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  1. Kids are going to be karting in Denton this weekend. supposed to be 104 up there. it was 98 last weekend while we were using a local race for practice, and it was pretty awful. I need to spend more time outside to stay used to the heat. Why do we do this to ourselves? (because it's fun, that's why!)
  2. High of 94 IS a cold front. LOL
  3. You are very fortunate on that regard! My chassis guy is about 20 min away in Angleton, but my engine tuner is in Sealy. (I'm about 10 min north of MSRH in Alvin area...) drawbacks to living in the country.
  4. I absolutely know that feeling. I don't have the time to deal with minutia, but the one guy in Houston that tunes these cars is out in Sealy- 1.5hr drive. so by the time I trailer the car over there, talk for 2hrs and wander around the shop, etc.. I lose >6hrs of productivity. since he's only open during normal working hours, that's 12hrs total for two round trips on the car so I usually just do everything I can myself and stack up the big things for one or two trips a year to the shop. no ideal, but given the amount of hours I drive it (less than 20hrs/yr), it's not like it's missing m
  5. I totally know that feeling. I'm also at the point that I've forgotten more about cars than I know now. spent 3hrs last night diagnosing and replacing a fuel pump that died after running the car out of gas. (to my credit, the car has 2 fuel pumps and I could hear the surge tank pump running loudly and never heard the other one so I couldn't tell if it was alive or dead until the surge pump wouldn't prime anymore..) Once I diagnosed the problem, it took me 5 min to pull the spare out of my parts car because the interior was bare, but 2hrs to replace into my race car. because fixed back
  6. on that note, is the cam timing (via the timing belt) set properly? Ignition timing is completely different than cam timing. If you're off a tooth, the car will have very low power but still run. How low was the oil pressure when you got off track? I run 5w20 (redline 20wt race oil) in my FRS.. Cold startup pressure at idle is 120psi, but when hot, it's 8-12psi. eeeek. but that's how they work and it's normal. YMMV, but you *may* be worrying about something that's a non issue.
  7. Lots of small things add up to more power on these cars. fuel pressure, MAF 'calibration', correct oil viscosity, etc. if you're running 10w40 cuz you think old engines need thick oil, then you're losing several HP to pumping loss on the oil. stuff like that.
  8. New (to me) car, first time at Hallett in several years. Ohhh man I forgot how much I love this place! Track: Hallett 1.8CW Date: 4-24-22 Lap Time: 1:24.85 (AIM Data & Mylaps) Car: 2013 FR-S Estimated Weight w/Driver: 2900 Estimated WHP: ~285 Tires: 245/40/17 Hoosier R7 Suspension: KW Clubsport Weather: High 60sF, overcast, strong crosswinds Best time was on Saturday, but I had a few minutes of free time Sunday and stuck a GoPro in the footwell for some footcam video. Best lap on Sunday was a 1:24.95 on lap 15 of the race:
  9. $tealo. Can be bought with hearing protection, radio, and water thingies just like the BA you've got now. Just don't be surprised when it's 4x the price of Chinesium.
  10. Amazing what you can buy for $400 on the domestic market. a blowed up core engine for my FRS sells for 500-1000..
  11. Smoooooth is fast! Car looks so composed on the video. I'm bouncing all over the track and sawing at the wheel to get under a 1:46, but the car should be able to do 1:42s with correct setup and driver.. I need to figure out shock setup better (and then get better at driving it)
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    That sounds great, but I'm on a work machine with stupid NetNannies and they report to my boss if it thinks I'm looking at anything with skin on it.
  13. Matt93SE


    Is this gonna be the new Don't Delete Me Thread?
  14. My 2013 already handles pretty well. with the supercharger it's got decent power (~285whp), but still only 100 torques at 7000rpm. it seriously lacks grunt coming out of the turns, but you do get thru the turns pretty quick. I would love to see what the 2022 feels like if it's that much better, BUT I'd be afraid I have to buy one and dump another $30k into it because race car....
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