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  1. Mid-level engineer salary also keeps it out of my price range! I knew it was a bit above our meager budgets, but it's at least worth watching just for the drool factor.
  2. something about addiction and good intentions.... 😉
  3. Care to change the seat and harness? small cost in the grand scheme of things and you can put the factory stuff away for when you sell the car.
  4. Yeah the little star thingy works. thanks for the tip. 🙂 I can live with that vs. hacking up the software, but being able to click on the thread title would be "cleaner" IMO. but yeah I agree that's probably not worth jacking up lots of other stuff. thanks for the efforts keeping this place running!
  5. which app are you using on your phone, or is it browser based? I haven't tried Tapatalk since before the upgrade.
  6. I'll most likely be at MSRH. If I'm not racing, I'll at least be working a corner or course marshal or trash pickup or whatever else they need me doing..
  7. I try to avoid mid pack folks, especially those in SM because it's usually hack drivers with a decent car/engine.. hard to get around on power alone, and they're so 'unpredictable' in the turns you're afraid to get near them.
  8. when I go to the unread content link and get the list of unread posts (woah!), clicking on any of the links takes me to the beginning of the thread. Is there any way to take that to the first unread or the end of the thread? (or maybe simply go to the post indicated in the unread content link? (woah!) also a minor gripe, but it looks like the 'submit reply' button is greyed out compared to the 'insert other media' button above it.. makes me stop and think about it before clicking.. 🙂
  9. probably gonna be a while before I get to a track again. 😞
  10. Here you go. next toy: 😉 https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1987-porsche-911-carrera-targa-14/?fbclid=IwAR39jE8Y0DlEfbJURPeZQ1swrpXIDmSNHHxM3ti2rn_UDCb3gU-pTdb2tqY
  11. WTH Brad, no pics of the track while you were there?!
  12. Good thing I'm not a member, or I'd have a problem with the facilities for same reasons as mentioned above. the roof over the deck, the timing building, and the canopies was ripped off during a tornado during an SCCA race weekend last Memorial day. so we're nearing a year of little/no repairs. not sure if they're waiting on insurance money or there *is* no insurance money, but they easily took $50k in damage to the facility, plus a few RVs and race cars were damaged. fortunately nobody was hurt.
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