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  1. I ll be there to cheer up for you!
  2. thank you very much for the invitation. I have tried and drove the WRC-XL and its really really comfortable. I probably fit better in the non-XL version hence trying the normal HRE would make more sense for me. 6.1 - 200lb, 34 waist. alternatively anyone is aware of any place in the houston area I can go and try these 2 seats? I have narrowed down my option from different samples to wither OMP WRC (Standard) or Recaro Pole Position. The only reason I like Recaro is the leather/suede combo...if it wasnt for that I would go blind-folded to the WRC...unless anyone know a shop that I can upholster the OMPs in leather/suede (and add the Jake Skull Emblem!)
  3. do you imply something for the size of my butt???...be careful here Lobstah...you make a killer combo with red sauce on pasta!!!! 😛 thank you! are you around? I'd like to give it a try yes
  4. Guys just before pulling the trigger on seats...anyone with Recaro pole positions I can have a last try in it? I am inclining towards the OMP wrc but need to give Recaro one last chance!
  5. Paladin

    Penis extension car

    Short shifter ...the genuine Porsche has a really great feeling!
  6. Paladin

    Penis extension car

    ready for a yankees tavern then???
  7. @Shuka..every time I look this thread I run out of "likes"!!! awesomeness to the next level!
  8. The upgraded radiator already happened. I am waiting for a response from fluidyne on the BTU or KJ of heat disipated from their water to oil heat exchanger. I do agree in the winter it helps warm up the oil faster and in the summer maintains a constant delta between coolant and oil. @tyhackman15 my factory existing setup is exactly like this..the radiator has an integrated engine oil cooler..compared to the before 2011 models that had the dedicated oil cooler, my water and oil are slightly higher on operating temps..but both get there faster and when things get really heated up both setups, last around the same time before overheating its not a matter if its working..GM is running this for years...its a matter if its working on a hot day on track which apparently it does but dont have confirmed evidence yet..hoping for some actual data in the next few days!
  9. spot on. that the thinking behind it. The new radiator is big enough and I have crossed checked from other friends that use it in their racing Z6Z06s that it dissipates heat very decently in even the hottest of texas days. The radiator will have an integrated transmission cooler and the heat exchanger will be connected on the cold side of it. The good this is that it is modular, so you can add as many exchangers as needed. this serves a dual purpose: 1. the oil heats fast enough as it is cooled by the radiator coolant 2. the oil maintains a constant temperatue within 5-10 degrees from the radiator coolant 3. dont need to take the space behind the fog lights as I need it for other modifications distilled water with water wetter for the radiator + a carbon fibre vented hood to create some downforce and get the heat out of the engine room should theoretically be enough to accomodate this. Vettes are really bad in terms of engine bay space
  10. Just putting this question out there for any tech geeks around us! I am seriously considering installing instead of the 2 traditional oil cooler behind the car's foglight one or two or a combine water to oil cooler the likes of laminova or fluydine. I am replacing the radiator with a similar dimensions but thicker (going from 1.25" to 2.75") so coolant will receive a better cooling treatment. We are all aware that heat exchange between fluids is much faster/more efficient than air and when that day in the summer reads 90+ the air cooling on the track will probably not help that much. From a financial and space requirements the water to oil cooler are way better since they dont need air flow to work. Anyone with an educated opinion on the subject please add your 2cents
  11. Apparently neither will I since you cannot make it! Family requested a long weekend over Austin and San Antonio andI told them "it depends" ....now I can say "we go" 😄
  12. Guys when is the next members day??
  13. Without knowing the details of your motor Your main issue is not so much your static compression. It is the dynamic. Happy to chat about it at next available instance. I am running a 4.2 V8 supercharged on my RS4 (stock is N/A) with 11.5 CR static. Rule of thumb though is you can run without too much hassle 5psi without intercooler and a bit more (8-9 with inter cooler). Quality of fuel + reduced intake temps are your friends and you can always add a heat exchanger cooled by the ac Freon to keep intake really low...just fyi. We are running 12psi safely without any issue so far.
  14. "next" track toy .. for fun trackdays and DEs the C6 Z06 is underway to become a potent, but not that focused, candidate. @Hollywood well 1 of the 5 you try will have to be my car (scores high on smilies and "oh s**t" factors when you lose traction) awaiting on an Ultima RS but this will probably arrive in 2021
  15. Paladin

    New Ride

    License Plate Rocks! Very nice fun car! enjoy it!!!
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