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  1. Saw that race racing in Vintage several years ago. it's a beast. Congrats on the purchase!
  2. why would you ever order pizza without also ordering beer? it's all good.
  3. posting so I don't lose this thread. I have a friend on west side of Houston that's clearing out his stuff. I know he has a 3-axle gooseneck that he'll be selling very soon, but I don't know how long or price. I've pinged him and will put you two in touch if it's a match.
  4. Matt93SE

    Vintage Nat'l Championship @ COTA

    Old cars spending extra money to go fast
  5. Matt93SE


    Old cars, short tracks, shitty brakes.
  6. Matt93SE

    CVAR @ ECR

    Old cars again
  7. Matt93SE

    CVAR @ ECR

    More old cars
  8. Matt93SE


    Old cars on a short track are cool.
  9. Matt93SE


    Old cars are cool.
  10. Matt93SE

    SCCA @ Road Atl

  11. Matt93SE

    SCCA Majors @ Sebring

  12. Pizza does have all of the food groups if you get the correct toppings.
  13. awww sheit. I promise I'm not stupid. well, at least I'm smart enough to remember to breathe most of the time.. I swear I punched in SC400... maybe one of those things where you search for XXX and the "maybe you really wanted to search for YYY, so we'll show you that instead" happened.... Maybe you can get lucky with parts bin sharing? I looked at the wheel *bearing, and they show the same part number for rear wheel bearing for both the LS and SC... not trying to insult your intelligence here, I figure you're smart enough to do that. just trying to offer some help. Another idea.. have you tried calling Bap Geon or WorldPac here in Houston? both of those guys did really well on getting some less mainstream parts for Japanese cars when I was wrenching all the time. then again, the effort may not be worth it to find a non-OE solution to save $100 on a part that will last another 20 years if you buy known OEM quality.
  14. true dat. but at least stores have gotten smarter about it. was talking to a guy at Ace hardware a few weeks ago. they finally put all the spray paint under locked glass after they got tired of chasing out the same customers (likely bums in the area) who were always going to the paint aisle and huffing paint in the store.. when caught, they'd pretend they were testing it for color match.. "But why's it all over your face and not the paper?" :rolleyes:
  15. mostly my ribs and kidneys hurt from leaning halfway out of the fence hole... fortunately one of the other guys was smart enough that he remembered to bring some pool noodles and pad the edge of the fencing. it woulda been way worse had he not thought ahead.
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