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  1. I wasn't, but the tires were sticking out, specially at the front where it hurts. The intent is to cover the front of the tire to reduce drag.
  2. Next is fender flares. I test fitted them and installed the first one.
  3. Installed AWR brake ducts with RX8 hubs, ARP studs, and offset bushings from Mazda Motorsport.
  4. This would have been so convenient exactly a year ago......GLWS
  5. If you need an RPM pick up, I have one you can have.
  6. What do I need to do to get these wheels gone?
  7. For reference, I mounted a set of 17x9.5 et38 wheels and 255/40 NT01s. It takes a good fender roll:
  8. First, NCs are not allowed in TT6. Second, any Dynojet operator works for the certification.
  9. Shots fired.....I see 🙂 It wasn't my best weekend for sure, I was fixiated on lap times instead of learning the basics of the new platform.
  10. That's my only trailer, so I'll have facilities to camp by default.
  11. Anyone camping Saturday night at the track?
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