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  1. I ll try to keep the cage off for now. I have another dedicated track car. this is more of a properly setup street car with some decent track abilities.
  2. Thank you for your comments and suggestions guys. Really appreciate them. Big Monkey I see a lot of alignment in our choices. I started this project by setting a target of what I actually want from the car to do. This is based on the use of the car. As I said earlier the car will be used for normal street use and the occasional track use. Having set my mind on the car I wanted to try (being in US it was imperative to try a corvette!..looking into the options I opted that the C6 Z06 is the most reliable option to go forward for. For discussion purposes the following are my choices based on each category I mentioned. 1) Engine. Step completed. I ordered a complete engine from LME based on a fully forged rotating assembly in an LSR block with Brodix heads and roller rocker arms with all the possible options I could add on this one. As I want to run some nitrous down the line for some straight line fun the rings are gapped for this purpose. We expect very decent power outputs of this engine and highly increased realibility based on use. The T&D rocker arms allowed us to run a bigger cam with higher lift spec. The power band is expected from 3200 onwards which is also acting as an "intermediate" traction control reducing torque at the low rpms. 2) Auxiliary engine components (its a mix of supportive equipment to the engine): Katech C6/C7 Remote clutch bleeder kit Katech Billet Belt Tensioner DeWitts Radiator + Spals dual 11" fans Turnone C6 steering pump (1800 psi version) ATI 10% + Lighter Pulleys LG Differential & Transmission Cooler Kit LG Meziere Electric Water Pump Mantic Twin Disc Clutch C6 Corvette Z06 - Ceremetallic - Heavy Flywheel RK Performance Differential with 3.9 Final Gear or RPM Transmission Fire Core GM LS Pro Mod Boot Wires Design Engineering 010512 Protect-A-Boots Spark Plug Boot Protector Sleeves, 6" Monster Billet Release Bearing GM Slave Cylinder & Throwout / Release Bearing for 2005-2013 C6 Corvette & Z06 - GM Clutch Master Cylinder for 2005-13 Corvette C6 & Z06 & ZR1 2” American Racing Long Tube Headers non catted Halltech Killer Bee 108mm cold air intake MSD LS7 Intake Manifold - Ported Nick WIlliams 102mm Throttle Body 160* thermostat NGK TR-6 Spark plugs 3) Oil Cooling and additional items: Improved Racing C6 Corvette Z06 / ZR1 Dry Sump Oil Pan Baffle EGM-203 Improved Racing C6 Corvette Performance Oil Cooler Kit, EC6-600 Aviaid 110-51007 LS 7/9 Dry Sump Tank Insert Katech High Capacity Scavenge, High Capacity Pressure, Ported Oil Pump Mighty Mouse Catch Can - Wild 4) Suspension & Setup Borg Motorsports Delrin kit AMT adjustable camber kit with F/R arm studs - Bump Steering Kit AMT Vulcan motor mounts (stock) AMT Solid differential mount DRM steering rack bushing LG G2 shocks with 700/650 F/R springs LG G1 sways with end links LG Tunnel plate 5) Brakes. Havent decided between the 372/355 but AP Racing is the choice Essex Designed AP Racing Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit (Front CP9668/372mm) Essex Designed AP Racing Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit (Rear CP9449/340mm) 6) Wheels - Aero - Other Finspeed Evo Wheels 18x11-38et & 18x13 56et AJ Hartman Aero Kit Recaro Pole Position Roll Bar vs Harness Bar
  3. More of a build thread which will unfold as things get progressing over the next 3 months. So my first ever American Car after doing lots of reading and comparing is a very low miles C6 Z06 with the Z07 I think its called carbon pack. Past cars include but not limited to 911TT, M3 CSL, RS4 Supercharged, Westfield (like caterham) with a supercharged Suzuki hayabusa engine, and a few more interesting pieces, but never a Corvette. Its one of the last production year C6 Z06 with all the upgraded staff like TR6060 gearbox, bigger capacity oil tank, reinforced axles and a few more little things that make some difference apparently from the older models. Engine has very low miles, as I bought it from a guy that used it as a 5th car only taking it out on sunny days and I strongly believe that he never saw anything north of 70 mph. Only 2 things he has done to the car are the additions of an MGW quick shifter and an 103 halltech intake. Some initial impressions after spending about 1800 miles with the car. 95% daily commute to work 5% 3 round trips on some highly twisty roads. 