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  1. Matt93SE

    2004 Porsche Turbo

    I seriously dislike shopping for used [anything]. My trust in society greatly decreases every time I try to get information from people prior to purchase.
  2. well at least they're behind you... 😉
  3. That happened to me as well with a passenger one time. some rando group of guys showed up to a PDS day at TWS and was talking trash about my Maxima and how his SHO would wipe it's ass on track.. Misty handed him a helmet from the loaner bin and told me to scare the crap out of him. It took a whole two laps before his face was green and he was pointing toward pit lane. fortunately he held the splat in until the car stopped and he unbuckled. he rolled out of the car, but couldn't get the helmet off in time and blew chunks all in the helmet and down his shirt. he got off his knees and stumbled toward the cafe with his head down and splat everywhere. Luis saw him coming and wouldn't let him get near the tables- he stood guard with the water hose while the dude's friends were laughing their asses off at him.
  4. When I used to instruct and flag for Misty White (Cain) at TWS several years ago, we joked about arming corner workers with paintball guns to tag cars for driving offenses. It was cheaper than radios and provided a semi-permanent indicator of offenses. three splats on your car, and you go home for the day. 🙂
  5. haha.. slicks on those cars and most likely wouldn't last the race! wheel bearings would fall apart, suspension would fail, or engines would starve of oil. I know they run a treaded street tire, but forget the rules. I just remember the stink of melting econobox tires when I watched a few years ago. 🙂
  6. I may or may not throw handfulls of rocks in my friends race cars just before they go on track... 🙂
  7. After years of messing with the pull-up lap belts, I went back to a pull-down style lap belt and found they're much easier to get fitment correct. I had hassles with the lengths on mine similar to what you did because the lengths of each strap were just perfectly aligned to make it impossible to fit into the seat and get correct adjustment. And no, DO NOT raise the camlock up to your bellybutton area.. that's a major safety no-no because your hips and thighs should be the part of your body that take the brunt of the force in a wreck. moving the cam strap up takes the straps away from the tops of your legs and centers the stresses around your guts-- all the squishy stuff you are trying to protect!! that also turns the sub strap into an instant crotch-crusher as your body slides down and forward under the harness since your squishy guts squished and your hips and torso moved down and forward. obviously layman's terms there, but you can see the point. the leg straps and sub straps are vitally important part and need to stay over your hips and legs to make everything work. unfortunately I don't have good ideas how to help you make that happen, but you need to make sure it happens.
  8. haha. that's the sad part that most people have come to that fear.. I know a particular place CAN do good work, but will I be the guy that gets the quality or the leftovers? always tried to treat every project the same on that aspect-- my effort is 100% regardless of who the customer is.
  9. rattlesnake could be a straight line and that barge would always have one wheel on track! LOL
  10. Niiiice! How was the body roll? looks like about +10deg in any given corner?
  11. yeah, it's the Streetlite. was on the car when I bought it, but I have the engine out now and ACT is nice enough to laser etch the part # in the hub area so you can identify them later. just fine for street use IMO. for race only use, I would have personally gone with the lightest offering they have. maybe I'll switch later, but this one is staying for a while due to budget.
  12. Hmmm... still not sure how to recommend here. My current car (FR-S) has an ACT 6 puck, pressure plate, and light flywheel. I don't have any issues getting it in and out of the trailer, but otherwise almost all use is track and the clutch is near new so I can't comment on longevity. previous car had a 5.5" Tilton twin disc and I still had no issues getting it in the trailer. For DD use, I stuck with a fiber style disc and avoided the puck type stuff. I hear lots of good things about South Bend clutch, and I know they do stuff for these cars. might give them a shout.
  13. too late for thoughts and recommendations, you already bought the clutch. hope you like it. 🙂
  14. yeah definitely. I've done a few of those things myself over the years. There's a couple dings on my truck that I've intentionally left there to remind me to be more careful about some things. but that's an old beat up Ferd Fteenthousand, not a collector car.. I wonder if you could simply use a couple blocks of wood on either side and a couple bolts/screws to clamp it together and straighten the metal? maybe best left to a skilled bodyman, but that's what I'd try on my race car if I was happy to spray some Krylon over it after hammering things back into place. 😉
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