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  1. Love the halo seat and the photo from the top! Nice work man!
  2. @Hollywood will you be on track on the 23rd?!?
  3. Mine is NA as well. No point in FI for track use (which is why bottles are making up for the power difference for straight line fun)
  4. The NOs has nothing to do with track use. The car is still a street car with the option to run decent-ish on track. The NOs is for straight line fun in certain cases. Bottles will be removed for any track event. as far as power delivery is concerned...I have had decent seating time so far in cars with a much better power to weight ratio than the Z...plus I do feel the car needs a few more ponies..lol
  5. So just a minor update. We dyno-ed the engine at LME couple of days ago, albeit we used the wrong injectors to test it, but still was decent (used 630cc instead of the 1050x). I feel that it made decent torque at appropriate rpm (trying to maintain traction), objective of overall power under the curve is achieved (not aiming at peak power) and fingers crossed increased reliability and sustainability of operation of the engine is there. we ll rev it up to 7500 to be safe. We ll add the E85 and the nos kit once I ve tested and run the engine for 2-3 months on pump gas only. (and yes engine was designed/built and rings were gapped so that nos can be added safely and account for heat expansion effect). Finalizing ordering last remaining parts to complete all the mechanical and cooling aspects next week and then its a matter of shipping everything to Pat G in Victoria. He will tune the car and fix all curves nice and flat and he also gave me a really good quote on the engine swap so I am thinking to use him for everything. Some on going discussion concerning the oil and coolant cooling capability of the engine because the introduction of the very good improved racing oil kit blocks a significant amount of air from the aftermarket dewitts radiator. Thinking to get either 2 smaller oil coolers and place them behind the fog lights (and eliminate the fog lights) or place it in horizontally and in parallel to the ground...the first options seems the better but need to verify my thoughts. Track specific mods will be done immediately after I get the car back (brakes F/R, seats, harness, wheels, harness bar, aero). In the mean time, TDE and members day on MSRH for November
  6. looking at it they are from 2016 which is fine if stored properly
  7. I would be interested as well if you can post it here
  8. Robert...I have 0 HPDEs under my belt...can I come under your name??? ☠️
  9. one of the best looking s2k out there with a driver to drive it as it is intended!!! Well done Sam!
  10. so payment in genuine Greek Food in not an acceptable form of currency???
  11. I hereby declare that I want you to be my mentor/trainer/teacher!...where do I sign?
  12. hahahaha..ok then I ll bring the pop corn -edit- ..ok so ..Mustang "owners" have attitude?
  13. does this mean we get to overtake more people?!
  14. hmmm.hmmmm….probably the 23rd as current work schedule goes...(bringing along 3 more Z06s hopefully)
  15. Paladin

    MSRH Lap Times

    I like this line around the carousel and on the last turn before the pit straight! … will try it next time!
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