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  1. ahh ok. yeah that makes sense. I was only partially paying attention since I was posting from work and pretending to actually be working. 😉
  2. can you post a link/image to the e throttle wiring diagram(s)? maybe the interwebs can assist with info.. if I had to make an ASSumption, the ethrottle spits out a signal voltage to indicate throttle position while it's operating.. that voltage needs to be stabilized somehow and read by the ECU. i.e. pull-up/ down resistors. depending on the voltage and current, that could be requiring a fair amount of juice.. just a quick calc says 25-35mA (I used 30mA) / 12V = 400ohms. *typical* pull up/down resistors are in the 300-1k ohm range, so that's not far out of question. However, 30mA load on a standard car battery (say 65Amp-hours) should last well over a month before discharging-- maths says 2166hrs = 90 days to full discharge. So I suspect there's likely something else happening somewhere that you just haven't found quite yet. also, how old is the battery? any chance it's just getting old? batteries typically die in the hottest part of summer and the coldest part of winter. they'll be fine one week and then *bam* crap battery that won't hold charge a week later.
  3. Glad to hear all your hard work has come with good results! And no lawnmower blades of death!
  4. It's not until November, but CVAR has a race scheduled Nov 1-3 weekend, and SCCA has Nov 8-10 on the calendar. I don't know why I thought they were earlier as I've been staring at this calendar for months trying to figure out which events to skip since the calendar is full every weekend but one from now until Nov 17... (sometimes 3 events on same day in different states!)
  5. a refill on a 125cuft bottle is under $20-- at least last time I had my C25 welding tank filled up, and nitrogen is cheaper than that. a friend of mine has a large 300cuft bottle in his trailer and he doesn't even bother with an air compressor for his impact wrench.. he just plugs his hose into the tank and uses it for his impact wrench, "air" source, etc.. said it's been in the trailer for years and he hasn't had to refill it yet. I'm thinking of the same philosophy, but with a 150/200cu ft bottle to reduce weight in the trailer...
  6. Pro racing is such a different environment than club level on those regards...
  7. I don't blame you. lots of drama out there. but I like watching dumpster fires. FB can be a useful tool.. but it can also be a timesuck that you'll never recover from..
  8. there's a complete diff listed on houston Miata Club FB group page right now.. see if this link works: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HoustonMiataClub/permalink/10156572694647215/?sale_post_id=10156572694647215 might be good to have spare parts. :)
  9. Yep.. in my case, I'm going for overall shortest time to hit the checkered flag 15-20 laps later. so if that means peddling it for a couple laps until temps and pressures are right, then hammering it for 10 laps and holding on to the finish, then I do so. Ideally, I'd have a consistent tire from green to checker, but that doesn't happen on slicks. I had much better consistency on DOT-Rs in a lower power car with (minor) aero where I couldn't abuse the tires quite so much under corner exit. another thing that would help all of us on that aspect is going to nitrogen purge/fill in our tires. houston (TX in general) air is stupidly humid and causes lots of pressure rise as the tires get hot. I also see easily 10+PSI change in a session, but I'm using compressed air from my tiny compressor at the track with no filter or dryer. http://www.longacreracing.com/technical-articles.aspx?item=70794&article=Tire Pressures - Cold to Hot I've had plans to install a nitrogen bottle in the trailer for years, but I've just been too lazy to get it done. it's on the list, but stays near the bottom as a nice-to-have.
  10. Good stuff. With Katech doing work on the car, I had assumed you were tuning a recently built/replaced engine already so I was hoping he didn't hurt a 2-race engine!
  11. Drew Kim had a Boxter and now has a 911 GT3 and a Cayman (and an F250). the Cayman is his 'daily' when he's not in the truck and he absolutely loves it. the GT3 is a track toy and not really suitable for daily driving. I can't imagine the maintenance costs in driving a GT3 around.. just not what it was intended for.. the way I see it, your 911 "friends" are looking down their noses at you because anything NOT a 911 is garbage to them. The Boxter is a hairdresser's car, and a Cayman is a poor man's wannabe 911. The rest of the model lines don't count since they're not a 2 door sports coupe. congrats on the purchase! black cars sure are pretty, but I don't wash mine enough and it would always look like crap!! "hides dirt silver" is my color of choice! :)
  12. It goes both ways for multiple reasons. sidewall stiffness/ rollover as well as contact patch management. I've had a car that was undriveably loose the first few laps because I'd start the race with tire pressures very low due to the heat rise. the rear tires would take 2-3 laps to come up to temp and pressure and then the car was good. but keeping it on the track the first couple laps was a bear. car would slide all over the place- mostly mid corner and out because the sidewalls would collapse.. Raising start pressures a bit reduced the sidewall flex and gave more response and increased traction, but also helped the tires get "glassy" toward the end of a race when the pressures got higher and less contact patch on the ground. There's a sweet spot somewhere in the middle which I've had a hard time consistently hitting. Some things are also a little different in tuning when comparing FWD and RWD/AWD chassis. The point is, the statement has merit *IF* you're talking about the extreme end of the scale and a particular situation. I would not use that as a reference case for track tuning.
  13. OH noes! I hope the overheat was only race-ending and not terminal damage. :(
  14. Hmm funny. you just agreed to pretty much everything I was stating, only in different terms.. How about I hop in my wayback machine and remember exactly which thread in which forum and be able to pull up every story from every racer that drove through XX state YY years ago.. I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that. Various states do indeed have different regulations on max trailer width, towing speeds, who must stop at weigh stations, how heavy you're allowed to go before you have one or multiple axles with brakes and breakaway arrestors.. some states require annual inspections of trailers, some don't even require a license plate on anything under xxxxlb gross weight. All of that is fact and you've agreed yourself to that point. THIS is why I say do your research. it ain't JUST the license and the GCWR/ GVWR you need to worry about. So this way when you're on your way to runoffs in your F350 dually hauling a 46ft trailer with two of your friends cars (you know, since you have room in your trailer and they'll give you gas money to make the tow easier) and then accidentally forget to pull over at a weigh station since TX doesn't require it... depending on which cop pulls you over to ask why you missed the scales and you're towing at 57mph in a 65mph speed zone (but trailers are max 55mph) and your trailer is 8.5' wide and the state max is 8'... NOW let's see if the Average Joe driving it has his Class A/B/C driver license and the GCWR of his gitup But WAIT, there's MORE! The cop looks inside the trailer and sees THREE race cars in there! "do all of these belong to you, sir?" "Uhhh no, two are my friends cars. " "do you have permission to be towing your friends cars? "of course. they're meeting me at the race track on Friday.." "are they compensating you in any way for this tow?" "He me a case of beer and gave me money for gas." "DING! That sir means you accepted compensation for this tow and are now a commercial operation. show me your commercial license, DOT logbook, medical, insurance, and weigh certs from the last weigh station you just passed. oh you don't have any of that it? sit right there while I draw up the citations. this will take a while. oh and you might want to call one of your friends for a ride cause we're prolly gonna impound your commercial operation." yeah. really. I've read stories like that multiple times from racers headed to runoffs who got to pay heavy fines and some didn't even make the race because they were stopped 3 states away. I'm sorry you don't believe it. Plan your route, do your research BEFORE you hit the road, and make sure the route you're taking is legal with the equipment you're pulling. That is all. Have a nice evening. :)
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