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  1. Would really like to hear your feedback on wear vs the RE71R
  2. jp129

    July Member Days

    All good man! How's everything progressing?
  3. Anyone planning on going out there this Friday or the weekend? Weather is looking iffy, but maybe it'll clear up by then.
  4. jp129

    June Member Days

    Thanks for the vouch, Hollywood. Can't wait to see your car in person again!
  5. Feelers for any members that may be going out there this weekend? I'd love to tag along as a guest if anyone is willing to have me :)!
  6. Any members planning on heading out there this Sat or Sun?
  7. Bummer I wasn't able to catch you guys last weekend, but this weekend looks good for me. Any members thinking about going?
  8. Jones'in foreal....
  9. Very understandable. Thank you for trying, Robert! Everyone stay safe.
  10. Looks like a pretty nice group showing. I'll be there if Robert or Hollywood is willing to host me :D.
  11. Looks like PCA cancelled the 21-22 HPDE, does that mean MSRH is open to members then?
  12. Up! OBO or open to some trades for race consumables, s2000, or k24 parts...
  13. Great to see some of you guys out there yesterday. Good day indeed! Thank you to @Hollywood @robertcope @Hastarock for having me!
  14. Car is loaded on the trailer and ready to boogey! See you guys there tomorrow!
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