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  1. Interesting question, not being negative Nancy. First to all, the reason for swapping to RX8 knuckles is reliabilty/safety, since it is well known from the Pirelli TCR class that the original MX-5 hubs are weak. Even the new MX-5 class allows and recommends the swap. With that being said, I did see a "gain" in camber. I would put it as non-conclusive since I removed all the links and eccentrics when I swapped the knuckles. The "gain" I saw is easily achievable with the original hardware. The only way to really know is to measure both knuckles. I would be surprised if it hasn't been done. I'm not planning on sending Greg an email tbh, that's not my goal for the car. I'll let someone else inquire and fight that battle.
  2. Registered for TT5 with my under powered Miata.
  3. Here is the bitching that required these pictures: https://forum.miata.net/vb/showthread.php?t=711373
  4. Cams and valve springs ordered, now I can start working on prepping the engine.
  5. I already have a ceramic coated 1.8 header.
  6. This is what it takes to have a 2.5 in your NC:
  7. Lap time: 1:48.8 CCW Car: 2006 MX-5 (Casper) Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 2600 Estimated wheel horsepower: 155 Tire size and model: 255/40-17 Bridgestone RE71R Estimated ambient temperature: 60°F and sunny Notes: the right side lights of the lap timer display acts as a live time slip (green = faster, red = slower).
  8. Here is my PB from last weekend at MSRH CCW (1:48.8):
  9. That was another fun day with friends. Casper performed flawlessly and I set a new PB (1:48.8 on RE71Rs).
  10. I took Casper for an alignment today. The RX8 conversion adds 0.5° negative camber to rear, it had to be dialed back.
  11. Yay! Car is done....alignment tomorrow, then try for Sunday.
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