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  1. who is this lady? I'd like to interview her. for research...
  2. drop the undershirt and let your chest hair flow!
  3. I would say underinflation as well, but those pressures are very high for a bias. I used to run 14 cold on my RX7. but I was running nearly same width tires on a 2000lb car with 200whp and no torque. you have a different beast.. something to think about on bias is that the sidewall and shoulders are VERY stiff. low inflation wear may not necessarily manifest itself on the outer edges like a radial tire, but further in where the stiffened parts of the shoulder taper down to the tread face. I will also mention that I run DOT radials pretty low and have seen similar wear patterns o
  4. After how they acted this weekend, I'll gladly sell you my children. the boy can break things all day long- he'd be great in a coal mine. the girl is cute and can cook quite well, but she WILL NOT SHUT UP.
  5. That's about how my client meeting went today....
  6. My RX7 had issues popping bearing caps off as well. It also oozed bearing grease out the axle stub seals and flung it onto the back side of the brake rotor, or blew the seal off completely. As you've mentioned, the trick was to drill a tiny hole in the center of the dust cap to vent the pressure. I also used RTV to glue the stub shaft seal and the cap in place, and the problems have almost completely gone away. no more grease leakage or loss of cap on track, but I still occasionally have to shove the seal back on the back of the hub assembly. I'm going to chalk that up to 1970s spindle
  7. Welcome! Miata is the cheap and easy way, but I have a feeling you will be disappointed with the lack of power they have. Might consider a used C5. BUT, the running costs will obviously be higher on a car with that much power. uses lots more fuel and brakes. Boxters are also fun cars, but with the German badge comes German parts pricing. M3 is a bit less so due to the sheer numbers of them, but they're still pricey. All of them make competent track toys so you really can't go "wrong" with any of them- main issue is your personal preference and what you want to get out of it.
  8. wheee. looks slightly different, but still works! I'm still getting cloudflare challenges, but I gotta blame my work proxy + VPN on that. every time I log in in the mornings, it has my computer coming from a different place in the world. every site thinks I'm a freaking bot.
  9. OMG that page stands, and I got put in jail for a week because I said "men are pigs" to a lady friend of mine? LOLOL
  10. Nah... needs to be gold/ champagne to blend in with the rest of the 'doctor's wife' cars out there.
  11. Keep feeding the trolls. We like to eat.
  12. When I first looked at that sticker, I swore it said "I love your Mom" So ummm, how much lube did it take to get in and out of that window opening? that looks like a tight fit even for a small person?
  13. Ya, those newer seats are beefy. they've come a LONG way in updating their safety since the days of Dale. Thin alu seats, open face helmets w/ goggles.. We look back at that just a few years ago and *wow*.
  14. Technically, you're safer to hit it head-on or tail-on than any sideways direction, simply due to the design of the seat and safety harness. That said, you do want to scrub as much speed as possible before you hit anything- or avoid hitting a wall altogether, so turning should still be the first option.
  15. Well the good news is that you can use all of that in your next club race car.... (after you give me the TA2 car and build another one for you. ? )
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