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  1. Yeah, I'm in the same boat.. I must admit I'm pretty lax when it comes to prep and whatnot. so far it hasn't had drastic consequences. it's not like I've run out of gas mid-race or blown the engine cause I ran it out of oil. but there are definitely things that I've gotten lucky on that didn't fail on track. caught metal-metal pad just before it fell out of the caliper for example. (but I checked 'em friday morning before the 8 test sessions and there was at least 20% left!)
  2. It would take me a while to look back at the RX7's reliability history, but the Nissan was a 100% finisher with a completely full logbook. I had one race where I pulled in with 3 laps to go due to a tire going bad, but I still took a "finish" per SCCA's rules and was 3rd/5. The RX7 has had a much spottier record, but it's not been due to prep- always a freak thing. lost a rear axle bearing + seal, broke the 3rd link in half, broke an axle at Hallett.. stuff like that which you can't predict.
  3. My list: Gas? check oil? meh.. I checked yesterday and there's no puddles under it. air pressures? tires look round. SEND IT!
  4. Just a thought but if you had that many lugnuts loose on one wheel, I wonder if your installation technique has a flaw. i.e. do you ensure the wheel is centered while installing lugnuts? (are you using hubcentric rings?) when I mount wheels, I run one lug up just until the taper on the lug contacts the wheel's seat. then I wiggle the wheel a little while I'm running up the next lug across the wheel and only get it barely snug. same for #3 and 4. by #5, everything should be well centered and I tighten to 2.41 uggaduggas on the impact, and hit all 5 lugs at least once more. the only time I've ever had a lugnut come loose was when I was using my small air compressor at the track and it was low on pressure because I was using air faster than tank could recover, causing my uggaduggas to be below normal calibration values. I confirmed by doing my normal tightening sequence and then checking it with a torque wrench. what used to be 2.41 uggaduggas = 85ft lb, they were only about 50ft lb or 1.42 uggaduggas. so I upped my travelling torque spec on my portable air compressor to 4 uggaduggas and a double check with the clickyclicky stick set to 85.
  5. Matt93SE


    Howdy and welcome! Not an MSRH member, but I leave near the track and race with SCCA, CVAR, WRL (occasionally) and some of the local stuff at MSRH when opportunity and stars align. When you're ready to dip your toes into racing, I'll be happy to help out, or even come by the track during a race day and I'll show you around and walk you through how things go. The "procedure" of racing seems a little daunting at first when you read the rule book and the list of things to do prior to the race, but in the end it's not much more hassle than a track day. Depending on the class you run in the S2000, we'll likely wind up on track at the same time since it's a small bore car and most of them run together, so we'll probably end up sharing the track at some point. Come on down to a club race and I'll show ya around.
  6. kickass!! a podium at Sprints is no small feat! congrats!
  7. Update.. Dad confirmed they have 93, 98, and 110 at the pump. (He lives near there and races their COMMA series regularly...) no idea if it's got ethanol or not. I asked, and dad's reply was 'track rule is no alcohol consumption until track is cold'. butthead.
  8. To me, having the in-car view is just as important as what's happening on the track. one of the things I do with the videos is to review what happens on the track and my responses to such. i.e. how quick do I react when something happens in the video? am I braking at exactly the same point every lap? I can see the brake lights come on in my rear facing camera because the shell of the lights have some holes in them. sometimes I can see the brake lights in front facing camera through the rearview, but I've forgotten the magical camera mounting location in the car where that happens.
  9. Showers on site, yes. think state park campground showers. then again, think of the whole track as a state park campground where you're hanging out with old friends, and you'll get the atmosphere of Hallett pretty quick. Sand Springs is the first decent size town East of the track, and it's about 30-40 minutes away. there are decent restaurants there, but downtown Tulsa isn't much farther and has much better food if you want to go somewhere in the evening. usually I'm physically spent and just want a shower, a sammich, and sleep by end of the day. When I go, I usually stay in a $30/night 1/2-star roadside motel in Mannford, which is about 20min southeast of the track. Dad always books the room, but google maps shows it to be Keystone Lake Motel.. Freddie's Steak House is about 5 miles east of that and has good food with a nice view of Keystone lake. the motel room is just large enough for two people and a change of clothes, but it's clean enough for a track guy and it's CHEAP. voila! 🙂 Regarding 93 octane, there is nothing in the area at the pumps. OK simply doesn't sell 93 in the area anymore-- 91 no ethanol is the max you can find at local stations. not sure exactly what they sell at the tracks, but you can always mix a shot of unleaded race gas in with pump gas and use magic calculator to get to 93 octane. (Note, you cannot do that with leaded race gas as they don't some out the same. mixing 50% each of 90 and 100 octane leaded doesn't get you 95... don't know how or why, I just know that much from an old racer friend.)
  10. Agreed with the philosophy. As far as I know, metal braided lines are considered acceptable as long as there are no fittings in the cabin to make it possible to leak. you've covered that. but the issue is making sure local NASA tech is OK with it AND that it's done correctly. all the verbal in the world is OK if you wind up with crap workmanship and the inspector deems the job unsafe at any speed. (My dad had that problem in OK because he built his own cage. It was Ok for WRL, SCCA, COMMA, and a couple other groups he ran with... but then the NASA guy saw one thing he didn't like and wouldn't let him on track, even though he'd been racing with multiple other series for years...) Regarding the fire-stop, the 3m firestop caulk is one way to do it, but it's literally slathering caulk around a hole through sheet metal fitting.. it won't be pretty and may not last terribly long before vibrations and stress on the lines causes the stuff to come loose and you have a small air gap. i would recommend routing the hoses in such a manner that they are fixed on at least one side of the bulkhead. i.e. run it against rear strut tower and attach the hose to it just before going through the firewall. you then use grommet at the firewall and block with firestop on the back side where you don't care about an ugly glob of goo packed around the hose.
  11. Awesome Z (281-219-0015) is at 59 just north of Little York. They're a Nissan/Datsun specialty shop, but can competently work on most anything like this. The owner is retired racer and they do all kinds of track prep and inspection work as well as repair, mod, maintenance, custom Nissan builds, etc.. regarding the seat, most orgs don't require the SAME seat, but they require similar gear from a safety standpoint. i.e. if you have a caged car and a containment seat w/ 6pt harness, don't show up to a DE with stock passenger seat and 3pt belt on the other side. You need at least a "racing seat" and harness. But you don't necessarily need the exact same seat on both sides of the car.
  12. So when are you taking it to MSRH for some reference laps? 🙂
  13. LOL I was referring to the mosquito fogger 13B, but I still agree with the sentiment. However, this was a theoretical discussion specifically looking for nerd talk and theory, so I gave it. applicability of the information to a particular vehicle or situation is up to the reader. 😛
  14. ahh Ok.. I thought the comment was about these little guys. I was quickly skimming FB at the time..
  15. coffee... nose... monitors... yeah I think most of us have been there- or similar at least! (which side of the vehicle we were sitting in is not to be questioned 😉 )
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