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  1. Ya, that was the announcement that came out yesterday.. I'm guessing in response to the Brazoria county lockdown.
  2. you may be an idiot, but you're *our* idiot and we still like you regardless of your responsibility to society. 😛
  3. @robertcope I don't know how they're doing things yet, but Deb is the one that texted me on Sunday and said they're still open for business. certainly verify before you go tho.
  4. in shorthand, yes that's the case. all organized events are disallowed due to local regulations (too many people, too close, etc etc etc). Kart track is also closed until further notice since it's 100% non-essential retail business. however, the track is still open to members and their guests. they are also hosting some "social distancing track days" with limited track amenities and attendance so non-members can get some stress relief.
  5. Nice car. GLWS. I already have 3 race cars in the garage, 2 of which I can't sell.
  6. Unacceptable. you must give up your social and work plans so that the rest of us can live vicariously through your membership. 😛
  7. Not that I have a dog in this hunt, but can there be a motion to automagically revoke the competition license of anyone who enters a race with a Legends car? Send them back to Novice school until they're cleared of their stupiditity?
  8. you should see if they'll warranty that... LOL
  9. Ya, just messing with you. the hardtop looks very much like a Miata hard top (not that I would expect there to be a huge appearance difference in a fiberglass bubble and four windows), and the black over red combination is quite common in Miata world.
  10. I thought you bought the S2000 so you could avoid looking like a Miata? LOL
  11. some super high friction pads on that car!
  12. Wish I could remember where I saw it, but there was an alu open trailer posted on one of my TX + car FB groups in the last week or so. I think they were asing $6k (negotiable), but it was also a nice trailer and worth the money since I know they go for a lot more new. Oh hell, I just remembered one of my racer friends here in Alvin has/had one for sale for $5k with a huge tire rack on the nose. nice trailer.. I texted him and asked if he still has it. will put you in touch if he confirms. Edit, nvm.. He sold it already.
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