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  1. Just a note. whatever tires that are on the car when you paint it will be trash when you get it back. All of the chemicals in the air will collect on the rubber and make them hard as rocks. Maybe today's water based paints are better, but I've ruined a bunch of tires and shoes in the garage while painting. Put junk tires on it before you do any work with solvents.
  2. If that's the only failure you had, then great first start!! Last time I was at MSRC was maybe 10 years ago with a Z Club event. several Porsches were there as well, and the old 911s really love to do that. Wish I had video at the time, but I remember rolling thru rattlesnake and wagon wheel behind one car, and there was a front wheel several inches off the ground the whole time except for the L-R transitions in the middle of rattlesnake. I had a friend riding shotgun and he was dumbfounded. mostly that I was keeping up with him in my lowly 240sx street car. LOL
  3. SCCA, CVAR, PCA usually use the same corner workers, with some carryover to NASA. Drivers coming out to work is certainly appreciated and well-received by the corner workers. (they tend to call you in for less minor infractions if they consider you one of them... ) "Control, turn 6... no, those two cars were not bump drafting. Matt would never do such a thing" 😁
  4. No need for throttle position sensor on your data. it's all right there in the audio! GRRRRR car sounds mean!
  5. I've BTDT. I typically wait till last second to move so I can figure out where the car is going to impact. if you run out from behind that barrier and a tire suddenly hooks and the car goes to the side, you're squish like grape. best place to be in those cases is to bail behind the back of the stand so two walls, or to duck down a couple feet behind the first wall so you don't get hit by flying shrapnel. (note the tire that struck the back door of the van! that van really shouldn't have been parked there due to egress of the stand.... hopefully that corner worker learned his lesson.) @hornetball Glad you're OK! rough hit!!
  6. Don't let Hoosier know there's a 'cheaper option'. They'll find a way to make it cost more. 😞
  7. Just an anecdote-- bias tires tend to wander no matter what your alignment settings. I ran both bias and radial Hoosiers on my RX7, and the bias were very difficult to keep the car pointed straight. it would wander all over the track on back straight (between 6&7) at TWS- which was where I used to tighten my belts and check gauges. no can do on the belts because I had to keep both hands on the wheel while straddling the crack all the way down that straight! With the radials, I could straddle it no problem and the only issues were when I was actually riding over a crack in the pavement. but much more controllable than the bias, which would go whichever way they wanted. turn-in on the bias going into T1 was also fun. come off the banking, nail the brakes (pray they work!), simultaneous turn-in & gas, and guess which way the front end was going to point. You drive with the back end all the way to T2 exit. With the radials, you still rotate with the gas, but you knew when you turned in exactly where it was going to point once it took a set. I loved driving the bias because you HAD TO PAY ATTENTION. never know which way the car was gonna go!
  8. Contact James Rogerson. (See contact info link on MSRreg) I'm pretty confident he will be happy to take your money and let you drive.
  9. So many weird parts on that car...
  10. If you need a day out of the house, these charity events are always a good time. I have participated in many of them over the years, and it always goes to a good cause PLUS you get to play in traffic!
  11. Depending on how much power and aero you have, an 8" is usually enough. class rules for my series have 3500lb cars pushing close to 400whp, and we're running 17x8 with a max tire width of 245. At full tilt, it takes some tire management effort to make them last 40 minutes without getting too hot, but if you're running less aero and less weight, you can do it easier. My car is roughly 2900lb (w driver) and makes around 300hp on same size. I rarely have problems with overheating tires, unless I'm pushing really hard in the heat of summer- 105F (40C) ambient temps. My suggestion.. buy used wheels in that size and try it. run those wheels and tires until you are consistently at the maximum grip of them. Then decide if you want to upgrade. With used wheels, you can often sell them close to what you paid for them, so you don't lose much money trying something. then again, I have a hard time selling mine and is why I currently have about 12 sets of wheels in the shop. 😕
  12. I would look a bit more for quality used wheels that are in good shape and try to save some weight. I wouldnt want to go heavier than a factory wheel if you can get away with it. that said, if the price is right and you're not worried about the last 0.1second, then it's not a huge deal. Maybe RX8 wheels? 240SX, 300ZX, and 350Z also have same bolt pattern, but most use less offset than a Mazda so you might have a hard time finding some to fit your wheel well. 17x8 is a good size for these cars. Lots of people in US race on them, and it's the max size allowed in my class. I run 245/40/17 tires on my FRS, and most people I know that run the 17x8 run that size also. a 225/40/17 would be a little skinner and shorter so you'd have better gearing. also a touch more snappy steering response, but less overall tire capacity. for a toy, any tire in that size range should be good to run with.
  13. My high school sweetheart was a whopping 4'10" when we graduated. she texted me one day to inform me that she'd made it to 5' a couple years later. I guess she needed some closure to think I dumper her because she was short, not cause she was batshit crazy and OCD about her weight (which wasn't a problem. she was tiny, but very fit..) I would have loved to seen her one more time and make the above statement so she could insinuate I called her fat and assplode on me in public.
  14. Ahh good point. wonder if I can buy that crap for the backyard since the dogs keep trampling stuff into a mudhole near the gates where they run and bark at passing traffic...
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