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  1. FRS is just as good as an NC on track and consumables are similar cost. going to an NC would be a lot of money and effort spent for a sideways move.
  2. Turns out wife got us a hotel in Buda. any of you F1 veterans expect issues getting in from there? Because of the kiddo's "job" that weekend, I need to make sure I plan far enough ahead to get us there on time. not sure what schedule is just yet, but I would love to meet up with everyone if schedule allows and you're Ok with an 8yr old girl tagging along. I promise I'm not as big an asshole in person as I am online. 😉
  3. Just because they said they can't, doesn't mean they won't.
  4. For anyone interested in SCCA Runoffs, they are starting qualifying this morning (Tuesday), and will be racing Fri, Sat, Sun. As of Q1, their live timing and video feeds are up. They're currently only streaming 2 cameras, but typically have a near-broadcast-quality video production for the races themselves (2018 races were eventually shown on CBS sports after the full studio production got through and they had time at 3am to bump a slapchop infomercial out of the way) . Greg Creamer and Randy Pobst have been previous announcers. Anyway, if anyone's interested, here be the link: https://www.scca.com/events/1992861-2019-scca-national-championship-runoffs/event_sessions/latest
  5. I'll be there with the daughter. she's doing the grid kid thing, so I know we will be busy a significant portion of pre-race on Sunday. don't know schedule outside that yet since we're still waiting on FIA to firm up schedule and send to COTA. (the backstage stuff is planned down to the minute)
  6. that was me at the kart track this weekend....
  7. My tidbit of advice- any location where the brake line has potential to contact moving parts, I wrap them in a short section of fuel hose or clear tubing and attach w/ zip ties to form one more layer of protection from sudden brake failure. I pull all the pieces off a couple times a year and inspect the lines under it, but otherwise there's no maintenance and I have yet to have a brake line fail on my watch (except for that one that got a bit too close to the welder, but that's a different issue. 😉 ) have fun at Cresson! I gotta get back there some day. Last time I was there, they had just completed the 3.1 and weren't letting the public drive on it yet..
  8. It's all good. Car guys are still car guys.. I came from the car show / stereo competition scene in the 90s to autox, HPDE, and now road racing. I was also president of the local Z car club for a couple years and appreciate that some people (not me!!) enjoy spending hours detailing a car and putting a mirror finish on every piece that's supposed to be shiny, and keeping their all-original 1970 240Z showroom stock and absolutely pristine. others liked to get together and drive around in their old Zs. another group (like me) spent my free time at the track. I would knock the dirt off at a car wash and enter the local shows, but only to help fill up the parking lot with cars so the shows appeared better attended. Anyway, gearheads are still gearheads, regardless of what car or form of vehicular activity you enjoy.
  9. I've been in my house 10 years this month, and I'm STILL trying to get the shop built. it's been on "temporary power" via an extension cord zip tied to the fence for about 5 years now. three words for you. "Honda Odyssey Racevan"
  10. That takes seat time- lots of it for some people. (I let a friend tag along a few events with my 240SX. we were 20 seconds a lap different at TWS.) it's worse in a car that can kill you at any second with a blip of the throttle. At least you're smart if you're more scared in that car than in a Miata. 😉 Keep getting out there. don't worry about making the car faster at this point- just ensure it's reliable and get all the seat time you can afford.
  11. well he *is* wearing a Cardinals shirt.....
  12. 🤣 Way to make an entrance! LOL
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