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  1. SZR Auto as well. They are skilled Nissan specialists, but they'll work on anything and are track friendly. https://szrpro.com/
  2. Glad you have a potential resolution, but this isn't over yet. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!!! I assume you have at least some photos of the car and parts before it went in? Soon as you show up, get you pictures of the car where it sits before you touch it, all the parts, etc. There's a large percentage of these cases where the shop has damaged the car requiring a repaint (laying parts on top of it for months, cars on lift above leaking fluids onto your paint, etc) If you took or shipped loose parts for install, you might want to bring photocopies of receipts for that stuff to prove it belongs to you. I hope none of that is needed, but be prepared to fight for what's yours. bring witness(es), stay polite and factual. get your crap, get out, and don't look back!
  3. 7 months for a paint job? wow! I hope you love it!
  4. Ugh. according to some reporter somewhere that might have done some research, their advised next step is an attorney or the state attorney general's office. (see last paragraph here: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/car-closed-business-14907.html )
  5. 1:40 and on seem applicable for most US RWD sports sedans..... 😉
  6. What's this 20% throttle tip you speak of? learn me moar, sir. (move to new thread or PM if appropriate) Maybe if you taught your students to drive better, you wouldn't be sick after riding with one!! 😛
  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. sorry. That's one weekend's budget for many. New Hoosiers: $1500/set truck fuel: $200 Race Fuel: $250 Entry fee: $500 Hotel: $200 Food: $50 consumables: $100 Maintenance: $300 (save up for the next engine-go-boom) My first few race seasons, I bought used tires, slept in the trailer, ran pump gas.. ahhh that was the life. A full 10-race race season on about $7500. Now I'm old and can't move the next day if I sleep in my hammock in the trailer.... and don't buy a boosted car for track duty cause the sumbeech drinks 15 gal of 110 a day.
  8. I'm sure that would overload you (and me!) physically to climb in and out of typical student cars more than a couple times a day.
  9. Basically same. I took great satisfaction in helping others develop and learn. But when I started racing and wound up spending more time under the car than in it, my priority for a weekend changed. now throw in kids that race karts, and I am instructing two hard-headed kids 2-3 weekends a month instead of softer-shelled adults. the panache of free track time is gone.
  10. I'm hoping you find a job soon enough you don't need it. good luck. Wish I knew anyone hiring anything since a large number of friends are looking.
  11. That's why I was curious.. "severance package" and "voluntary separation package" can/could/will/do??? have different legal connotations. I am unaware of what those are. And ya, $535/wk isn't a ton, but it's not chump change either. it would pay my mortgage, utilities, property tax, enough food for us to survive, and still have a few hundred left each month. It would keep a roof over our heads while I was out of a job, but I would certainly have to stop doing car things.
  12. storage and use are definitely factors. a year of sitting outside in the sun all day can toast them. 2,000 miles? meh.. not real worried there. also storage- if the car/tires are stored inside near high power electronics that produce ozone (large motors, etc), or near volatile chemicals (paint, gasoline, etc), it can cause them to oxidize very quickly. If you have painted the car, or painted other things in the garage near the car, then that can also drastically reduce their life. the volatile organics in the paint that evaporate away quickly will cause the rubber to dry out and become rock hard. ex: I usually wear my old "lawn mowing tennis shoes" when I'm doing paintwork in the garage. after painting stuff, I'll notice the sole of the shoe that used to be soft and pliable is now hard as a rock and cracks on the surface. traction when walking on tile is like my shoes are covered in plastic, not rubber. Tires on the car will do the same thing if you paint stuff in the garage with the car nearby. Just random thoughts. worth the $0.00 you paid for them.
  13. Just curious (and sorry for drifting off topic), do these voluntary plans come with the ability to file unemployment later if you can't find work? My wife took one several years ago when she was a teacher, but she was 7mo pregnant at the time and not planning to return to the workforce after the baby.. so it was easy to take a final check and quit. but I heard a rumor somewhere that if you 'voluntarily separate', you are then ineligibleligable for unemployment if you need it later.. ???? Given the way our project backlog is going (none!!!) and the fact there are only 2 engineers left in the group when there were 9 a year ago, I can see this being an issue in my life soon.
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