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  1. I got them from KNS brakes or Carbotech directly.
  2. I have one that's 2 piece (for different height setting). I tried it for a little but prefer the OEM height. Youre more than welcome to give it a try if you want to wait till Mid Oct and I'll be in Dallas area.
  3. I store it upright and the door Is about 82” tall.
  4. Congrats on the purchase! First thing first, i'd swap out that browned coolant expansion tank. At 100k+ it's prone to fail and your engine will overheat without warning.
  5. ProAM on Richmond got redline. Some motorcycle shops carry redline but mostly for moto applications.
  6. Or upgrade to RX8 front calipers. 50% more pad than MX5. Direct bolt on. Yes I have a set for sale.
  7. Forgestar: Driver had the best attitude ever.
  8. I have FCM 550f/400r. I'm running RX8 Orange front bar and no rear bar. The car has a touch of understeer at entry but I can still rotate the car with throttle in mid corner. Couple years back I had a set of Ohlins with 7K/4K (400/224) with the same orange bar setup. I had the rear shock 3 clicks harder than the front to produce the same effect as the FCM.
  9. My NC has about the same mileage and track usage. I'm also running an aftermarket clutch. I run Ford HD DOT3 fluid for my brake and clutch (since they share the same reservoir). It stays pretty clean after a year (usually 12 mons is my flush interval) My friend with 350Z runs that Motul stuff and it looks like watered down soy sauce after couple months. Not as nasty as yours though.
  10. Found it. Text me at 832-767-8 Juan Juan Juan
  11. I'll check tonight after work. I might have one sitting around.
  12. I've used a 2-part epoxy panel bonder to mount a metal duct onto the fog light housing. Takes about an hour to dry.
  13. Much better than my open diff I used to chirp my inside wheel when I full throttle on a sweeper and shifting. Quaife solved that problem. I don't run a rear sway to prevent any wheel lifting.
  14. https://www.trackjunkies.org/topic/4603-nc-mx5-parts/ Not sure if the LSD is still available. Just to be clear, this LSD was sold by Mazda Motor Sports for the 2007 MSR package, not the NB Mazdaspeed Miata.
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