole on starts to fail and the shoes fall apart. So far, I've had really good luck with the cheap G Force shoes (~$100 full price) and some mid-range Simpson shoes. I bought some Impact Racing on closeout once and the quality was incredibly poor. started coming apart after like 3 races so I chunked em and bought the Simpsons I'm on now. I watch for sales on race gear to find last year's closeouts on the cheap. Speedway Motors always has safe
  19. There is certainly time to be found in the organic part of my car + driver combo, but I identified several weak points in the car's setup and have been working on them to resolve an understeer issue that's driving me nuts. New control arms to correct the front geometry and a better chassis setup (alignment, corner balance) dropped ~2 seconds of my last trip to ECR (on the same tires no less), and I dropped the track record by over a second. After quickly reviewing data, there was at least another 1.5 seconds in that lap where I knew I messed up stuff. I flubbed T1 entry and lost a few tenth
  20. I usually start about the Tuesday before a race weekend and try to rebuild the suspension and do a chassis setup. Thursday last week was a 22 hr day (got to bed at 0430 friday morning, then up at 0700 for a meeting!) Friday was another 3hrs to pack the trailer and get on the road, then left my house near MSRH at 4pm to head north to ECR. Got to Decatur about 10pm. .. saturday set a new track record, so I guess all the effort paid off. 🙂
  21. Ya agree. I got the last one used for a great price in a package deal, so I no complain about the lens. 😉
  22. I've known about it for years, but never been there. the groups I play with don't use it and I don't get to the track 10 miles away enough, so I had little incentive to seek out additional groups/clubs to try it. I hate to see another track close though.
  23. oh NVM.. My bad. I just read your description wrong. I was *assuming* your MXP / bullet cam setup was using the internal memory in the MCP to store video data and just the bullet cam itself.. I missed the part about it being a smartycam bullet cam, which has its own external processor/memory and then connects to the AIM for data input, power, and control. Sorry bout that. I'm using an MXP and a 'normal' smartycam just like you have pictured and it works great. I wish I had the 81deg wider lens (Hint: 64deg lens is great for karting and a view out of the windshield, but not so
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