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  1. i guess....."logic" can prevail at this point...(even though logic and everything track related should not be in the same sentence :p)
  2. cogratulations on making the dream come true! ...great looking car!! even more congrats on the empty parking practice!! get a video..or two!
  3. oooh! Lobstah is coming!...Joe is coming, Robert is coming and the rest of the guys I havent met!..I see a nice gathering here! In for the 29th as well! ...where is @Hollywood?!
  4. Lobstah rulez the track!!! ? Bravo!
  5. looking fast even when still!..like the wet track picture... (just after you made everyone spin off the track)
  6. what the F**** did you do?!?!!? after all the discussions...the potential candidates we analysed...the beers and the alcohol... and you ended up buying this!??? .... lov it!
  7. yeap.. I will be doing TDE next weekend 14-15 and PCA 21-22
  8. we surely need to organise a trip to Cresson and Harris Hill to see that part of the world ?
  9. you sell and RX7? specs? Good luck with the sale Joe! one of the best put together BRZs out there. hope it works out soon. spoiler alert for next project?
  10. so yesterday I was fortunate enough to receive a few msgs from some very kind Truckjunkies and had the opportunity to go and try a few seats in cars. spent some time in the seats, assessed the harness bar location and HANS compatibility and finally had the oppotunity to be taken for a couple of drives. decision has been made and I am pulling the trigger on 2 of these: https://www.torqued.io/tillett-b6-screamer-race-car-seat
  11. one of the sexiest things in this side of the atlantic!
  12. So, ..waiting on my Ultima I think we need to go and get 2 of these...I have been eyeing these for some time...lets do it! actually a guy I know already received his and has started the build!
  13. I ll be there to cheer up for you!
  14. thank you very much for the invitation. I have tried and drove the WRC-XL and its really really comfortable. I probably fit better in the non-XL version hence trying the normal HRE would make more sense for me. 6.1 - 200lb, 34 waist. alternatively anyone is aware of any place in the houston area I can go and try these 2 seats? I have narrowed down my option from different samples to wither OMP WRC (Standard) or Recaro Pole Position. The only reason I like Recaro is the leather/suede combo...if it wasnt for that I would go blind-folded to the WRC...unless anyone know a shop that I c
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