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  1. No, this was the non-paid parking, but there is typically a minimum space allotment listed in the supps. Then when you get there, the people doing the parking squeeze everyone to the absolute minimum they will accept on the spot regardless of what the supps say. I rolled in at midnight and it took over an hour of waiting in line to get parked; was told there was no more room and I'd have to deal with it or park in the back 40.... only to find out next morning hours why there was no room left..
  2. Many people are worried more about securing as much real estate as they can for themselves and their "crew" who may or may not show than they are about being a good neighbor. My first SCCA event at COTA, I was told we'd get a 20x50 spot. I wound up getting a 10x75' spot and had trailers parked immediately on both sides of me. I couldn't open the side door of the trailer, and wound up working off the back. The space wasn't long enough to fold the door down and fit the car in the parking spot, so I had to leave the trailer door down and park halfway on the door to keep the ass end of the car from sticking out into the fire lane. If I needed to jack up the car, I had to park my car in grid, get all my tools out of the trailer, put the back door up, then put the car back in place and then get to work. All the while there was a semi and a huge 50ft awning a few spaces away for a single formula car.....
  3. You'd be amazed what people can do to claim real estate. I was at a club race at MSRH a few years ago, and one shop out of Austin parked their semi AND an RV on the front straight blocking the entire thing. they had a single rental car that ran back-of-pack. When I politely asked why they took up all the room on the front straight instead of parking closer to the MSRH shop like the usual rental companies, the answer was "well I gotta get my name out". yeah screw the other 10 cars that usually park there.......
  4. I wonder if even something like a surface grind would be an economical option to a complete repave/ new asphalt layer.. surface grind would give the surface some grip again and could be done in stages to make it less intrusive on the schedule.
  5. Based on the comments above, I don't think they're going to do rental karts- it's a club track for bring your own toy. similar business model to the cars. not knocking it, but I see it as an avenue to pursue additional membership revenue. it's another demographic (or two or three since karts, cars, and supermoto don't really check the same demographic boxes)..
  6. Care to sell the front brakes separately from the hub/spindle assembly? I'd put them on my nissan.. would also be interested in the other set of RPF1s as package deal w/ the brakes.
  7. my guess is a harmonic in the tread of the tire during cornering speeds that's causing the tire to be out of round... (ever seen a top fuel drag tire look like a pentagram? BobKid's ABS comments also make perfect sense from similar standpoint.. Simply put, the tire was done worn out. you might use a touch less camber or rotate tires front/rear a little more often, but otherwise you've gotten 90% of the life out of the tire before you corded it, so don't worry much and move on with another set.
  8. Feit electric had a very similar LED fixture at Costco for similar moneys. I think I paid $29 each for them and rounded them up during a routine grocery stop. I have I think 8 in my 25'x35' shop, and it's plenty bright in there as well. yours looks a lot better though!
  9. Embrace your inner redneck!! 🙂
  10. I cannot comment at all regarding the chassis itself, but I have many friends that track and race both chassis. The E46 M3 is by far more expensive to run, modify, and maintain. while that does not translate directly to on-track driving experience, it certainly translates to your ability to afford to BE on track. That's certainly not the answer you're looking for, but just be aware of the financial burden you may undertake if you choose the E46 M3 chassis.
  11. Mid-level engineer salary also keeps it out of my price range! I knew it was a bit above our meager budgets, but it's at least worth watching just for the drool factor.
  12. something about addiction and good intentions.... 😉
  13. Care to change the seat and harness? small cost in the grand scheme of things and you can put the factory stuff away for when you sell the car.
  14. Yeah the little star thingy works. thanks for the tip. 🙂 I can live with that vs. hacking up the software, but being able to click on the thread title would be "cleaner" IMO. but yeah I agree that's probably not worth jacking up lots of other stuff. thanks for the efforts keeping this place running!
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