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  1. Shots fired.....I see 🙂 It wasn't my best weekend for sure, I was fixiated on lap times instead of learning the basics of the new platform.
  2. That's my only trailer, so I'll have facilities to camp by default.
  3. Anyone camping Saturday night at the track?
  4. I went off between T1 and T2 my first weekend at the track ever, causing $6K in damages to Snoopy......that didn't make me quit the addiction!
  5. By moving the seat back and recline less. Greg (Lucas Racing and Restoration) didn't like the way I was sitting (too reclined and knees too close to the dash).
  6. Casper is ready for MSRH with Chin!
  7. This was a project for Kemit that never happened: 18x10 carbon fiber hood vent $75 picked up
  8. Left over from Kermit, 3 quarts of Redline MTL gear oil. $30 for TJs
  9. Thank you Robert for the help! Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned. The Blackbird Fabworx GT3 bar is a nice piece for sure. My issue is that the harness bar sits to high for me, that's what happens when you're 6' 3" with a long torso. My driver's seat is very close to the harness bar and since the seat is mounted very low, the seat holes for the shoulder straps are lower than the mounting bar. I have two options here: (i) add lower harness bar to the current one, or (ii) get a new seat with higher and bigger should strap opening. I'll stop by Lucas Racing and Restoration and chat with Greg about the path forward. Currently the rollbar is just sitting in the car with couple of bolts holding it, no drilling was done today in case I ended up with option (iii): custom rollbar.
  10. Is there a dyno around MSRC? I might not get it done before the event.
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