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  1. Haha! That's a good way to measure the severity of the heat. Thank you! And that's a awesome looking BRZ you got there 😉 Hopefully my 1.8 can keep up with your 2.5 lol
  2. LOL Well you just live with it. Turn up the AC if it gets too hot. Though in this Miata, I'll probably lose like 10 HP lol
  3. Thank you everyone!! I’m going to also try TDE on 9/14 and 15 if I am able to get my car on time lol. If I do, I’ll definitely hit you up Talley Texas weather is humid as hell. I remember getting off the plane and being hit with a huge wall of humidity lol. But I think I’m used to it now. But I do like the weather here better than Chicago. The only thing I hate here are the bugs...
  4. Thank you everyone for the suggestions! I will be sure to look through them. I look forward to seeing everyone on the track!
  5. Hello Everyone! First off, let me introduce myself, I am Patrick and a recent transplant to Houston from Chicago. I have decided to act upon one of my life goals which is to learn how to drive on the track and hopefully compete. I have recently acquired a 2003 Mazda Miata Shinsen that is going to be shipped to Houston from California. This has been tastefully modified for track with roll bars, coilovers, and frame brace. Since I am new to tracking, I will purchase the 2 session one on one instruction to learn how to drive on the track. My question is, where do I proceed from there? I don't know if I can dump a full membership on MSR Houston yet because I'm still an amateur but would love to get some track time before I decide to pull the trigger maybe in a year or two. Here are a few pictures of my car. Any feedback/input would be appreciated!
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