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  1. Z1 Akebono brake kit for Nissan 350Z/370Z. This kit is barely used as I used it to take me back home from VIR to Houston. Z1 mounting bracket Akebono Calipers from Inifini Z1 slotted rotors Barely used Carbotech XP12 Brand new Centric Posi Quiet pads Brand new SS brake lines Price: 1000.00
  2. Pics were taken on 06-24-16 and made them into a collage
  3. Got it, also bringing a power strip so I won't be hoarding the outlet! Thanks!
  4. Thanks, looks like I'll need to bring extension cords for my fan, LOL
  5. Does anyone recall if garage 3 have any electrical outlets in each bay?
  6. I'll be there and got a garage! woohoo! feel free to come hang out with the purple pig (Z)!
  7. Thanks PDS for back-to-back session for blue group and up, now I can skip 1 or 2 sessions to do my biz and wont feel cheated.
  8. definitely stopping by Buc-ee's to get my business done before tws...........
  9. Yup...... they were sold....... and wasn't sold to me!!
  10. hurricanes are coming, that should help!
  11. well...... I just signed up....... shirt size L I hope I won't be the only Z there.......
  12. http://my350z.com/forum/engine-drivetrain-and-forced-induction-diy/495753-diy-oil-cooler-install.html Another DIY link that puts the oil cooler to the side, just underneath the driver headlight.
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