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  1. something appears after 30 seconds, but it's not a tree. I'd put it in her backside tho..
  2. the 350/370G has some fuel issues on track just like the FRS/FRZ, but they can be fixed with similar kit as to the Twins. basically just a lift pump and a swirl tank addition. Z is a bit heavy, but with proper aftermarket parts, consumable costs aren't that bad. the stock brembo brakes on the early track models were only adequate. proper track car would still need a stoptech or AP upgrade. so add >$2500 to the price. but then pads are cheap and last a long time. 17x10 wheels are no problem on the rear, not sure how wide the fronts can go. I still have 3x RPF1 in 17x9 that I bought from Dave with the intention of using on my S14, but then I sold the S14 with 17x8 wheels. never going to use those wheels I bought for the car. dammit!
  3. remember you have 200TW tires on a buffalo. These are R comps on a gazelle.
  4. Jackson racing (Rotrex) supercharger kit on the car w/ ECUTEK driving it. Jackson racing manual says the car is fine for daily driving on 91+ octane with stock internals, but when tracking the car you need to use at least 96 octane to keep reliability. (it says min 50% mix of 100octane race fuel w/91 or better, and DO NOT use octane boosters to get there.) so I figure in winter I can maybe get away with a 50% mix of 93 and 100, but for summer I'll run straight 100 to make sure it doesn't die. I was hoping a little de-tuning of the ECU might allow the car to run 93 octane all the time so I could reduce running expenses and play w/ enduros, but that doesn't seem likely now that I've bought the car and done more research. 😞
  5. haha.. and I took a wild ass guess at 50mph just thinking it was too high for 2nd gear and a touch low for 3rd. must be about 50.
  6. Good plan. when things go wrong going into the sweeper, they can go big wrong. sideways or backwards over a curb, or a bumpy ride through the mud outside the sweeper. it ate a bumper on a miata last weekend while I was there. work on the others- like carousel, launch, and diamonds edge because more speed there results in more speed just about everywhere else. carrying speed into the sweeper is only marginal time gain since you're throwing out the anchor 200 yards later for a 50mph turn. but damn that corner is fun to go in there dancing with brakes and steering to brake as late as possible and not go into bus stop backwards.
  7. sent that one to my wife last week.
  8. Yeah, that was me in the white one. Louie was playing around in the black/orange/white one just to feel it out for a customer. he only ran a single session since it was low on fuel and he just needed to check it out. Mine has the Radium surge tank in it and I can run the tank nearly dry.. but when running 100 octane, my day didn't last long at $45/session in fuel!
  9. OMG LOL. wish I had known.. I was busy talking to Louie trying to figure out all the secrets with the FRS.. but I had a hunk of PVC pipe in the trailer that has cleanly rolled many fenders at the track. I'd have been happy to stick another Miata stamp on it had I known it was needed. 🙂
  10. you and I must go the same places on FB, cause 90% of those have been on my FB feed within 24hrs of you posting them here. 🙂
  11. moar lights are always better. you can always turn some off. 🙂 then again, you can always add a few more. Need any wire? I have all kinds of 12awg THHN and a fair amount of 14awg MC flex sitting in the shop that I won't be using. when I was growing up, I worked with my stepdad in the electrical bidness. we would run 1/2" conduit along the purlins to a gang box and then use a 10ft section of flex as a whip to get to the nearby light fixtures. If you want any of it, make reasonable offer.
  12. No worries. that works for me as well. I have lots of stuff to do at the house, and this thing is currently tuned for >100 octane race gas. I'm not going to run it all day since that would cost me several hundred bucks just in fuel! I just want to get a couple/few sessions to feel the car out and see if I want to bother putting aero on it right off the bat.
  13. I'll be taking possession of the 2020 race car at the track Sunday morning. Plan to run it a little bit just to feel the car out if I can.. Robert, can I drop your name when I sign in? 🙂
  14. I thought they were all the same car? If you want to go Dr's Wife hairdresser style, you can get it in Lexus SC 430 flavor.
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