1. GM run out of budget probably when they got to R&D the shocks. Leaf springs and some really bad quality shocks and the thing is wobbly and unsure of where it needs to go after some speed. Rear shocks have terrible bound/rebound characteristics specially on bumpy parts of the road where the car tends to loose grip at the rear very quickly 2. Stock brakes are equal to joke..lol..no consistency and if you push hard for a few minutes brake fluids start boiling and the brake pedal goes all the way down without much effect 3. Gearing ratios / final gear. The 3.42 on stock power is just painfully long. you are really waiting for 3rd upwards to make it to the rev limiter. Good torque though throughout the rev range and linear power delivery 4. Quality of interior...my version is decent but inferior compared to the german counterparts then why oh why did I buy one!?!? well, the car has huge potential. Lightweight, Aluminum chassis, carbon fiber fenders, proper cross suspension geometry front/rear, ideal weight distribution, very strong gearbox, and a wealth of knowledge on how to make these cars go, brake and handle the road fast. Almost same thoughts I had when I got the 911TT(996) as a stock car and we lived happily ever after for almost 9 years and many track miles. As with every car I owned this one is no exception. It is a project to perfection (as I define it to my liking!). The car will still have to maintain decent street manners but also be able to handle itself on track. Use will be 70% road - 30% track. The areas needed to be addressed briefly are: 1. Engine - needs to go faster. New engine on the way making some proper power with increased reliability. Expected baseline power to the wheels according to spec 650+ (to be conservative). Power adders and E85 will be added once I get a feel for the car. 2. Aux. components and cooling - needs to operate at lower oil/water temps and not break down under use and abuse. Oil cooler kit, new radiator with fans, better water and oil pump, oil pan buffle and tank inserts are some of the components helping to cool the fluids but also reduce sloshing effects of oil during high lateral Gs. 3. Suspension - the most critical part of this whole project. Rwd, perfect weight balance, no silly unnecessary electronics really make a rewarding experience when you master it and go fast in it. Coilover shocks and springs, sway bars and links, camber kit, motor mounts, differential mounts, spherical bearings gave way to Delrin, racing hubs, bump kit, steering rack upgrades are a few of the mods to make to make it turn sharp. Havent decided yet on just harness bar or rear roll bars. Corvettes seems to have an issue with their A-pillar not their B so probably harness bar is the way to go 4. Brakes - When you have some speed you need to be able and stop soon enough. Ap racing or Stoptech. haven't decided which of the two yet. 5. Aero - for track use in order to keep it planted on the ground. Serious look good staff that help keeping the foot on gas more at speed. 6. Gearing - After testing the car in its new form will decide if the 3.42 will give way to a 3.9 final gear ratio. As I am planning to use a double clutch mantic 9000 cerametallic in the new engine, I will regretfully go with the heavy flywheel to maintain good street manners (15 lb heavier than the lightweight flywheel) 6. Reduction of weight - engine, wheels, seats, brakes, exhaust and in general from wherever we can reduce it while keeping it with all proper comforts (ac, sound deading panels, etc). will be substituting some parts with carbon but the "diet" will be decided after measuring the car on race scales. Everything will be removed with the mindset that the balance of the weight shall remain approximately the same throughout the project. Driver diet is also included! .. good incentive! Aim is to test the car and get some decent telemetry data as stock on track at 14-15th September during driver's edge HPDE and then back again with the rest of the mods for a consistent comparison. That's it for now. I will revert with more details. the new engine is expected to be ready by 1st of October and in the same time most of the other parts will have arrived. will be updating with photos this threat. A few pics of the car in its stock form.
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    HA ..there you are you two! Andrea I agree 100%..996TT stock is a good GT..nothing more. It can turn into a beast (equally like a Z06). both at beast level are really able to provide an immensely satisfying driving experience. The front diff of the 996 works great and is a good thing to keep at high hp road applications...tracking the 996 is okish but you will always have the weight as your enemy. nevertheless if you decide to open pandora's box I will be able to guide you in all the wrong moves to make this car into what it should have been from factory..closer to GT2 capabilities. Look forward to our next drive with Andrea leading the way (cause I have no clue where to turn)!
  5. Hello and very nice to meet you all (initially in this space, and hopefully on track). Lefteris is the name, friends with the usual suspects Thanasis, Dinos and recently with HDA on our last run to yankees tavern. Have had some decent track time over the last 3 decades (both on 2 and 4 wheels in Europe) and recently moved to US and Houston area. I have never had a "sports" American car so I got a llatest production C6 Z06 to try it out (always playing with German and British sport cars in the past) and I have started the course of making it a project which can run on the street but equally turn left, get into track , run a few nice sessions and drive back home...so this one is not a dedicated track racer (I am waiting for one but that's a different story) The stock car Z06 feels like a bad GT, but has great potential if one follows the "righteous" path! I am close to totally crap at mechanical staff, but well versed on car setup/alignment/etc - including some aerodynamics
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