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  1. 2007 NC Miata 2.5 and aero Power: ~172 whp Weight: ~2550 with driver Tires: Yoko A052 Best lap: 2.08.9
  2. Lap time: 1:47.8 CCW Car: 2006 MX-5 (Casper) Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 2600 Estimated wheel horsepower: 175 is my guess Tire size and model: 255/40-17 Yoko A052 Estimated ambient temperature: 70°F, sunny and humid
  3. Sort of. I can get the 2.5 ready on my own, but I'm going to need a hand for the actual swap and social distancing is not going to help. I measured valve clearances with the factory cams before removing them, I was surprised they were a tad more than the spec. This engine only has 2K miles. Looks like I'm going to need new buckets/lifters.
  4. I'm with you, that's the right thing to do.
  5. Is there a way to avoid having to go to the office to sign in? Like online forms and payments?
  6. I might have to show up then.
  7. The Lengends were out of control, even during the TnT.
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