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  1. For Sale: Set of Blox axle spacers - $40.00 -Comes with hardware to install -Please note some of the edge wear when my exhaust made contact with the spacer - just cosmetic, no issues with function Pictures: Can provide additional pictures if requested
  2. Removed sold items. Updated what's left.
  3. For Sale: AP2 Diff Companion Flange - $85.00 -In good working condition, removed from the AP2 PuddyMod diff -Only works with AP2 Driveshaft -Has 60K miles Diff output/axle flanges - $70.00 -Spare set of output/axle flanges -Works for all AP1/AP2 diffs & axles -Mileage unknown, but they look to be in good shape Willing to ship
  4. Robert, it is LOUD. Very loud. It's fine for a track car, but if you're going to be driving this in the street, I'd recommend going with something that's more "civilized." But it does sounds great WOT...
  5. For Sale: Berk Technology 3" cat back exhaust for AP1/AP2 Honda S2000 - $250 picked up in Houston ONLY -In good working condition, has 2 dents on the piping (one on top from the axles/axle spacers then another on the bottom) -The v band pipe section has a patch welded it looks like -Comes with the differential mount hanger
  6. For Sale: Used Greddy Emanage Ultimate with Karcepts PnP S2000 Harness & Karcepts AP1 base tune - SOLD!! -In great working condition, with NO issues - comes with Emanage box and documentation -The Greddy Emanage placard on the unit fell off and I can't find it, but does not effect functionality -Comes with Karcepts 2000-2005 PnP Harness so that you don't have to splice anything -Currently loaded with AP1 (2000-2003) Karcepts base tune
  7. For Sale: Used Ballade Sport Version 2.5 Bolt in roll bar for Honda S2000 - In black - SOLD -Comes with all hardware and supporting mounting plates to install -Single diagonal, X brace on the down bars, harness bar, and mounts for the OEM seat belt system -In great condition, looks barely used Ballade's Product description: "Ballade Sports V2.5 Roll Bar. Our latest iteration of our roll bar retains full soft top functionality and is compatible with any hardtop on the market Each bar is equipped with an abundance of features that include: a welded single dia
  8. For Sale: -Used OMP 805 6point Harness in RED - FIA cert expires 2022 - SOLD 2”/3” shoulder straps to be used only with Hans device Lap belts: 2” (pull-down convertible in pull-up) Crotch strap attachment: 2" attachment with T-type -Used Sparco Circuit Halo seat - FIA cert expires in 2023 - SOLD -Used PCI Driver Side adjustable seat bracket with side mount plates - SOLD Side mount plate has 2 small cuts in the front *pictured* but doesn't impact function or strength Lowest possible mounting solution for the S2000
  9. For Sale: -Brand new set of Raybestos ST47 (DR21 pad shape) for Stoptech C43, Wilwood Forged Superlites, and AP BBK calipers - $SOLD to Raduly -Part number: ST47R701T20 -Brand new set of Raybestos ST43 (DR21 pad shape) for Stoptech C43, Wilwood Forged Superlites, and AP BBK calipers - SOLD -Part number: ST43R701T20
  10. For Sale: -Brand new set of Origin Fab Delrin Offset Camber bushing set for the AP1/AP2 Front upper control arm - SOLD Product Description for the offset bushings: The Origin Fabrication offset upper control arm bushings are designed with three key benefits in mind. The offset nature of the bushings moves the upper control arm, a full 7mm inboard. This adds a generous amount of wheel-to-fender clearance without having to add any camber. This allows you to either use a more aggressive wheel with no compromise in fitment, or to reduce the amount of fr
  11. Would really like to hear your feedback on wear vs the RE71R
  12. All good man! How's everything progressing?
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